How To Remove Filmora Watermark

Transform your videos from watermarked to wonderful with our expert guide on how to remove Filmora watermark. Follow our easy tutorial to unlock the full potential of your content without any branding restrictions.
How To Remove Filmora Watermark


 If you're using the free version of Filmora, you might be frustrated by the watermarks it adds to exported videos, hindering your efforts to achieve professional-grade results. Keep reading to discover various ways to overcome this issue with a mix of paid and free methods, as have been listed below:


Best Practices For Removing Filmora Watermarks To Achieve Flawless Videos


Method 1. Getting an Official License


The free version adds a prominent Filmora watermark, making upgrading to the licensed version the first choice to avoid this hassle. With Filmora's strict limitations on the free trial, your exported videos will always carry the watermark. To remove watermarks, follow these steps:


Step 1 - Launch Wondershare Filmora and go to the purchasing page.


Wondershare Filmora


Step 2 - Explore the options: A Cross-platform monthly plan (US $9.99/month), a Cross-platform annual Plan (US $29.99/year), and a Perpetual plan (US $49.99).


Step 3 - Review pricing details and select the plan that fits your needs.


Step 4 - Click "Buy Now" or "Upgrade Now" to complete your purchase.


Method 2. Using The Editing Suite Of Filmora 


If you want to access the complete feature set of Filmora, then upgrading to its premium version is the best way out. But if you are short on funds, then you can try the different editing effects listed below to reduce the impact of watermarks from the frames:


  1. The first method for removing Filmora watermarks from a video involves a simple trick: cropping. Here's how it works:


Step 1 - Open your Filmora project and ensure the watermark is visible in the corner.


Step 2 - Navigate to the timeline and click on the crop button.


Step 3 - Adjust the crop handles to remove the watermark from the frame.


However, it's important to note that this method may also crop out part of the frame where the watermark is located.


  1. Another method involves using effects to cover or blur the watermark. You can use effects like mosaic, color adjustments, or stickers to camouflage the watermark. However, remember that this method adds something over the watermark, leaving something visible in the frame.


Here's how to do it:


Step 1 - Click on the effects tab and select an effect.


Step 2 - Choose the perfect placement for this effect to cover the watermark effectively.


Method 3: Unlock Filmora Watermark Removal for Free with Filmora Crack Installation


The Filmora watermark is a form of software protection imposed by developers to restrict export capabilities. Cracked versions of Filmora can bypass activation systems, eliminating login prompts or payment requirements. However, while many individuals and small businesses opt for cracked versions, it's one of the riskiest and most illegal ways to use Filmora without a subscription. Still, if you wish to proceed with the crack version of Filmora, here are the steps to achieve the same.


Step 1: Head to Zooqle, renowned for its collection of cracked software.


Step 2: Search for Filmora (version 13, 12, 10, etc.) on Zooqle and opt for the torrent with the highest number of seeders and the fewest leeches.




Step 3: If you don't have a torrent download manager already, download one & click on the "Download Magnet Torrent" button to initiate the download using your preferred torrent manager.


Step 4: Once the download finishes, extract the files. An installation instruction text file will guide you through installing the watermark-free version of Filmora. Follow the instructions diligently to install the cracked Filmora successfully.


Method 4: Remove Filmora Watermark for Free Using a Registration Code


To obtain free registration codes for Filmora, a simple Google search for "Filmora Free Code" will yield numerous results. These codes allow you to activate the software for free and export your videos without any watermark. Below, we have a screenshot of some verified free Filmora registration codes.




Method 5: Get Rid of Filmora Watermark for Free by Activating Without a Product Key


Although cracking Filmora using free license keys can sometimes remove the watermark, these keys may not always be reliable due to expiration or other issues. Herein lies the benefit of using a Filmora activator. Let's take a look at the steps involved in activating Filmora without a product key:


Step 1: Download Filmora and the Filmora Activator


Step 2: Extract the Files


Filmora Watermark


Step 3: Install Filmora 

Step 4: Activate Filmora For Free


Paste the activator file into the Filmora installation directory and run it with administrator privileges. Once done, you can edit and export Filmora videos without the watermark.


Method 6: Eliminate Filmora Watermark for Free by Screen Recording 


Screen recording is one the most trustworthy methods to edit your videos in Filmora without worrying about watermarks hampering its professional feel. Here's how to eliminate the watermark from your Filmora videos using a screen recording tool:


Step 1: Install the Software


Download VideoProc Converter AI.


Step 2: Activate Screen Recording


Launch VideoProc Converter AI, then click "Recorder" to access the screen recording feature. At the bottom of the interface, select "Realtek Digital Output" for audio capture. 


You can customize settings by clicking the gear icon. Choose "High" for Recording Quality for better picture quality & then select from MP4, MKV, FLV, MOV, and other video formats for recording. 



Step 3: Start Screen Recording to Remove Filmora Watermark


Click on "Screen" > "REC". Press Enter to begin playing the edited video in Filmora and start recording. Hit the REC button once more to cease the recording process.


Method 7: Erase Filmora Watermark for Free Using DaVinci Resolve


For users with powerful PC setups, such as those with 32GB of RAM, an i9 processor, and dedicated graphics cards, advanced software like DaVinci Resolve can remove the Filmora watermark. However, please note that this method does not guarantee a completely clean removal of the Filmora watermark.


Step 1: Download DaVinci Resolve


Step 2: Import the Video with the Filmora Watermark


Enter the video editing panel by clicking "Edit." Right-click on the media pool and select "Import Media" to add the video with the Filmora watermark. Place it on your timeline and trim off the watermark at the end of the video.


Erase Filmora Watermark for Free Using DaVinci Resolve


Step 3: Create a New Node


Step 4: Select the Filmora Watermark


Using the power window, draw a mask around the watermark using shape tools like rectangle, ellipse, or pen tool.


Step 5: Remove the Filmora Watermark


Find the Object Removal button in the Library tab. Drag it over the first node and click "Scene Analysis" to start the process.




Step 6: Clean the Grey Lump


After completing the scene analysis, go to the settings panel, find "Build Clean Plate," and click it.


Step 7: Remove the Rest of the Filmora Watermarks


Step 8: Export Filmora Video Without Watermark


Navigate to "Delivery," choose your preferred output formats, and click "Start Render" to export the video without the Filmora watermark.


Method 8: Eliminate Filmora Watermark for Free Using Adobe After Effects


Adobe After Effects offers powerful capabilities for removing the Filmora watermark. It provides a 30-day trial with no watermark restrictions or functionality limitations. However, similar to DaVinci Resolve, it requires a high-performance PC for smooth operation. Let's learn the steps involved:


Step 1: Get the Program


Adobe After Effects offers a 7-day free trial. If you're new to this professional video composition program, you can explore its features for free. 


Step 2: Trim the Filmora Watermark


Launch Adobe After Effects, import the Filmora video with the watermark and drag it to the timeline. Trim off the watermark by moving the playhead to where the Filmora end credits start and press Alt + ] on Windows or Option + ] on Mac.




Step 3: Create Masks


Use the pen tool to draw masks around the Filmora watermark. Unlike DaVinci Resolve, After Effects allows you to draw multiple masks efficiently.


Step 4: Apply Content-Aware Fill


Select "Subtract" for each mask. In the Effects & Presets tab, search for "Content-Aware Fill" and apply it to the masks.


Step 5: Configure Content-Aware Fill


Choose surface as the content filling method and set the working range. Click "Generate Fill Layer."


Step 6: Analyze and Render


After Effects will analyze your video frame by frame, which requires significant computer resources, if your PC isn't powerful, you may experience stuttering.


Method 9: Remove Filmora Watermark Easily Using an Online Filmora Watermark Remover


If you don’t want to weigh down your system by downloading a hefty software like Adobe After Effects or Da Vinci Resolve, then an online tool can serve as your best choice. Apowersoft Online Watermark Remover, is an online tool that might help you eliminate Filmora watermarks. Here are the steps involved in watermark removal:


Step 1: Upload Your Filmora Video


Online Filmora Watermark Remover


Step 2: Adjust the Watermark Removal Box


Step 3: Remove the Filmora Watermark


Click "Erase" to let Apowersoft Online Watermark Removal process your video. Once it has been processed, download the video to your local disk.


Method 10: Remove Filmora Watermark Easily Using the Filmora Watermark Remover Application Remove Logo


You can try a logo removal tool like Remove Logo to remove watermarks from your Filmora videos. This tool has already garnered a massive fan following for its simple operation. Let's learn the steps you need to follow for using this tool:


Step 1: Download and Install the App


Step 2: Upload Your Video




Step 3: Remove the Watermark


After importing the video file, select the watermark logo and remove it from the video.


Step 4: Preview the Result


Hit the preview button to review the outcome post-eliminating the logo from your video.


Now that you've explored various methods for eliminating watermarks from videos consider taking it further to elevate the quality for a more polished finish.


If so, you could explore AI-powered solutions such as UniFab Video Upscaler AI. This tool enhances your video resolution, ensuring each frame is sharper and more vibrant. Continue reading for an in-depth look at this innovative tool:


Transform Blurry Videos To Stunning Quality With UniFab Video Upscaler AI 


ai video enhancer mac 1.jpg


UniFab Video Upscaler AI utilizes advanced deep learning algorithms to enhance video content with precision, offering seamless upscaling to 4K resolution and delivering impressive results across various video types. It simplifies the process by automatically handling settings, making it user-friendly. 


Analyzing pixels using neural networks produces sharper and clearer images even when enlarging the original size by up to 300%. It also removes film grains, artifacts, and distortions, while smart color correction algorithms accurately restore original colors. 


With advanced GPU hardware acceleration, UniFab boosts video enhancement speed by up to 50 times faster than usual. Furthermore, it allows easy trimming of unnecessary footage and partitioning of video frames into segments for multiple output files, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in video editing.




  • UniFab Video Upscaler AI utilizes cutting-edge deep learning algorithms to analyze and enhance video content, delivering more realistic and vivid visual effects.
  • Upscale video resolution to 720P, 1080P, and impressive 4K Ultra HD, doubling the original resolution for clearer visuals.
  • It features a universal enhancement model that works effectively across all video types, including low-resolution TV shows, black-and-white movies, homemade videos, and animations.
  • Say goodbye to complex parameters! UniFab offers a simple and clear interface, making it easy for beginners to enhance their videos without hassle.
  • Trim unnecessary footage effortlessly. Easily remove unwanted parts from your video's start, end, or any segment, and partition frames into segments for multiple output files.
  • Crop, trim, customize sound effects, and remove background noise with UniFab's built-in editor module, allowing for personalized video editing.
  • Experience lightning-fast video enhancement its GPU acceleration technology, boosting speed up to 50 times faster, powered by NVIDIA CUDA, AMD, and Intel Quick Sync.

Here is a comparision snapshot of UniFab vs. AVClabs.

unifab vs avclabs3.jpg

Step By Step Guide To Use UniFab Video Upscaler AI 


Effortlessly Enhance Your Videos with UniFab Video Upscaler AI in 4 Simple Steps:


Step 1: Install and Launch


Start by installing UniFab Video Upscaler AI and Import Your Video.


unifab enlarger 2


Step 2: Customize Your Video


unifab enlarger 4


Edit your video using the trim or crop icons in the lower-left corner of the thumbnail. Click the settings button to adjust settings such as resolution, codec, and frame rate.

Tips: If you’re unsure how to configure the best parameters for your video, we recommend you make them as default.


Step 3: Begin Enhancement


unifab enlarger 6


Once satisfied with your edits, click the Start button to begin the enhancement process.




Removing watermarks from Filmora videos is straightforward and achievable through the methods discussed. Whether opting for Filmora's Pro version or third-party tools, we hope you have gathered insights on how to remove Filmora watermarks to produce watermark-free videos while upholding professionalism. 




Is Filmora Completely Free to Use Without Watermark?


No, the free trial version of Filmora includes a watermark. To remove it, you need to subscribe to a Filmora plan.


Why Can Removing the Filmora Watermark Be Challenging?


While trimming away the end credits added by Filmora is simple, the real challenge lies in dealing with the prominent semi-transparent watermark positioned at the lower middle of the screen. Traditional watermark removal methods such as cropping, replacing, or blurring often compromise the video's authenticity and integrity. Filmora strategically adds watermarks to encourage free users to upgrade to the paid version.


Is it Legal to Remove a Watermark from a Video?


Removing the Filmora watermark from your videos is permissible.

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