UniFab Smoother AI

Boost Video Frame Rate to 120 FPS with AI

Boost Video Frame Rate to 120 FPS with AI

Enhance video fluidity with AI frame interpolation, UniFab Smoother AI is designed to raise frame rate and ensure a smoother motion progression, especially ideal for fast-moving objects or scenes. Utilize UniFab Smoother AI to reduce flickering and jittering, presenting a more natural outcome for an optimal visual experience.

Superior Frame Interpolation Options

Superior Frame Interpolation Options

UniFab offers frame interpolation options as integer multiple interpolation and specific frame rate selection.

Integer multiple interpolation involves increasing the original frame rate of the video by an integer multiple, resulting in enhanced video smoothness, no frame duplication, or information loss without altering the original speed.

60fps and 120fps options are available for your preference. With the help of AI tech, absolute smoothness and quality are assured even without integer multiple interpolation.

Simple and Easy to Operate UniFab

Simple Operation for Beginners

Numerous frame interpolation softwares calls for specific AI knowledge, making them inconvenient to use

With UniFab Smoother AI, there’s no need for intricate settings and parameters. The AI intelligently smoothens everything out for you.

Support Video Editing

Crop and trim are available in UniFab editor module to meet your personalized demand.

Crop the size you want

Crop the size you want

Crop off unwanted outer parts of your video clip to make it a slim look.


Custom sound effect

Custom sound effect

Customize the sound effect and remove background noise.

Get 50x faster speed with GPU acceleration

Optimized with Hardware Acceleration

Are you seeking a speedy solution to tackle multiple tasks at once? UniFab Smoother AI understands the preciousness of your time and aids in experiencing the most rapid video transformation and editing process utilizing its hardware acceleration technology.

The program is fully armed with state-of-the-art GPU hardware acceleration tech resources, including NVIDIA CUDA, AMD, and Intel Quick Sync, which allow you to effectively complete an increased number of tasks within your allotted timeframe.

Directly Import Videos from DVDFab/StreamFab for Deinterlacing

Directly Import Videos from DVDFab/StreamFab for Smoothing

As a sister product of DVDFab and StreamFab, UniFab Smoother AI allows you to directly import videos ripped from DVDs using DVDFab or downloaded via StreamFab for superior video resolution enhancement. With a single click, you'll notice a substantial increase in your video quality.

UniFab Smoother AI

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System Requirements

Operating System  

Windows 11/10(64 bit only)

Recommended Configuration

System Memory(RAM)Graphisc CardsCPU
16GB or moreNvidia RTX 30 series or higher, 8GB VRAMIntel i7 10th generation or AMD Ryzen 5000 series or higher