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Combined with super-resolution technology, UniFab can upscale your video to 4K HDR, providing you a cinematic viewing experience. Its trained AI model uses deep learning algorithms to quickly identify and analyze content to improve the overall effectiveness of the video.The output files possess more vivid visual effects, with realistic and lifelike imagery.  Just immerse yourself in the world of film and enjoy with our AI Video Enhancer.

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Elevate your viewing with 4K resolution upgrades, adding a visual finesse to every detail. Revel in the transformation as UniFab uplifts SDR videos into the stunning vibrancy of HDR 10 or Dolby Vision. And there’s more - dive into a seamless video experience with noise reduction, deinterlacing, and motion interpolation. 

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Our product supports multiple hardware technologies and has built a powerful AI conversion platform. By fully utilizing these advanced hardware technologies, we have achieved excellent product functionalities.

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I’ve been using UniFab for a while now to upscale my old home videos and I couldn’t be happier! The deinterlacing is spot on and the upscaling to 4K is truly impressive. It breathes new life into my memories.



Initially, I struggled with noisy, interlaced footage from my old camcorder, but UniFab fixed it all. Upscaling to 1080p is seamless and the results are so sharp. My only gripe is that it’s quite resource-intensive on my PC.



UniFab’s ability to convert videos to HDR has been a game changer for me. It’s like I’ve got cinematic level at my fingertips. The Dolby Vision outputs are just stunning on my projects!


Game Host

I was skeptical when I downloaded UniFab, but it has surpassed all expectations. The user interface is so intuitive that even I, someone who’s not tech-savvy, could navigate with ease. Upgrading my project to 1080p was seamless, and the HDR conversion brought a level of professionalism I didn’t think was possible without high-end equipment.



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