Top 12 AI Frame Interpolation Tools to Enhance Video Smoothness on Windows, Mac, & Online

Discover the power of AI frame interpolation to enhance your video quality. Learn how advanced algorithms seamlessly boost frame rates for smoother, more realistic visuals.



Smooth motion is essential for effectively conveying information and enhancing video quality and viewer engagement. Frame interpolation involves inserting additional frames into existing video footage to improve motion smoothness, which is particularly useful for addressing choppy playback in videos with lower frame rates. Various frame interpolation software programs are available, each with unique capabilities and limitations. 


AI-driven frame interpolation simplifies the process by generating intermediate frames within video sequences, reducing jerkiness and blurriness for a polished output suitable for slow-motion videos. This review will delve into the top 12 AI frame interpolation tools, focusing on their ability to enhance video quality and tackle issues associated with low frame rates of up to 30fps.


Understanding The Concept Of AI Video Frame Interpolation 


The primary goal of AI frame interpolation is to enhance video smoothness. It allows for tasks like animation smoothing, restoration of old movies, and matching video frame rates with high refresh rate smart TVs. It simplifies the creation of slow-motion videos and sequence-based visual effects. 


AI-powered video frame interpolation leverages advanced tools driven by artificial intelligence, making it accessible even to beginners. It utilizes machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks to intelligently generate frames, improving the coherence and realism of video sequences during post-production editing. We have scanned the cyberspace and collated a list of the 12 AI video interpolation tools that can cater to users of Windows, Mac, and those who prefer online utilities. 


Snapshot of Our Top 3 Picks: How We Selected and Reviewed the 3 Best AI Frame Interpolation Tools

The table below reveals how we selected and ranked our top 3 choices.

 UniFab フーレム補間 AIFlowframesTopaz Video Enhance AI
Suited ForBoth beginners & advanced usersAdvanced usersBoth beginners & advanced users
CompatibilityWindowsWindowsWindows & Mac
Supported FormatsAVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, etc.WEBM, MP4, GIF, BIK, etc.MP4, MOV, JPEG, TIFF, EXR, PNG, etc.
FPSUp to 120Up to 60Up to 120
AI CompatibilityPresentPresentPresent
Supports Video EditingYesYesYes
Hardware AccelerationYesYesYes
Upscaling SupportUp to 4KUp to 4KUp to 8K



Top 12 AI Video Frame Interpolation Tools for Windows, Mac, and Online Use

Are you looking to elevate your viewing experience with smoother and clearer video motion? Explore our selection of AI frame interpolation tools, available as both software and online utilities, to enhance video quality to the next level.


UniFab フーレム補間 AI


Supported System: Windows

Price: A year's license costs $99.99.

UniFab フーレム補間 AI is an innovative tool that harnesses AI technology to enhance your videos to 120 frames per second (FPS), delivering an exceptionally smooth and fluid viewing experience. Unlike traditional real-time interpolation methods, UniFab フーレム補間 AI boosts video frame rates, ensuring seamless transitions between frames for superior visual clarity and motion precision. 


Why Does Video Editing Enthusiasts Swear By This AI Video Smoother?


  • UniFab  enhances video fluidity, which helps reduce flickering and jittering in fast-moving scenes.
  • AI automates the smoothing process, eliminating the need for complex settings and parameters.
  • You can easily crop unwanted video clip parts to achieve a sleek look.
  • Users can personalize sound effects and remove background noise for enhanced audio quality.


How To Carry Out AI Video Frame Interpolation With UniFab フーレム補間 AI


Step 1: Start UniFab and select your desired module


Please download and install the software on your device, then launch the interface.


Step 2: Import your source video and begin editing the output



Navigate to the 'Smoother' module. Click 'Add Video' to choose the video file from your local storage for frame interpolation. Now, you can make necessary customizations regarding output quality, frame rate, etc. 



Step 3: Tailor the frame interpolation settings to your preferences

Click the start button to begin the download.




Thumbs Up:


  • It can cater to novice users with its easily navigable interface.
  • Even beginners can carry out AI frame interpolation up to 120 fps with simple clicks. 
  •  You can try out the utility in its free trial version without upper limits on the output quality or size. 
  • Carry video customizations as per preference with its simple trimming function.
  • It offers a specific selection of frame rates and integer multiple interpolations.
  • Modern GPU hardware acceleration helps carry out more file edits within a reduced period. 


Thumbs Down:


  • AI algorithms might be tasked with your system resources. 


2) Flowframes


Supported System: Windows


Price: Free to use, but upgrades require a monthly subscription starting at $2.5.


Flowframes is a versatile video interpolation tool that supports various video formats and utilizes GPU acceleration for enhanced brightness and sharpness. This software integrates with advanced AI frameworks, including RIFE AI, DAIN, and FLAVR, offering options to choose the desired algorithm based on your computer's hardware. With built-in frame deduplication and speed compensation features optimized for 2D animation videos, Flowframes delivers efficient and high-quality video interpolation. 


Thumbs Up:


  • It supports inputting images, videos, and folders for interpolation.
  • Enables exporting interpolated videos with advanced video codecs.
  • Flowframes retain audio and subtitles during the interpolation process, maintaining content integrity.
  • It works efficiently even on low-end computers.
  • Compatible with 4K video frame interpolation.
  • Users can carry out batch processing of files. 


Thumbs Down:


  • Users often complain of glitches after frame interpolation.


3) Topaz Video Enhance AI


Topaz Video Enhance AI


Supported System: Windows & macOS


Price: It's free to use, but a lifetime license for $299 removes the watermark.


Topaz Video Enhance AI provides robust video enhancement features like motion interpolation, upscaling to 4K and 8K, deblurring, and shake stabilization. Its AI models are optimized for realistic results with various types of footage. The software's multi-threaded architecture ensures fast and efficient video processing. It is ideal for noise reduction, low-quality videos, restoring vintage films, refining animations, and producing high-frame-rate slow-motion videos.


Thumbs Up:


  • Can stabilize shaky images with AI technology.
  • Users can create cinematic slow-mo videos of up to 16x with 60 FPS.
  • It delivers premium-grade upscaling with Artemis or Gaia HQ.
  • It can enhance your videos with genuine details extracted from information across multiple consecutive frames.
  • It can improve cartoons & CG by applying Theia or Gaia CG.
  • It has a modern and highly intuitive video interface.


Thumbs Down:


  • Not suitable for low-end computers. 


4) Smooth Video Project


Supported System: Windows, Linux & macOS


Price: One month's free trial followed by a lifetime license of $12.


SVP (SmoothVideo Project) is renowned for converting videos to 60 fps or higher directly within your preferred video player in real time. It uses advanced frame interpolation techniques to create additional frames, resulting in smoother and more precise motion for viewers. SVP supports GPU acceleration with MEMC, RIFE, and NVIDIA Optical Flow, thus significantly boosting the frame rate. 


Thumbs Up:


  • Can convert videos to 60fps, 120fps, and even 240fps.
  • Users can choose their preferred encoding modes of hardware or software.
  • Detects and removes black bars from videos.
  • Offers real-time processing sans any distortion.
  • Users can select among various FPS multiplication options starting from x3.
  • It can both enlarge and shrink videos.


Thumbs Down:


  • Interface might seem complicated and outdated. 


5) Dain-App


Supported System: Windows


Price: After testing the free trial, opt for the paid version priced at $9.90. 


DAIN-App is an AI-driven video frame interpolation software designed to enhance videos and animations by increasing frame rates up to 60fps and beyond. It prioritizes the sharpness and smoothness of objects closer to the viewer during interpolation. This user-friendly tool supports importing MP4 and GIF files and exporting to MP4, Webm, GIF, and APNG formats. 


 Thumbs Up:


  • Users can adjust the video size as per preference.
  • Offers three interpolation modes of 2x, 4x, and 8x.
  • You can split a big video into multiple individual frames.
  • Can impart a high level of smoothness to all media files.
  • Interface is user-friendly and easily navigable.
  • AI upscaled content doesn't leave any visible artifacts.


Thumbs Down:


  • Users have complained of frame drops, red flickers, and similar playback issues.


6) HitPaw Video Enhancer




Supported System: Windows & macOS


Price: Try for free and then upgrade it to a month's subscription of $42.99.


HitPaw AI Video Enhancer is a highly recommended tool for enhancing video quality through AI-driven frame interpolation and resolution upscaling. It offers efficient and quick processing with four AI models catering to different enhancement needs. You can customize the resolution and export videos in popular formats like MP4 and MOV. This software transforms low-resolution videos into 4K or 8K quality, reduces blur with advanced noise reduction, and restores damaged or old videos. 


Thumbs Up:


  • Offers support to 30+ input formats.
  • Users can enhance their video quality to 8K resolution.
  • Offers batch processing to enhance multiple videos at once.
  • Your videos won't have watermarks once you subscribe to the premium version.
  • It offers a built-in media player to play the improved videos.
  • It can reduce noise to unblur videos.


Thumbs Down:


  • Need advanced choices for AI models.


7) Handbrake




Supported System: Windows, Linux & macOS


Price: Free


Handbrake is a free, open-source video converter renowned for its frame interpolation features. It offers manual and automatic frame interpolation options and customizable settings to refine output quality. The software includes built-in device presets for quick conversions optimized for specific devices. Users can fine-tune various basic and advanced settings to achieve desired results. 


Thumbs Up:


  • Handbrake supports a wide range of multimedia file formats.
  • It can process DVD or Blu-ray sources without copy protection.
  • It delivers comprehensive frame interpolation capabilities.
  • The settings can be customized to refine the output.
  • It can batch-process files.
  • It offers support towards CFR and VFR.


Thumbs Down:


  • Users often complain about the results of frame interpolation.


8. Adobe Premiere Pro




Supported System: Windows & macOS


Price: 7-day free trial followed by monthly subscription plans starting from $34.49. 


Adobe Premiere Pro is sophisticated video editing software with frame interpolation capabilities. It allows users to adjust frame timing and smoothness. The program offers manual and automatic interpolation options with customizable settings for desired video effects. Users can edit videos, add effects, mix audio, animate titles, and streamline workflows with AI integration. 


Thumbs Up:


  • Helps creators produce polished videos with captivating visuals and sound.
  • Powerful color correction and grading tools enable precise video enhancement.
  • Advanced audio editing features allow noise reduction, dialogue enhancement, and seamless integration of music tracks.
  • It offers many built-in effects, transitions, and customizable templates for creating unique visual styles.
  • Compatible with various video formats.
  • It is integrated with Adobe products such as Photoshop & After Effects. 


Thumbs Down:


  • Might not be well suited for beginners.


9) Final Cut Pro




Supported System: macOS


Price: Free three-month trial followed by a one-time purchase of $299. 


Final Cut Pro X offers robust frame interpolation features, including manual and automatic options with customizable settings. This versatile program is compatible with various video formats and is relatively user-friendly. Its Object Tracker employs machine learning to detect and track faces or objects within footage, allowing seamless integration of titles and effects. Additionally, users can refine the depth of the field and focus points in videos shot in iPhone's Cinematic mode, enhancing creative control. 


Thumbs Up:


  • It utilizes multicore CPUs and GPUs for quick video encoding.
  • The application of presets helps with high-quality exports.
  • Batch exporting brings in more efficiency.
  • You can identify duplicate clips in the timeline with highlighted ranges.
  • Multichannel audio with voice isolation helps enhance speech.
  • Compatible with various video formats. 


Thumbs Down:


  • It is a resource-intensive tool. 


10) DaVinci Resolve




Supported System: Windows, Linux, and macOS


Price: Get started for free and upgrade to the Studio version by paying $295.


DaVinci Resolve is a comprehensive professional video editing software that uniquely combines editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics, and audio post-production within a single tool. Its intuitive interface is designed for easy adoption by beginners while providing powerful capabilities for professionals. It enables faster workflows without the need to switch between multiple applications. 


Thumbs Up:


  • The final results can be customized with various settings.
  • Users can try automatic and manual frame interpolation.
  • The free version supports every 8-bit video format at a maximum of 60fps.
  • It presents multiple plugins for surface tracking, despilling, and depth map generation.
  • Multiple users can work on a common project. 
  • Tracks can be grouped for faster editing in Fairlight. 


Thumbs Down:


· Presents a steep learning curve.


11) TensorPix




Supported System: Online


Price: You can start for free and subscribe to plans for more features at $12/month. 


TensorPix is an AI-powered online tool that effortlessly enhances and upscales videos and images. Users can upload videos, apply AI filters for improved quality, and download the enhanced results quickly. Carry out ai frame interpolation online free with TensorPix which is renowned for its efficiency in handling video and image enhancement tasks swiftly.


Thumbs Up:


  • It also excels in improving images and catering to a broad user base.
  • It offers 2x, 4x, and 8x fps choices for AI motion smoothing.
  • It has other video-enhancing tools to denoise, restore color, and stabilize videos.
  • AI video enhancer helps create slow-motion videos. 
  • Installation is optional for this online tool. 
  • Can enhance video quality within 3 minutes. 


Thumbs Down:


  • The trial version offers limited functionality. 


12) Neural.Love




Supported System: Online


Price: A free starter plan offers five credits & then a monthly subscription starts at $30. is an AI-powered online tool offering secure and encrypted frame interpolation to increase video frame rates quickly. Users simply upload their projects and let the AI automate the process. The tool supports popular frame rates to create smoother videos, including 4K resolution at 60 FPS or higher. 


Thumbs Up:


  • The tool features AI filters like slowdown, colorization, and facial restoration.
  • offers AI art generation for unique artwork creation with detailed results in HD mode.
  • You can enhance audio to boost sample rates, reduce noise, or remove vocals to create instrumental audio. 
  • It can generate higher frame rates, such as 60fps and 120fps, to enhance video motion realism and create smoother transitions.
  • It offers intense options for facial enhancement or restoration. 
  • Users can modify video resolution to 1080p, 4K, and other formats alongside frame rate adjustments.


Thumbs Down:


  • The processing speed could be faster.




The world of AI frame interpolation offers a range of options tailored to diverse needs. Regardless of your requirements, these AI frame interpolation tools empower users to create smoother, more realistic video footage, effortlessly enhancing video quality. This technology revolutionizes animated movies, elevates gaming experiences, and transforms videography with advanced features that bring vibrant content directly to your screen. 




  1. What is time interpolation frame blending?


Time interpolation frame blending involves repeating frames to achieve smoother motion in videos.


  1. What are the effects of frame interpolation?


Frame interpolation automatically calculates intermediate frames between keyframes, aiding smooth motion transitions.


  1. What is the recommended time interpolation rate for smooth playback?


The interpolation rate depends on the desired speed alteration; a 50% or higher rate typically maintains balance with a 1:1 interpolation rate.

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