How to Find and Watch Amazon Prime Video Dolby Vision HDR on PC and Mobile

Amazon Prime Video Dolby Vision HDR will only be available with an extra pay for an ad-free tier. Let us find the best way to watch and enjoy Amazon Prime Video 4K HDR.

Even with the growth of digital creators, HDR content is still scarce. Recently, Amazon Prime Video started running non-skippable ads for all its subscribers in January 2024. The decision shocked the Prime users when they witnessed an unwelcome change: the removal of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos from the ad-supported tier. Now, unless they pay an additional monthly fee for a new ad-free tier, they won’t be able to watch their cherished shows with an immersive viewing experience.  


Sadly, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos will only be available with the ad-free option on relevant titles. Despite having the support of smart TVs like LG, Sony, or Samsung, if you are pissed with viewing Amazon Prime Video HDR with Dolby Digital 5.1, you have landed at the right place. Let us find out the ways to watch and enjoy Dolby Vision and HDR Amazon Prime Video. 


Is Dolby Vision Available on Amazon Prime Video 


Dolby Vision upscales your visual experience and enhances how you see and consume your daily dose of entertainment. This way, it appears you are viewing a story beyond a collection of pixels, like seeing the scene happen through a transparent window right before your eyes. 


The video titles that supported Dolby Vision are still available in HDR 10+ (a license-free alternative to Dolby Vision) with dynamic metadata for better picture quality. On the contrary, the ad-supported tier may not support a seamless audio experience as the smooth sound wave of Dolby Atmos audio is now downgraded to 5.1 channel audio. 


While nobody knows the exact reason behind this deliberate change, many people assume that Dolby’s licensing fee may have been a significant reason for this action. As most of the titles are only available in UHD, HDR 10, and HDR 10+, here are a few that you can still watch and enjoy in Dolby formats. 


Prime Video TitlesDolby VisionDolby Atmos
BoschYes (Season 2)No 
Carnival RowNo Yes 
SuspiriaYes Yes 
Tom Clancy’s Jack RyanYes (Season 1)Yes 

How to Find and Watch Dolby Vision HDR Amazon Prime Video on Compatible Devices 


Tip 1: Have a TV Enabled with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos


Ensure your TV is enabled with Dolby Vision. Most of the top brands available in the market, such as Sony, TCL, and LG, support Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and HDR. Also, if viewing your Prime content on a mobile phone, ensure Dolby Vision is enabled on your smartphone. 

Dolby Atmos is a fascinating audio technology that helps make the sound loud and clear for an immersive audio experience. Most of the new TVs and devices with Dolby Vision have Dolby Atmos by default for an enticing and deep sound wave. 


Tip 2: Subscribe to Amazon Prime Account


Having a device compatible with Dolby Vision or HDR is not enough. You must have an Amazon Prime account with access to Prime Video for additional benefits. 


After fulfilling these two requirements, you can proceed with the below steps to find and watch Amazon Prime Video Dolby Vision HDR. If you are also interested in hdr video download or how to upload hdr video to youtube, just head to our guide.


Step 1: Open and enter the Amazon Prime Video app on your device. 

Step 2: Browse all the available content and find movies or TV shows with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos labels. 

Step 3: Select your chosen content to watch. 


Best Solution to Watch Amazon Prime Video Dolby Vision HDR With UniFab HDR Upscaler AI


As you already know, Amazon Prime Video has been running non-skippable ads for all its subscribers lately. It has removed Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos from the ad-supported tier. Already, the digital industry was facing a scarcity of HDR content and an abundance of SDR content, and with this action, Amazon Prime has only contributed to the same. 


If you can no longer watch HDR content because of the Amazon Basic Plan changes, we have a smart solution for you: UniFab HDR Upscaler AI. The software supports the conversion of SDR content to HDR. It can upgrade your standard videos to HDR, allowing you to save the upgraded files locally. This feature is handy for users seeking a richer viewing experience, as it expands the range of videos that can be enjoyed in HDR quality.


With UniFab, you get a significant advantage over streaming platforms that do not support downloading HDR videos, enhancing the overall control over your viewing experience. It uses an AI algorithm to enhance and upscale your SDR videos to Dolby Vision and HDR10. When compared, Dolby Vision outperforms HDR standards and delivers unparalleled video quality. 


UniFab can upscale videos to superior Dolby Vision quality and generate dynamic metadata. It can also fine-tune the set parameters, such as brightness, contrast, and color saturation, for each frame to reveal more details. With rich colors, brighter highlights, and deeper blacks, diving into an immersive video-viewing experience becomes easier. 

UniFab HDR Upscaler AI


Prime Features of UniFab HDR Upscaler AI


UniFab HDR Upscaler AI is the finest solution to upscale any video to HDR10 and Dolby Vision and maximize your video’s quality. Furthermore, it can also help you with these features: 


  • Offers optimal video quality compatible with your HDR device 
  • Converts old and SDR videos to HDR and Dolby Vision
  • Utilizes the AI technology to generate high-quality HDR video
  • Allows choosing different color spaces like DCI-P3 and Rec. 2020 for different devices 
  • Choose different viewing scenarios with Universal and Cinema modes to suit your space 
  • Get 50 times faster conversion speed with GPU acceleration 
  • Trim and crop your videos for that professional effect 
  • Import your video directly from StreamFab and DVDFab to upscale to Dolby Vision or HDR10
Universal and Cinema modes


Download Amazon Prime Video HDR PC Using UniFab HDR Upscaler AI


Although Amazon Prime Video has dropped Dolby Vision from the ad-supported tier, you can still enjoy Dolby Vision and Amazon Prime Video HDR PC with UniFab HDR Upscaler AI. Here’s how. 


Step 1: Install and open UniFab HDR Upscaler AI


unifab-hdr upscaler1.jpg


Grab the UniFab HDR Upscaler AI program from the official site and download it on your Windows computer. Once launched, choose the HDR Upscaler mode and

 add your video from the left pane to proceed with upscaling. 


Step 2: Modify the video settings 


unifab-hdr upscaler3.jpg


Tailor the video output settings to meet your needs. Set the Quality to High and adjust the audio/video parameters. Click OK. 


Step 4: Upscale your SDR video to HDR or Dolby Vision 


unifab-hdr upscaler 2.jpg


Preview the settings once before the upscaling process. Once satisfied, tap the Start tab to upscale your video and enjoy it at any time. UniFab HDR Upscaler AI will complete the task rapidly with GPU acceleration. 


The Final Words


Dolby Vision has always had an edge over HDR 10 for its visual details. It has always helped users keep hold of the plot of a spine-chilling movie, web series, or TV show despite viewing an overbright or extremely dark (shot in low-light) scene. It has worked beyond technological boundaries to help users engage in an immersive and stunning viewing experience. 


However, Amazon Prime Video Dolby Vision HDR is now no longer available in the ad-supported tier. However, the availability of Amazon Prime Video HDR alone should not dishearten you. Instead, you can watch Dolby Vision and HDR Amazon Prime Video with UniFab HDR Upscaler AI. This program helps you convert and upscale SDR videos to HDR and Dolby Vision using GPU-accelerated technology for a better viewing experience. Besides, for a more comprehensive video enhancement solution, we recommend you to use UniFab All-in-One.




Q. Does Amazon Prime Video Have 4K HDR?


Yes. You can easily find web series, movies, and TV shows on Prime Video. Either go to the platform’s 4K Ultra HD web page or search for the rows labeled 4K Ultra HD or 4K HDR on your 4K enabled device. Visit the Movies and TV category 4K Ultra HD store to find your 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays or DVDs. 


Q. How do I turn on and watch HDR Amazon Prime Video on my device?


Prime Video offers an HDR playback option for some chosen video titles and a handful of Prime Video devices such as LG OLED and Super UHD TVs, Samsung SUHD TVs, Sony Triluminos 4K TVs, and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Android smartphones. An HDR label distinguishes these videos. You can also find the HDR viewing options in the video details. Click Watch Now beside the HDR option to start playback. 


Q. Is Amazon Prime Video HDR?


As a subscriber to Amazon Prime, you can stream Prime content like TV shows, web series, documentaries, movies, and original shows in 4K quality. Nearly all the Amazon Prime Video titles and original shows support HDR features for a better range of colors and contrast. So, if you have a 4K device, you can easily stream the original Prime video titles in 2160p resolution. 

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