HitPaw Video Enhancer Review & Its Superior Alternative

Compare HitPaw Video Enhancer with the superior alternative, UniFab Video Enhancer AI, and choose the ideal tool for elevating and upscaling your videos to new heights.

Comprehensive Review Of HitPaw Video Enhancer


HitPaw Video Enhancer


HitPaw Video Enhancer stands out with its AI upscaling capabilities, allowing users to enhance videos and restore details without complex editing. The user-friendly interface promotes creativity, making it easy to unleash your potential. Compatible with Windows and Mac, HitPaw Video Enhancer automatically upscales videos to 8K resolution, regardless of the original quality. Popular for its innovative features like video background removal and sky replacement, HitPaw Video Enhancer is ideal for creators seeking professional-level video enhancements. Let's explore its standout features in detail.


Exploring HitPaw Video Enhancer AI’s Best Features


  • Revitalize Your Videos with HitPaw AI’s Video Repair


Experience enhanced video quality with HitPaw's AI-powered Video Repair feature. Its advanced algorithms fix glitches, artifacts, and other issues, restoring your footage to its original clarity and vibrancy. 


  • Lossless Video Enlargement and Background Replacement


Enlarge your videos while preserving all details using super-resolution technology, ensuring clear playback even on large screens. Seamlessly replace sky backgrounds without affecting foreground elements.


  • Leading Motion Blur Removal Technology


HitPaw's AI technology effectively removes motion blurs and out-of-focus effects, enhancing video clarity and sharpness automatically.


  • Background Noise Removal for Clear Audio


Remove background noise from your videos without compromising video quality. HitPaw Video Enhancer analyzes video frames to eliminate noise while preserving details.


  • Automatic Video Upscaling and Color Restoration


Upscale low-resolution or compressed videos to higher resolutions with AI-powered algorithms. Restore natural colors to old black-and-white videos for a more vivid viewing experience.


  • Intelligent Video Enhancement Across Resolutions


Enhance videos intelligently from 480p to 1080p, 1080p to 4K, and even 8K, ensuring optimal quality for various types of content, including movies, anime, recordings, and home footage.


Pricing Models Of HitPaw Video Enhancer AI


 1 Month1 yearPerpetual
Business1-Year LicenseNo. Of PCSPrice



How To Enhance Files With The HitPaw Video Enhancer


Using HitPaw Video Enhancer is straightforward and user-friendly. Follow the steps below to upscale your videos effortlessly:


Step 1: Download The HitPaw Video Enhancer Utility


Start by visiting the official webpage of HitPaw Video Enhancer and download the application.


Step 2: Import Your Video


You have the option to either drag and drop the video file directly into the provided area. As an alternative, you can hit the "Choose File" button for video selection. 


Download The HitPaw Video Enhancer Utility


Step 3: Select an AI Model


Choose one of the available AI models from the selection provided. If the models are not fully visible, click "Add Model" to access and download additional models from the Model Library.




Step 4: Preview and Process


After uploading your video, click "Preview" to initiate the processing. Allow a few seconds for the enhancement to take effect.




Step 5: Export the Enhanced Video


Ultimately, click "Export" to save the enhanced video to your desired location.


Benefits of HitPaw Video Enhancer

  • Effectively removes visual defects and blemishes from videos.
  • AI upscaling enhances video resolution without sacrificing framerate quality.
  • Supports batch processing to enhance multiple videos simultaneously.
  • Utilizes GPU acceleration for faster video enhancement, saving valuable time.
  • Employs a robust neural network to eliminate grains and textures, resulting in sharper, clearer visuals.


Disadvantages Of HitPaw Video Enhancer

  • In the free version, there is an upper ceiling on the length of the video that can be edited.
  • All videos are exported with watermarks in the free variant.
  • Customer response time is long.
  • Lacks advanced video enhancement options found in peer tools as desired by professional video aficionados.
  • Cannot deinterlace videos.


Areas Of Improvement Of HitPaw Video Enhancer

  • Cannot upmix audio to DTS 7.1 or EAC 3 5.1.
  • Processing speed isn’t up to the mark especially when dealing with larger files.
  • Video quality calls for much improvement compared to professional tools. 
  • Lacks a built-in video editor like UniFab Video Enhancer AI.
  • It can't upscale to Dolby vision.


Switch To UniFab Video Enhancer As A Superior Choice For Video Enhancement


For those seeking advanced video enhancement capabilities and superior results, professional tools like UniFab Video Enhancer AI are highly recommended. UniFab outperforms HitPaw Video Enhancer with its super-fast GPU-accelerated processing, leveraging AI technology to upscale videos to 4K resolution, provide lossless compression, remove video noise, and more. Users can also convert videos to Dolby Vision or HDR10 and upmix audio to formats like DTS 7.1 or EAC3 5.1. Additionally, UniFab offers built-in editing tools for effortless tasks like flipping, rotating, splitting, cropping, sharpening, and mirroring images. Explore UniFab's extensive features below to understand why it's a superior alternative to HitPaw Video Enhancer.


Standout Features Of UniFab Video Enhancer AI


Video & Audio Enhancement


UniFab's AI enhancement model consistently delivers outstanding results across a range of video types, including animations, low-resolution TV shows, homemade videos, and more.


  • Advanced AI Upscaling: Harness neural networks and super-resolution technology to upscale videos to various resolutions, such as 720P, 1080P, and up to 4K, accurately predicting missing pixels for enhanced clarity.


  • SDR to HDR Conversion: Elevate standard dynamic range (SDR) videos to HDR10 or Dolby Vision standards, enhancing brightness, expanding the color gamut, and improving overall video quality.


  • Denoise: Automatically detect and remove video noise caused by low-light conditions, high ISO settings, and compression artifacts, ensuring clean and clear video playback.


  • Smooth Playback: AI-driven frame interpolation minimizes judder and creates smoother motion effects, boosting the frame rate up to 120 fps for more fluid and natural video playback.


  • Upmix: Transform audio channels into multiple formats like DTS 7.1 or EAC3 5.1, enhancing the audio experience for immersive sound playback. This feature is missing in HitPaw Video Enhancer. 


  • Deinterlace: Intelligently convert interlaced video signals to progressive scan signals, enhancing playback quality by eliminating interlacing artifacts. You cannot deinterlace videos using HitPaw Video Enhancer.


Video Converting & Compressing


UniFab offers comprehensive video converting and compressing features to ensure seamless playback of your favorite videos on any device.


  • Extensive Format Support: Convert videos to over 1000 formats effortlessly, ensuring compatibility across various devices and platforms. Enjoy your videos on any device without worrying about compatibility issues.


  • Lossless Video Compression: Efficiently compress high-quality video and audio files without compromising fidelity. This method preserves the integrity of your content, allowing for reduced file sizes while maintaining exceptional video and audio quality.


Video Editing


UniFab Video Enhancer AI is equipped with robust video editing tools suitable for both beginners and seasoned editors, enhancing the storytelling capabilities of your videos.


  • Toolkit: UniFab's all-in-one video editing toolkit simplifies tasks like trimming, sharpening, adjusting video speed, and more. 


  • Video Editor: Elevate your storytelling by adjusting saturation, contrast, and other parameters with UniFab's video editor. Empower yourself to enhance visual elements, craft compelling narratives, and create captivating visuals effortlessly.


Effortlessly Improve Video Quality with UniFab Video Enhancer AI


Learn how to enhance your videos seamlessly using UniFab Video Enhancer AI with these simple steps:


Step 1: Launch UniFab and Select Mode


Open UniFab and select the 'Enlarger' mode to enhance your videos.


enlarger ai3.jpg


Step 2: Video Import & Customization


enlarger ai2.jpg


Upload your video to UniFab and customize the output settings, including format, quality, audio, and subtitles according to your preferences.


Step 3: Start Video Enhancement


Start the video enhancement process by clicking the start button.



HitPaw Video Enhancer is a robust and easy-to-use tool designed to enhance video quality, especially by improving clarity and resolution. However, for users seeking more advanced features, exploring alternatives like UniFab could be advantageous. UniFab Video Enhancer AI offers comprehensive enhancements, addressing issues such as blurriness or shaky effects, and can transform ordinary videos into captivating masterpieces with enhanced clarity, sharpness, and contrast. As content creators strive for exceptional visuals to engage audiences, tools like UniFab play a pivotal role in elevating video content and meeting the demands of the evolving digital landscape.



Is HitPaw Video Enhancer Safe to Use?


Yes, HitPaw Video Enhancer is completely free from viruses, malware, or spyware that could potentially harm your computer or compromise your data. Additionally, it does not gather or share any personal information or data from your videos.


Is HitPaw Video Enhancer Free?


HitPaw Video Enhancer does offer a free trial; however, it is not a free software. The paid version is priced at $42.99 per month, $99.99 per year, and $349.99 for a lifetime license.


Should You Use A HitPaw Video Enhancer Crack?


No, using a cracked version of HitPaw Video Enhancer is both illegal and risky. Cracked versions often contain malware that can damage your system and compromise your data. 

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