Top 15 AI-Acapella Extractors With Highlights & Audio Upmixing Option

To explore the memorizing magic of music, you love to experiment with various dimensions of its execution. So, to feel the beat of any song, you can use the acapella extractor and separate the vocal part from the instrumental part with a few clicks.

The acapella extractor has played a very significant role in making your musical entertainment more melodious, personalized, creative, and appealing. By separating the artist’s vocal part from the instrumental score, the acapella extractor has widened the scope to showcase your creativity while using two separate tracks of the same song.


The vocal part can be used to experiment with other musical tracks, videos, albums, social media shots, etc. On the contrary, the vocal-free instrumental track could be used for sampling, karaoke music, remixing, etc. So, let's see what an acapella extractor is all about and the ins and outs of the 15 best acapella extractors.


What is an acapella extractor?


An Acapella extractor is a tool that helps you extract the vocal portion of any audio or song from the other instrumental or the rest of the part. It helps you get two separate parts of a single song or audio so that you can use them separately for various purposes. There are various types of acapella extractors available in the market.


AI acapella extractors have become more popular because of their automatic extraction features. Apart from this, there are also online tools and offline software. Here, you will get a well-sorted list of practically tested high-quality acapella extractors based on their OS compatibility, format support, flexibility, processing time, and user interface. 


Snapshot of Our Top 5 Picks: How We Picked and Reviewed the 5 Best AI-Acapella Extractors


Here's how we picked and reviewed the best 5 AI-acapella extractors with compelling factors to help you separate vocals and instrumentals from any audio file. Let's glance at the table to understand it quickly. 


AI-Acapella Extractors Suitable ForSoftware Highlights Advanced Features
UniFab Vocal Remover AIBeginners,video creators and editors
  •  AI-powered crystal-clear vocal isolation
  •  Separate Noise-free background music easily
  •  Compatible with multiple formats, such as MP4, MKV, MP3
  • Supports audio and video files converting
  • Fast GPU-accelerated performance Vocal RemoverVideo creators and editors
  • Lossless audio/video files 
  • Support all audio/video formats
  • Backed up with AI technologies  for incredible audio output
  • Stable performance with quick file uploads on the desktop version 
  • Smooth processing with network resilience 
LALAL.AIVideo creators, audiophiles, and post-production team
  • Combines ease of use, affordability, and quality
  • Extracts vocals and instruments with precision 
  • Separates source from music with speed and precision at lossless quality
  • Batch upload 
Vocal RemoverBeginners, musicians, and hobbyists 
  • Online tool to revolutionize audio editing 
  • User-friendly interface and high-quality instrumental version
  • Splitter, pitcher, with key BPM finder
  • Cutter, joiner, and recorder for desired audio output
  • Creates acapella and karaoke versions of a song
Acapella Extractor Beginners, amateurs, musicians, and audio enthusiasts  
  • Isolate vocals from any song for free online  
  • Supports MP3 and WAV format
  • Ad-free online tool
  • Fast and efficient processing of audio tracks 
AI Vocal RemoverVideo creators, video editors, beginners, hobbyists, musicians, etc. 
  • Remove vocals and extract instruments from songs for karaoke
  • Speedy extraction 
  • Uses deep learning analysis 
  • Separates vocals from instruments at a rapid speed
  • Uses deep learning analysis 
  • Recognizes different stems in music 



Top AI-Powered Acapella Extractors: Online & Offline Versions


Since most of the users avoid technical combination with manual extracting the AI Acapella Extractor offers an all-in-one service with its AI-powered automatic extraction process. To use the AI acapella extractor you don't need any prior experience or technical skill. So, let's get straight to the best perks of top AI acapella extractors.


1. UniFab Vocal Remover AI

Supported Platforms: Windows

Price: Free trail to output 3 video/audios, and price plans start from USD 59.99/year


Powered by AI, UniFab enables you to easily isolate, extract, or remove vocal, instrumental, or acapella from any music. UniFab Vocal Remover AI easily isolates vocals from songs, providing you a high-quality karaoke experience. It supports formats such as MP4, MKV, MP3 and FLAC to ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices.




  • Clearly Separate Noise-Free Background Music with AI
  • Convert Video and Audio Files with Ease
  • Multiple Format and Device Support
  • User-Friendly Operation

How to use UniFab to extract acapella?

Step1: Double click UniFab and choose the ‘Remover’ module. Select the music or video you want to remove vocals from.


UniFab Vocal Remover AI


Step 2: Edit the loaded source as desired then click the start button. UniFab will complete the task at lightening speed.


UniFab to extract acapella





2. Vocal Remover


Supported Platforms: Online & Desktop Version


Price: Free account to download 1 video, and price plans start from USD 19.99/month


In the top high-quality acapella extractors list, would meet the versatile requirements of both online & offline users. While offering cross-platform online service, this tool also provides a desktop version. It supports audio files up to 100MB. It also offers post-editing features like trimming, adding audio or video, compression, etc.




  • Seamless processing with quick file upload
  • Installation-free online service for device’s space-saving
  • Ensure the original audio quality with multiple audio-video format support like Mp3, OGG, M4A, Mp4, MKV, etc
  • Best for music editing, production, remixing, creating karaoke-style music, etc




Supported Platforms: Dedicated app for Desktop version ( Windows, Mac, Linux) & Mobile version ( Android & iOS)


Price: Lite pack: USD 18, Pro pack: USD 35, Plus pack: USD 25


To maximize the benefits of AI automation in the acapella extracting process, Lalal.Ai is a well-designed program with mobile and desktop support. This AI acapella extractor uses mathematical optimization, machine learning, and digital signal processing to make it perfect for musicians, music engineers, sound producers, etc.





  • This 8-stem splitter tool can separate 10 instruments like a piano, electric guitar, drum, etc, along with a vocal stem in any audio or video
  • It supports batch processing with Mp3, Mp4, MKV, AAC, WAV format support
  • This tool is available in 7 languages & supports uploaded file sizes up to 2GB
  • To ensure extraction accuracy, it offers advanced Phonix, the state-of-the-art audio source separation technology.


4. Vocal Remover


Supported Platform: Online Tool with all device & OS support


Price: Free 


If you want to experience a hassle-free, simple, and fast vocal extraction process, the online ai acapella extractor, Vocal Remover, is the smartest choice. While separating the voice track from any song, this tool will give you two tracks of the single song: a vocal-free karaoke version & only a vocal or acapella version. This is available in various languages.




  • Web-based AI tool, compatible with all devices, OS & web browsers
  • No dedicated app/software installation hassle 
  • Registration is not required
  • This free & fast AI acapella extractor takes only 10 seconds to process files.


5. Acapella Extractor


Supported Platform: Online service for all devices, browsers & OS


Price: Free and price plan starts at USD 39/month (Unlimited)


This is a very convenient AI-based, high-quality acapella extractor with an automatic voice extraction process. Using any web browser, you can use this best AI acapella extractor on your smartphone, computer, or tablet for easy and instant extraction.




  • Upload audio files up to 80MB with maximum 10 minutes length
  • It supports MP3 & WAV audio formats
  • You can process 2 songs per day for free
  • Without registration & installation hassle, you enjoy vocal extraction in English & French language support.


6. AI Vocal Remover


Supported Platforms: Web app with desktop version


Price: Free


This is one of the best AI acapella extractors, with a web application and a desktop version. Using this software, you can separate vocals and various instruments like piano, bass, etc. With this free tool, you can enjoy unlimited acapella extraction.




  • Get two separate tracks as karaoke & acapella of any single audio
  • This air-powered tool is completely free
  • It handles MP3 & WAV file format
  • Enjoy bulk vocal or instrumental removal from multiple audio


7. Moises


Supported Platforms: Web-based service with a dedicated app for Android & iOS


Price: Free plan available, Premium price plan starts at USD 5.99/month and USD 39.99/year


Moises is a very high-end AI-powered acapella extractor with a simple interface and extensive audio editing and customization options. Depending on your plan, this freemium tool will let you explore 5 to unlimited uploads with a maximum 20-minute length file. Multiple formats (Mp4, OGG, MOV, etc.) are supported, and you can download files in M4A and WAV format.




  • Separate vocal & instrument on any device with cloud storage support
  • Customize extraction while adjusting speed, pitch, enabling metronome count, etc
  • It offers two themes: Stereo & Mono
  • Enjoy stem separation of up to 5 stem




Supported Platform: Web-based online tool


Price: USD 5.99/month


With an easy-to-use user interface, VOXISO is one of the best acapella extractors. After vocal or instrument extraction, you can preview and download the extracted file for further use. This freemium tool offers multiple subscription plans with multiple format support.




  • It isolates vocals & instruments with a blink of your eyes
  • It gets you track perfect for karaoke, production & remixing
  • It supports uploading file sizes from 10MB to 500MB
  • Enjoy unlimited stem extraction function with five days of file storage


9. PhonicMind


Supported Platforms: Online program with web & app player support


Price: Basic: USD 9.99/month and Pro: 14.99/month


PhonicMind is a multitasking AI acapella extractor that works as an acapella extractor/ maker, vocal remover, instrument isolator, etc. It supports a state-of-the-art AI algorithm to provide perfection in vocal or instrumental extraction.




  • Its freemium tool supports multiple formats like WAV, WMA, MP3, AAC, etc depending on your plan
  • Upload file sizes up to 100MB
  • You can process a minimum of 6 songs/hour & maximum 60songs//hour




Supported Platform: Chrome Bowser extension for all devices & platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android & iOS


Price: Free plan available, price plans start at USD 9/month and USD 79/year


Depending on your requirements, is a great option to enjoy ai acapella extractor. You can separate instruments like drums, pianos, etc., up to 5 stems with 20 minutes of processing time. You need to create a splitter account to start working with this tool.




  • It offers 2 stem to 5 stem separation model
  • You can separate vocal & other instruments as per your need from any audio track.
  • It uses an advanced faith-based machine learning algorithm with a simple drag & drop file uploading option.
  • It supports several file formats like MP3, OGG, FLAC, etc, with 0.5MB to 50MB file size


11. X-Minus.Pro


Supported Platform: Online tool compatible with all devices & platforms


Price: Free plan available, USD 2.35/month


In the ai acapella extractor list, X-Minus.Pro is a very powerful online tool. While extracting acapella, you can also remove vocals from any song and change pitch & tempo depending on your retirement. Use a simple drag-and-drop option to upload any file to this online app.





  • Freemium online tool with AI technology 
  • It supports multiple stem separation from 2-stem to 4-stem
  • Enjoy song duration from 8 minutes to 28 minutes
  • Explore file sizes 70 MB to 120 MB with WAV & FLAC file format support


12. Melody. ml


Supported Platform: Online tool for all devices & OS


Price: Free for two songs and after that, USD 0.50 for each song


To talk about high-quality acapella extractors, Melody. ml online tool is a very effective option. It will meet your vocal or instrumental isolation requirement with your specification. You can use this freemium tool on your extracted audio track without copyright obligation.




  • Process files up to 100 MB file size.
  • Separate vocals or any other instrument from any song with 10 minutes length
  • Explore multiple format support with Mp3, FLAC, OGG, WAV etc
  • With free service, you can process 2 songs


13. Edit Your Audio


Supported Platforms: Online program with all browsers, devices & OS support


Price: Free plan available ad Premium plan USD 9.99 (Unlimited)


With this online AI acapella extractor you can serve multiple purposes of vocal or various instrument isolation of any song. This AI-powered tool has a free and paid version. It takes only 2 to 3 minutes to split any song.




  • The multi-function tool works as a vocal remover, acapella generator, instrumental maker, karaoke maker, etc.
  • It can tackle files up to 30MB
  • Enjoy simple drag-and-drop options with various format support, including FLAC, WAV, MP3, etc.
  • This program is available in multiple languages


14. iZotope RX9


Supported Platforms: Dedicated application for Windows & Mac


Price: RX 10 Standard: USD 399 and Advanced: USD 1,199


To enhance your Acapella extracting experience one step ahead, iZotope RX9 is a very powerful AI Acapella extractor with jaw-dropping features. Separating vocals or instruments from any audio can also help repair, restore, and clean up any poor-quality audio for post-production, music creation, etc.




  • It offers text navigation with dialogue analysis & text transcription, displaying an option.
  • Multiple speaker detection functions for individual vocal isolation
  • Extensive audio editing option with “easy to use dials” option
  • Spectral Recovery option to balance the upper & lower frequency


15. Spleeter by Deezer


Supported Platforms: Open-source tool can be accessed via the website on a computer & app version is available for Android & iOS


Price: Free 


This open-source AI Acapella extractor is perfect for isolating any vocal or instrumental part from any audio, including music, songs, podcasts, etc. This high-end Acapella extractor supports augmented metadata on audio files such as bpm, mood, etc. It also generates an automatic playlist depending on your requirements.




  • Create a multi-track by isolating 2 stems to 4 to 5 stems from any single song.
  • AI tool with machine learning can separate vocals, drums, bass, etc
  • It supports synchronization between text & sound in any audio
  • It offers an automatic audio signal analysis option


16. Audacity


Supported Platforms: Open-source software for Windows, Mac, Linux & other Unix-like OS


Price: Free 


Audacity is a multi-functional, free, open-source audio editor that lets you extract vocals and instruments from any audio. Along with stem isolation, this tool allows you to taste your creativity through audio editing, recording, mixing, etc. It offers various types of tools for high-end audio customization. While using AI automation with deep learning technology to isolate or remove any stem of any audio track, it also offers a manual option for vocal extraction.





  • Extensive file format support such as MP3, OGG, WAV, etc
  • Enjoy destructive editing with trimming, normalization, adding effects, etc
  • Audio speed adjusting option for audio-video synchronization
  • It offers a pitch adjustment function with support for multi-channel modes


Bonus: How to enhance audio in a video or TV show using UniFab Audio Upmix AI


To bring out the best in your vocal or instrument-extracting process, you must ensure the audio quality. No matter whether you are generating multiple tracks from one audio by separating various stems or you are using any single audio track in any video, with UniFab Audio Upmix AI, you can upmix fewer audio channels up to premium EAC3 5.1 or DTS 7.1 surround sound. While using any extracted solo vocal or instrumental audio track from post-production, remixing, video creations, etc., with AI-powered automation, you can enhance audio quality by distributing the audio track across different channels.




  • Enhance audio quality to the premium surround sound to increase your audio-visual experience.
  • It automatically separates the various audio tracks and places them into the proper channels to maintain the clarity & integrity of the sound. 
  • Say bye to complex settings of manual parameter adjustment
  • While upmixing your audio, you can edit your video footage with trimming, separating video frames, cropping, etc
  • You can remove background noise & customize sound effects
  • Enjoy audio upmixing with 50X faster speed


Step 1: After launching the UniFab tool on your Windows PC, double-click on the UniFab icon > “Upmixer” mode. Add the video file from that you want to upmix the audio to the UniFab program. 


Step 2: Next, customize the output profile with quality, audio track, etc.



Step 3: Select “Start” to initiate the audio upmixing process and get your upmixed audio in your selected video in the blink of your eyes.


UniFab Audio Upmix AI works wonders to upmix and enhance the audio tracks of your favorite TV shows, movies, music, and other media content. However, to improve your video overall, you can use UniFab All-In-One. It is a comprehensive program comprising eight tools in a single software for all your needs. You can convert, customize, and compress your videos without losing quality. Also, it helps upscale your SDR videos to HDR and Dolby Vision, enhancing them up to 4K Ultra HD with AI. Also, you can upmix audio to EAC3 5.1 and DTS 7.1 with the AI technology. With a complete software suite, you need not install any other program to fulfill any of your requirements. 




If you are a music enthusiast and want to showcase your creativity with your favorite music tracks, the AI-powered best Acapella extractors are at your service without needing any skill or experience. On the contrary, for professional sound engineers, DJs, audio editors, etc., these Acapella extractors will certainly satisfy your vocal and instrumental isolation purpose with perfection.




Do you need technical skills or experience to use an Acapella extractor?


Since most of the Acapella extractor is AI-driven, with AI Acapella extractor, you don't need any skill or experience to isolate voice or instrument from any audio track. The advanced automatic algorithm of AI tools will get the job done with a few clicks automatically and instantly. 


How many audio tracks can you get from a single audio track using an Acapella extractor?


It depends on the number of stem isolation support of your selected Acapella extractor. A minimum to a maximum of 10 stem separations is possible by selecting the most appropriate Acapella extractor, depending on your requirements. With a maximum number of stem isolation options, you will get the maximum number of audio tracks from a single audio track.

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