[2024] How to Export DaVinci Resolve as MP4?

Many users are stuck using the professional DaVinci Resolve software and find the DaVinci Resolve export MP4 complex. Find out how to save DaVinci Resolve as MP4.

DaVinci Resolve is one of the most-used video editor. However, how to export DaVinci Resolve as MP4 is less known to beginners. So be with us to understand and learn the fundamentals of how to export DaVinci Resolve project as MP4 for an excellent video. 


DaVinci creates a DRP (DaVinci Resolve Project) file that does not contain any real data, such as audio, video, or subtitles. However, it is just a project file that stores the media files and settings information. You cannot open DRP files with any other software as it is exclusive to DaVinci Resolve.


This information may make users think about how to export DaVinci Resolve project as MP4. Read the following section to find the correct answer. 




How to Export DaVinci Resolve as MP4?


DaVinci Resolve these types of exports: 


  • File export
  • Bin export
  • Timeline export 
  • Subtitle export
  • Fusion composition export 
  • Export project
  • Delivery tab exports 


When you have just begun editing a new video or project, these steps shall help you resolve the issue of how to export DaVinci Resolve project as MP4. 


Step 1: Open your DaVinci Resolve. 


Step 2: Tap New Project at the bottom of the main screen. A pop-up window named Create New Project will appearAdd a name for your new project and tap Create.




Step 3: Hit the Media tab at the bottom to import the video(s) you want to convert to and start editing your project. 




Step 4: Go to the Edit tab at the bottom to edit the video the way you like. For example, you can easily add visual effects and more. 




Step 5: Click the Deliver tab at the bottom to open a settings window, which will allow you to view the settings to export your video. 




Step 6: Navigate the cursor to the top-left corner of the screen. You will see that the Custom setting will be selected by default. Slightly move to the box next to the Export Video and check it.  


Step 7: Now move down to the list of options available under Export Video.  




Step 8: When you see the Format option, click the dropdown menu before it and choose the desired format. In our case, we will select MP4.


Note: If you do not find MP4 or other formats as required, you must tap the three horizontal dots next to Render Settings. Then, click Create Additional Output. You will find the instructions where you can easily add any of your desired output formats. 


Step 9: Similarly, go to the dropdown menu of Codec below Format. Choose H.264 codec.


Note: Whether you are a free or pro user of DaVinci Resolve, we suggest you choose the H.264 codec only rather than the H.265 codec. This is so because the H.265 codec is not widely supported. 


Step 10: Scroll down to Resolution and choose your preferred video quality. Likewise, select the Frame Rate to customize the other output settings if required. 


Step 11: After customizing all the video parameters, click Add to Render Queue at the bottom.


Step 12: Under Render Queue, tap Render All. By doing so, you can initiate the DaVinci Resolve export MP4 process. It will start rendering your video and then export it. 


Troubleshooting DaVinci Resolve MP4 Export Issues Using Best Alternative - UniFab Video Converter Pro


Only a few users know that DaVinci Resolve imports those MP4 video files with H.264 or H.265 (HEVC) codecs. Such files must have the audio in WAV or AIFF with uncompressed PCM (16, 24, or 32 bits). Alternatively, an audio format of MP3 (MPEG with a constant bit rate), AAC/M4A (with a constant or variable bit rate), and FLAC are also acceptable. Or else, you will not face any audio/video issues despite importing the MP4 file.


You must first step up with conversion when you find yourself in such a case. For example, you must use a reliable MP4 video converter to seamlessly convert the MP4 file to any of DaVinci Resolve's supported file formats. Then, you can import your video to DaVinci Resolve. If you face an exporting issue, you must know that the MP4 export is available only in H.264 (if you use DaVinci Resolve’s free version on Windows). However, if you want to convert H.264 to H.265, you must upgrade to DaVinci Resolve’s Pro version. 


Or, you can go for a better idea and use a trusted and powerful third-party video converter like UniFab Video Converter Pro


One of UniFab Video Converter Pro's main benefits is that it includes three software programs, the other two are Toolkit and Video Editor. In addition to conversion, it also helps with video editing and production functions. This powerful software was developed to enable users to watch their desired content on any device at lossless quality in over 1000 formats. You can also compress your videos, retaining their original quality so that you can upload them to social sites easily. You get the advantage of tailoring the video parameters to get in sync with your diverse needs. 


Key Features and Highlights of UniFab Video Converter Pro


  • Effortlessly convert your video to any format without compromising the quality of playing on any device. 
  • Smooth compress your video with original quality. 
  • Provides flexible customization in output video to fine-tune the video parameters. 
  • It supports a simple and efficient video trimmer. 
  • It provides hardware acceleration with 50x faster speed to save time. 
  • Edit multiple videos at once with batch editing. 
  • A professional video creation toolkit with features such as split, crop, flip, and mirror, rotate, set duration, and speed adjustment. 
  • Deshake, sharpen video, convert video to GIF, and vice versa. 


How to Solve DaVinci Resolve Export MP4 Error Using UniFab Video Converter Pro


Step 1: Install UniFab Video Converter 


Launch the powerful UniFab. On the main interface, select the required tool. In this case, we will choose Video Converter. 

avi to mkv1.jpg


Step 2: Import the desired video


avi to mkv4.jpg

Add the needed video into the program and choose the format to which you want to convert and export your video. For example, we will select the MKV format. 


Step 3: Adjust other parameters for the final output


Choosing the format is not enough. UniFab gives you the edge to customize all your video parameters for unparalleled clarity and quality. 



Select the video codec, bit rate, and more to achieve your desired video quality. Then, click OK to apply these effects to your final video. 


Step 4: Convert your video


Touch the Start button to initiate the video conversion. UniFab ensures that the job is completed in a few seconds.


The Final Words


Video editing can be a complex and challenging task, but DaVinci Resolve aces it. DaVinci Resolve is a powerful yet free software that helps beginners and professionals create worth-watching videos. However, editing is not enough unless you export it to the desired place for the necessary attention. Now, beginners and novices often ask how to export DaVinci Resolve as MP4. We have suggested ways where you can quickly DaVinci Resolve export MP4 or directly convert your videos to MP4 format. We hope you have now figured out how to export DaVinci Resolve project as MP4. For concrete solutions on lossless conversion, compression, and editing, you can try the UniFab Video Converter Pro and see the magic happen before your eyes.  And for enhancing your video quality, select the most comprehensive solution - UniFab All-in-One.




Q. What is a .DRP file? 


DRP files are DaVinci Resolved Project files, but DaVinci will not create these files when you make a new project using Project Manager. However, you can only create this DRP file by using the Export Project option from the project manager or from the DaVinci Resolve File option. To open this DRP in DaVinci Resolve, you can just tap twice to open it directly or use the Import project option from the project manager or the DaVinci Reserve file option. 


Q. What is DaVinci Resolve Quick Export? 


DaVinci Resolve Quick Export is an excellent way to quickly upload your videos to the web. The Quick Export settings are on the left side of the custom Export Button. Many presets, such as Apple ProRes, H.264, and H.265, are available. In addition, you can find other presets for social sites like Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and Dropbox, which allow you to upload your video directly to the respective platform. 


Q. How can I export a video from DaVinci Resolve to YouTube? 


You can easily export your video directly to YouTube using DaVinci Resolve and keep your subscribers entertained. Here’s the detailed process: 


Step 1: Launch and open DaVinci Resolve. 

Step 2: Tap Deliver from the menu at the bottom. You will find that Custom is selected by default. 

Step 3: Under the Render Settings, tap the YouTube button. 

Step 4: Sign in with your credentials to your YouTube account. 

Step 5: Tap the YouTube button in the Quick Export tab and click the Upload directly to the YouTube button. 

Step 6: Choose a video title, description, visibility, and category. Once everything is set, click the Render All button to upload your video directly to YouTube. 

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