How to Become a YouTuber: 10 Steps to Follow

Becoming a successful YouTuber could be your dream, passion, or professional aspiration. So, you are on the right page to know how to become a YouTuber with step-by-step guidance.



Even though YouTube doesn't need any introduction to any online user, it takes a toll to introduce yourself through your YouTube channel to your targeted audience. So, to start your journey of how to become a YouTuber, you must ask yourself why you want to become a YouTuber.


Knowing the reasons to be a YouTuber will get half of your job done and will lead you in the right direction towards your YouTuber journey. This article will give every answer to the queries you will come across in your YouTube journey with guidance, assistance, and examples.


What is a YouTuber?


In common terms, anyone who creates and uploads videos on YouTube video hosting platforms is called a YouTuber. The term is extreme and versatile, depending on various factors such as the content creator's age, content purpose, paid or unpaid channels, targeted audience, etc.


For example, some YouTubers use YouTube as a source of their bread and butter; on the other hand, some use it just for sharing fun videos, or some use this website to share their experience and knowledge or raise awareness about some special cause. In short, anyone who consistently posts videos on YouTube is known as a YouTuber, no matter whether they get paid for their video posts or not.


How Much Can You Earn as a YouTuber?

Once you know why you want to be a YouTuber it's time to realize how to make the maximum benefits from your YouTube videos by earning money from it. Well, even though uploading a YouTube video requires one click, it requires at least 1000 clicks as views to start earning.


The Revenue Per Mille (RPM) refers to the earnings per 1000 views and could vary depending on your channel's country location, video length, ad blockers, etc. The average YouTube payment starts from $3 to $5. There is no fixed rate per view, and some established YouTuber's RPM is much higher than the standard YouTube payment rate.


On average, a YouTuber can earn $1,154 per week, which turns into $4,500 per month. With 1 million subscribers, the annual income will be around $60,000. However, earnings depend on various factors apart from viewership, such as ad sponsorship, channel membership, selling merchandise, Ads through YPP, crowdfunding, licensing, etc.


How to Become a YouTuber: 10 Factors to Follow


From 2024 onwards, YouTube videos will appear on Search Engine Result Pages. With 2.49 billion monthly logged-in users, YouTube has increased its global advertising revenue by 8% to reach $31.5 billion. 


500 hours of content have been uploaded on YouTube every minute. So, if this intriguing statistical data inspires you to become a successful YouTuber, let's get into the step-by-step guide on how to be a YouTuber so that you won't miss anything.


1. Decide your content niche

Decide your content niche


When deciding your YouTube content niche, you must go for something that you are good at instead of picking up any trending topic that gets maximum views. YouTube has various versatile content, from makeup tutorials, cookery channels, and travel videos to toy unboxing, reviewing streaming content, podcasting, and whatnot.


You will notice that YouTube videos of different niches are equally popular. So, there is always an audience for quality content. Therefore, you have to narrow down your niches based on your interest and passion and then research the maximum video length of your preferred niches and their targeted audience, their responses, etc. This process will help you decide on a suitable niche to become a prospective YouTuber.


2. Understand your audience


After deciding your content niches, it's time to target your audience to understand their requirement and respond by watching several videos of your selected niches. It will help you to decide the size, age, gender, profession, and many other factors of the audience. So, to understand your target audience thoroughly, you should quarry about a few things such as:


  • Who will watch this video 
  • What will be their average age
  • When they watch this video
  • What is their profession
  • Why they will watch this video
  • What benefit they will get from this video


Knowing the most adequate answers to these queries will help you to understand your audience and their demands.


3. Keep closer to your competitors & critiques 

Keep closer to your competitors & critiques


While staying close to your audience, you must not forget to stay close to your competitors. To excel as a YouTuber, you should always keep an eye on other YouTubers in the same niches to get inspiration, ideas, and motivation and to monitor your position in the competition.


You must also take the critical comment seriously to work on your challenges and limitations to provide more insights into your content. Remember, critiques and competitors make you see through something your admirers never point out.


4. Focus on the visual esthetics of creating a channel


After selecting a niche and knowing the target audience, it's time to create your YouTube channel by accessing all the special YouTube features such as custom thumbnails, live streaming, etc. While creating a channel, you have to be very careful about its visual appeal. Therefore, you have to be creative enough with the YouTube banner that you will see first once you start with the video.


Then, make an eye-catching logo to establish your channel brand. Never forget to customize your thumbnail with various preset templates or images to grab the audience's attention. As a beginner, you can also record a short but significant video as a YouTube trailer to introduce yourself to your target audience and what they can expect from your upcoming videos.


5. Schedule content with consistency

Schedule content with consistency


Once you have created your attractive YouTube channel, you must be consistent with your posts after your first video upload. Instead of posting randomly, keep your audience informed about the schedule of your next post so that your sincere subscribers won't miss any of your videos.


Instead of posting back-to-back videos with repetitive content, you must give yourself time to create new videos with something new that is worthy of watching. However, don't keep your audience waiting for a long time for your next video because they may lose interest in your channel.


So, to balance the quality and quantity of video, you must have a few more videos ready before your first upload. This way, you will never run out of video and will have enough time to create new ones. If you are not sure how many video posts will be adequate to engage your audience for the longest time, start researching it and your top competitors' content schedule.


6. Careful about investing in equipment & software

Careful about investing in equipment & software


To become a YouTuber, you have to know how to shoot an attractive video without investing too much in equipment and software. It won't be wise to invest too much in any expensive camera or video-shooting studio unless you start earning from your YouTube channel.


However, you also can't compromise with your video quality that leads visual dissatisfaction to your valued audience. In that case, you can use your smartphone to shoot video in daylight or ring light and then use the UniFab All-in-one AI video enhancer to upscale the audio-video quality, resolution, etc, automatically with its professional appeal.


7. Be consistent with video quality 


Sometimes, you give so much attention to introducing your first video while maintaining its 4K quality, proper lighting, compact editing, and so on. However, gradually, you start giving maximum attention to the content quality instead of video quality, and you end up with high-quality content with poor quality. However, the compromised video quality would be visually dissatisfying to the audience.


So, you must give equal importance to your video creation process and content quality. Even if you have shot any poor-quality video, there is no need to reshoot it all over again; all you need is to upscale the video quality using the UniFab All-In-One AI video enhancer. Using this tool, you can customize colors, effects, lighting, brightness, resolution, audio quality, etc, to give a crisp, professional look to any randomly shot video.


8. Create SEO-optimized content 

Create SEO-optimized content


No matter how attractive your video is, you won't be a successful YouTuber unless it reaches the maximum target audience. To do this, your video must have a good ranking in the YouTube search engine. You can follow few tricks and tips to place your video in the top 10 videos in the search results for any relative query.


  • Use descriptive keywords in the video file 
  • Insert keywords in video titles, descriptions & thumbnails 
  • Using relevant hashtags makes a significant difference in SEO result
  • Put curious elements in the video titles & thumbnail to draw one's attention at first place when they see your video in the search results


Remember, a good SEO ranking will help your video reach your targeted audience easily, but unless it is watched, you won't get views. So, to ensure more views, maximum subscribers, and earnings from your challenge, your video should be SEO-friendly, exciting, engaging, and worth watching. 


9. Promote Video & Connect to the audience

To get maximum subscribers, your video must reach the maximum number of people. To do this you must promote your YouTube video to other online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. You can make a small teaser of your full length videos and share it on multiple online platforms with an end card to encourage the viewer to watch the video. You can also shake hands with other YouTube channels related to your niche to promote your channel.


Connecting with the audience is another way to increase the viewership. By doing this, the audience will relate to you and your video while building a bond and trust with your channel. So, let's follow some strategy to connect to the audience.


  • Incorporate a Call to Action in your video, such as encouraging the audience to subscribe, like, follow, share, etc
  • Use Playlist features for automatic next action
  • Use your other most popular video links in each video's description 
  • Add end screen & card to your video
  • Host giveaways & competitions
  • Àsk questions about your videos and ask them to answer in the comment section


10. Explore YouTube Analytics 


YouTube Analytics is the platform's built-in tool to show various aspects of videos to keep the audience engaged with your video. Let's look at the metrics that you should be concerned about.


  • Make a list of top watching videos in your niche in a specific period
  • What percentage of people see your thumbnail & decide to click on it
  • What is the average viewing time of your video
  • From where people are locating your video, such as playlist, keyword searches, suggested videos, etc
  • What are the most common terms that people use to search your video


YouTube Analytics will help you understand what your targeted audience is interested in so that you can serve them accordingly.


How to Create Professional YouTube Video with UniFab Video Enhancer


No matter how much effort, research, or time you have invested in your YouTube channel-creating process, your video will speak for you, and eventually, it will become your identity in the YouTube world. However, despite giving your heart and soul to shooting a stunning-looking video, sometimes you end up with a blurry one, one with lots of digital noise, or a low-resolution video.


It's not possible to reshoot videos repeatedly due to strict video upload deadlines, an increased shooting budget, etc. In this situation, the UniFab AI video enhancer is a savior. Upscaling your poor resolution or blurry video up to 4K can also enhance the video quality of any old, damaged, black-and-white, or homemade video clips that you may like to use in your YouTube videos. So, let's see what incredible functions UniFab offers in its AI-automatic video-enhancing service. It is a fully automatic tool and doesn't need any manual intervention, technical skill, or prior experience.




  • Upscale video up to 4K with EAC3 5.1 audio/DTS 7.1 surround sounds
  • It supports upscale SDR to HDR10/Dolby vision 
  • You can explore lossless conversion & compression of any video in multiple formats, like MP4, MKV, WMV, AVI, etc, to ensure all device compatibility of your enhanced video
  • You can boost video frame rate with 120Fps
  • Remove digital noise with AI automation and add natural effects
  • You can adjust lighting, brightness, and many other aspects of the video
  • Enjoy comprehensive video editor with split, crop, flip, etc 


Step 1: To enhance any video using the UniFab tool, you need to launch and open this program on your system by double-clicking the UniFab icon.


Step 2: Select the “Enlarger” option from the left-side panel. Then, add the video you want to enhance by clicking on the “+” option, or you can use the drag-and-drop option to upload the video source.

enlarger ai3.jpg


Step 3: Now, customize the output video profile with the format, subtitles, audio-video quality, etc. Then, hit the “Start” option to complete your selected video enhancement process.

enlarger ai2.jpg




If you have no clue how to become a YouTuber, this article will definitely help you start your YouTube journey as a beginner. However, if you have already been struggling with your YouTube channel and nothing works for you, you can try the UniFab All-in-one AI video enhancer to boost all of your old or new videos with professional appeal and stunning looks to draw audience attention.




Can anyone be a YouTuber?


Yes, with a proper understanding of how YouTube works, anyone can be a YouTuber. Sometimes, your first video could be most appropriate, and sometimes, it takes several attempts to reach your target audience. To become a successful YouTuber, you have to go through a trial-and-error process with patience and consistency.


How does a YouTuber get paid for an ad?


A viewer has to watch the ad for at least 30 seconds, and then only the YouTuber will be paid for the ad. If you skip the ad, the YouTuber will not be paid for it. In the case of a non-skippable ad, the viewer has no choice but to see it if he wants to continue with your video. In that case, YouTubers get paid for non-skippable ads.


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