35 Best Vlogmas Ideas for Beginners [Ultimate Guide]

Vlogmas have been famous for a few years. Shine with the best Vlogmas ideas on YouTube, have exciting experiences, and grow as a creator with minimal effort.



In the fast-paced digital world, nothing is stagnant. Each day, new trends and challenges are introduced, and people actively participate to enjoy and entertain their subscribers. Such is the essence of Vlogmas, where Christmas and video blogs are combined to introduce the world to the essence of the Holiday season. Vlogmas helps grow your subscribers and celebrate the holidays with a theme in hand. 


As a beginner, you may struggle with What is Vlogmas, and find it challenging to come up with great ideas. So, here are the 35 best Vlogmas ideas for 2024 to dive into the spirit of Christmas and make the best Vlogmas. Happy Vlogging!


What is Vlogmas: Understanding the Basics


Vlogmas is the recent trend of creating Christmas vlogs in the month of December, capturing the spirit of Christmas and the festive season at its fullest. In this trend, people post Christmas videos daily for 25 days, from the 1st to the 25th of December (an advent calendar).


People can post videos on their main channel corresponding to the nature of their ongoing video content. For example, if you are a travel vlogger, you can capture Christmas lights and streets; if you are a food vlogger, you can post Christmas recipes; if you have a craft channel, you can post Christmas decoration ideas, etc. 

Or, create a second channel exclusively for Vlogmas and share all your Vlogmas ideas for the advent calendar. 


How did Vlogmas Start: Paving the Way to a Trend!


The first official Vlogmas video was posted in December 2011 by Ingrid Nilsen, a beauty YouTuber. From 2nd December, she posted a video vlog each day until Christmas, and that's how Vlogmas was born.   


Only recently did the Vlogmas challenge start trending, and Vloggers became active in posting daily videos that involved hard work. 


The challenge lasts only 25 days, from 1st December until 25th December. So, it's easy for daily vloggers to prep their content beforehand and buckle down. 


At present, Nilsen has left YouTube, but other Vlogmas YouTubers continue to thrive each year with the Vlogmas challenge. 


35 Best Vlogmas Ideas For YouTube


Look at the 35 best Vlogmas ideas and find the one you feel most comfortable to start with. 


1. Daily Vlog Christmas Edition



Daily vlogging is one of the best Vlogmas ideas for sharing your life and keeping the audience updated with your chores. You can show everything you have been up to during the Christmas season and connect with your viewers on a personal level, building trust in the long run. 


2. Christmas Room or Home Makeover




Viewers love getting ideas for the room or home makeover for a specific occasion. You can make Christmas decoration vlogs to attract a larger audience for more ideas. Share your ideas with all types of spaces to give others a ponderable video theme with a cozy, festive vibe. 


3. Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas


Christmas without a well-decorated Christmas Tree makes no sense. You can share Vlogmas ideas for decorating the Christmas tree with colorful baubles, tree toppers, or something creative. It will add a festive glow, bringing holiday cheer to your interior in 2024.


4. Christmas GRWM



A GRWM video is a no-fail trend that works on all occasions and events. You can record a Christmas Get Ready With Me challenge for different occasions. For example, you can record ideas for a wedding, romantic date, fancy party, casual outing, etc., to give others an idea to style themselves with minimal effort.  


5. Christmas Edition OOTD (Outfit of the Day)


Are you going to a party during Christmas week and clueless about the perfect outfit? The best way out is to stick to the theme and wear something that makes you comfortable. You can vlog about what and how you dress for different occasions in the Holiday season to inspire your viewers with various ideas. 


6. Christmas Edition Workout Routine 


Christmas is all about fun, music, parties, and get-togethers. However, it can be crammed with celebrations and mess up your daily workout routine. To keep up with your health routine even during the Holiday season, you can create fitness videos and inspire others to balance and shape themselves even during Christmas. 


7. Christmas Shopping Vlog 




Last-minute Christmas shopping can be tiring, as you may run out of options and end up with expensive items. So, embark on shopping way ahead of the season to explore the malls and make Santa visits to capture your surroundings' excitement for the season. Also, show the viewers your Christmas purchases to help them with shopping ideas.


8. Christmas Makeup Look and Ideas 


While everyone enjoys festive beauty, it is the perfect time to glam up and share festive makeup looks and ideas with your viewers. You can share different looks, such as glamorous, cozy, natural, bold, etc., to cater to the needs of all viewers and share fashion tips for the Christmas gathering. 


9. DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping 




Christmas and gifting go hand in hand. You can record gift-wrapping ideas and share valuable tips for wrapping your gifts in unique and attractive ways. Then, you can chat with your viewers or go live for a Q&A round. 


10. Tips on Christmas Budget 


The Christmas vibe can be heavy on your wallet, as the more you do, the less it feels. You can make vlogs to share tips and strategies for managing your Christmas budget with budget-friendly decoration, shopping, and other ways to cut down festive expenses. 


11. Christmas Movie List 


A Christmas movie with everyone around is a festive visual treat for all. List all the Holiday movies you have ever watched or review them so your viewers can be in for visual entertainment with the correct picks. 


12. Christmas Parties 




Spread the Christmas party magic with your Vlogmas ideas. Get together with friends and family, create memories, and capture your outings to share the holiday spirit in your vlogs. Record all the joyful moments and share them with your viewers to soak in the contagious warmth of the holiday spirit. 


13. Building a Gingerbread House


Build a gingerbread house and record the process for an entertaining Vlogmas. You can try your hands at baking and preparing all the required materials from scratch. Or simply decorate it as you feel. 


14. Making a Christmas Wish List (Gift Guide)



Picking the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones can be a hectic task. You can wishlist some unique gift ideas and share them with your viewers so they can be more creative with the gifting options. 


15. Bake Christmas Cookies 


Baking and decorating Christmas cookies is another beautiful Vlogmas idea to share with your audience. Cut cookies with fancy cutters, bake them, and icing them using different colors. Make a how-to video for tips on decorating or baking customized cookies. 


16. Christmas Morning/Night Routine 



For a few years, YouTube has normalized the creation of Morning/Night Routine videos, and Christmas Morning/Night Routine is no exception. Viewers find it quite fascinating to see others managing their morning/night chores either calmly or coping with their responsibilities and how Christmas affects these daily schedules. 


17. Visit a Christmas Market


Recording Christmas markets is another fantastic Vlogmas idea that's no less than heaven on Earth. Bright lights and sweet treats pour absolute joy and fun, setting an unparalleled surrounding for great Christmas content. 


18. Christmas Edition: What I Eat in a Day




In recent years, What I Eat in a Day has captured the interest of many people. You can record what you eat in a day during Christmas, so your viewers can try new dishes and enjoy the festive season. Ensure sharing the cultural values and correct food information on social platforms. 


19. Christmas Sip and Drink Ideas with Recipes 


Hot chocolate and mocktails are go-to choices for every occasion. However, people may refer to their favorite content creators to see what they cook for the occasion. Share your favorite drinks and record your Vlogmas for tasty sipping ideas.  


20. Christmas Snacking and Dinner Ideas with Recipes


Reunions at home also call in for special dishes that are nostalgic or spice up your taste buds. With cocktails and dinners, many people seek the help of social media to learn new dishes and recipes to try on the special occasion of the Holiday season.  


21. Christmas Music List 




Creating a Christmas music list is a foolproof idea for endless fun. You can make Christmas music of your favorite carols and songs and share the festive tracks with your viewers to be in for musical delights. 


22. White Elephant Gifts and Secret Santas


Shop for your Secret Santa at the office, or find your perfect White Elephant gift. Show the White Elephant gifts you have received. Tell the best ways to do White Elephant gift exchanges and if your family does a similar version with customized rules.  


23. Christmas Playlist


Christmas is incomplete without the staple Christmas tunes. Create a playlist of classic Christmas tracks you can play while decorating the Christmas tree or hosting the Christmas party. Share your favorite Christmas melodies with your audience. 


24. Christmas Present Haul


While sharing the Vlogmas ideas, you can create an episode of your Christmas Present haul. It is best to wrap up the Vlogmas series by revealing all the gifts you have received to your viewers. 


25. Cruise the Streets to Watch Christmas Lights 




One of the interesting Vlogmas ideas is to drive around the town and see the Christmas-lit homes. You can get a gingerbread latte, put on Christmas songs, and roam the streets for a visual delight. Film the best houses to show viewers your streets and well-lit neighborhoods. 


26. Holiday Travel Vlog



Travel vlogs have their own charm on YouTube. You can film the holiday season series and upload it to YouTube so that others can see the spirit of the Christmas season in other places. Travel vlog creators capture adventure and explore places for their subscribers to get the feels from their couch. 


27. Christmas Outings and Social Events 


Christmas is occupied with outings and attending social events. While you are busy handling all the social parties, you can record the merry moments to share them with your viewers and spread joy and happiness during the holiday season. 


28. Pick Out a Christmas Tree 


Many people also find choosing the perfect Christmas tree problematic. You can give ideas on tall and short Christmas trees, which differ in looks, space, storage, and decoration. Viewers can get help deciding whether they want a giant one or a small, cozy one.


29. Christmas Family Traditions 




Share your Christmas family traditions with your viewers. Participate in the traditions and film yourself, or be vocal about it to let others know. You can also invite your friends and other members to discuss their cherished traditions and try out new traditions. 


30. Christmas Giveaway


Your viewers have been your biggest support system in the digital world. Show them your appreciation and build a relationship by announcing Christmas giveaways and shaking things up for your Vlogmas ideas. 


31. Winter Skincare Routine 


The cold weather may not suit everyone's skin. You can share your winter skincare routine with everyone so they can keep their skin healthy even in the cold weather. Pamper yourself in the camera, share skincare secrets, show your products, and help your audience feel radiant for the festive glow.


32. Preparing Christmas Advent Calendars


Advent calendars are important in Holiday traditions. You can make and customize your own advent calendars rather than purchasing the ones that are already available. Share the tips for creating and decorating one with your viewers. 


33. Christmas Decluttering and Organization


Decluttering is also one of the great Vlogams ideas. You can share ways to declutter and organize your space to bring in new items, tips to stay more organized, and how cleaning can help reduce stress.  


34. Tips to Deal with Christmas/Holiday Stress


The holidays bring us joy and help us socialize with our friends and family, but the amount of work can add to stress. You can make and share a video to deal with stress, depression, or anxiety during the holiday season. Give tips to cope with your subscribers' Christmas anxiety.


35. New Year's Resolutions 


Your Vlogmas ideas will be incomplete unless you recap your achievements throughout the year and consider how you improved your physical and mental health by making small changes in your diet, fitness, sleep routines, etc.


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The Final Words


Now that you know What is Vlogmas there will be nothing stopping you from shining. As a YouTuber, Vlogmas can be a challenging but exciting experience to try something new and grow digitally. You can promote brands through your Vlogmas ideas using affiliate links, enabling subscribers to shop directly. Once recorded, edit your videos with UniFab All-In-One to enhance them, eliminating any noise. 




Q. What are the rules for Vlogmas? 


Vlogmas requires vloggers to post videos daily in the festive month of December. However, there's no hard-and-fast rule, and you can post Chrismas vlogs every few days or weekly as well. Usually, the YouTubers creating Vlogmas stick to their nature of regular videos with a Holiday spin.  


Q. How do I plan for Vlogmas? 


You must plan well before the festive season and announce the Vlogmas ideas by the end of November to let your viewers know. Then, be regular in posting Vlogmas on YouTube each day until Christmas.  


Q. How can I participate in Vlogmas? 


Besides consistency, you must follow these steps for a consistent Vlogmas. 


Step 1: Decide your video's style and theme. 

Step 2: Decide the platform to post Vlogmas videos - the main or separate YouTube channel.  

Step 3: Plan the video idea.

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