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Why You Need HDR Video?

SDR vs HDR, which is better? Traditional SDR video often produces lackluster images with poor detail in highlights and shadows.

In contrast, HDR video expands the brightness range of images, displaying a wider color gamut and higher bit depth, thereby presenting a more realistic, vivid and delicate picture.

Nature Photography

HDR technology in photography presents nature landscapes with richer, more vivid colors, resulting in more real and comfortable images

Special Effects Scenes

HDR technology provides a broader color space and high-precision image quality, making special scenes more realistic and detailed.

Night Photography

HDR technology captures a wider range of details and brightness in high-contrast night scenes, avoiding the information loss of images caused by overexposure or underexposure.

Night Photography
Night Photography
Upscale video to Dolby Vision to maximize video quality

Upscale video to Dolby Vision to maximize video quality

Dolby Vision outperforms other HDR standards by delivering unparalleled video quality. UniFab is able to generate dynamic metadata up to Dolby Vision standard, thereby upscaling SDR or HDR 10 videos to a superior Dolby Vision quality.

The Dolby-standard dynamic metadata can also fine-tune parameters like brightness and color saturation on a frame-by-frame basis and reveal more details tailored to the content. The enhanced Dolby Vision video will ensure you an immersive viewing experience with richer colors, deeper blacks, and brighter highlights.

Note: Dolby Vision video is only played on devices that support Dolby Vision standard.

Upscale SDR to HDR10 for optimal compatibility with your HDR device

HDR10 is a more common HDR standard known for its broad device compatibility, although its video quality is not as superior as Dolby Vision. UniFab HDR Upscaler AI offers two SDR to HDR10 video modes: Fast and High-quality, designed for different viewing scenarios. You are free to select the mode that best suits your space.

DCI-P3 and Rec.2020 color spaces are open to choose based on different devices. By opting for a suitable color space, you stand to enjoy more vivid, bright and realistic images while also reducing visual fatigue and discomfort.

Note: HDR10 video is only played on devices that support HDR10 standard.

Two Video Modes

Two Video Modes

Universal Mode offers slightly increased brightness, allowing you to perceive video details even in spaces with less-than-ideal light control.
Cinema Mode features a lower brightness than Universal Mode. However, it boasts an expanded brightness range that shows more pronounced light-dark contrasts and realistic visuals.

Two Color Spaces

DCI-P3 is a widely used color space that provides excellent display effects. It is compatible with most HDR devices.
Rec.2020 is a color space that supports a wider gamut than DCI-P3. However, you'll need newer display devices to fully experience the enhanced display effect of Rec.2020.

Simple and Easy to Operate UniFab

Simple and Clear Interface for Beginners to Operate

Some video enhancement software requires certain AI knowledge to use and can be complicated to operate. However, UniFab HDR Upscaler AI eliminates the need for setting complex parameters. Its AI can automatically handle everything for you.

Expedient and Streamlined Trimming Function

Simple and efficient video trimming function

Trimming is crucial if you want your video to quickly grab viewers' attention and convince them to watch the entire video. UniFab HDR Upscaler AI will never let you down by offering you expert video trimming features.

You can trim any unnecessary footage from the start, end or any part of your video. Also, you can partition your video frames into segments to get multiple output files. Trim your videos easily and efficiently with this excellent trimming tool.

Support Video Editing

Crop and trim are available in UniFab editor module to meet your personalized demand.

Crop the size you want

Crop the size you want

Crop off unwanted outer parts of your video clip to make it a slim look.

Custom sound effect

Custom sound effect

Customize the sound effect and remove background noise.

Get 50x faster speed with GPU acceleration

Get 50x faster speed with GPU acceleration

Do you want to finish them quickly when faced with multiple tasks? UniFab HDR Upscaler AI recognizes the value of your time and helps you experience the fastest video conversion and editing speed with its hardware acceleration technology.

The software is equipped with cutting-edge GPU hardware acceleration technologies, such as NVIDIA CUDA, AMD, and Intel Quick Sync, enabling you to get the video editing speed 50 times faster than usual. Consequently, you can efficiently finish more tasks within the time limit.

Directly Import Videos from DVDFab/StreamFab for Deinterlacing

Directly Import Videos from DVDFab/StreamFab for upsclaing

Directly Import Videos from DVDFab/StreamFab for upsclaing
DVDFab and StreamFab are sister products of UniFab. UniFab is also able to upscale your ripped DVD videos or downloaded videos to HDR format.

After ripping DVD into digital video with DVDFab or downloading videos with StreamFab, you can directly import them into UniFab for easy and effective conversion. With just one click, you will get a stunning HDR-quality viewing experience.

UniFab HDR Upscaler AI

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Test Example for Processing Speed

UniFab HDR Upscaler AI utilizes advanced AI algorithms that require corresponding high-performance hardware support. Therefore, it takes a certain amount of time to complete an entire task. Depending on the input and output video resolutions as well as device processing capabilities, the speed might be different. The following are our test results for your reference only.

 720p SDR
720p HDR10/Dolby Vision
1080p SDR
1080p HDR10/Dolby Vision
4K HDR10/Dolby Vision
GTX 16602 times the length of the original video2 times4 times
RTX 30701 times1 times1.5 times
RTX 40801 times1 times1 times

* Using AMD or Intel graphics chips in HDR upscaling shows a slower speed than NVIDIA graphics cards of similar level because they do not support TensorRT technology.

System Requirements

Operating System:   

Windows 11/10(64 bit only)

Recommended Configuration

System Memory(RAM)Graphisc CardsCPU
16GB or moreNvidia RTX 30 series or higher, 8GB VRAMIntel i7 10th generation or AMD Ryzen 5000 series or higher