12 Best Free and Paid AI Adobe Audio Enhancer Alternatives [2024]

Adobe Audio Enhancer might be great, but it does not fit everyone's budget. So, you may seek Adobe AI audio enhancer alternatives to get your work done seamlessly. Let's find out how.


Professionals prefer using Adobe Audio Enhancer to improve their audio quality for various reasons, such as podcasting, video editing, and music production. However, many other tools can give you better results with more features. Adobe AI audio enhancers might not fit everyone's budget, and many creators may seek for powerful but reliable alternatives to fulfill their needs concerning sound clarity. 

Let us dive in to find the 12 best AI audio enhancers for musicians, podcasters, hobbyists, content creators, and all individuals seeking to enhance their audio tracks, whether they are beginners or experts in their fields. Let's crank up the volume and get ready for a blissful audio. 

What is the Best AI Audio Enhancer Tool? Why Do You Need Audio Enhancers?

When you record videos from your smartphone, they may lack optimal sound quality and may cause you to compromise your entertainment experience. For instance, you may either face low volume or weak bass. The worst is that your audio may be distorted. Hence, you may take the help of an audio enhancer software to address and overcome these shortcomings. 

These AI audio enhancer programs are equipped with technology to not only enhance the depth and clarity but also unlock the doors to an overall seamless audio experience. Besides improving the sound quality, they can enhance speech intelligibility and reduce listener fatigue. As an audiophile, you wouldn't have to bear with a poor quality sound and instead immerse in a richer and more enhanced sound quality.

While the best AI audio enhancer software may differ for each person according to his individual needs, you can certainly consider some factors to pick the most appropriate one for a richer auditory experience. Ensure your chosen program is easy to use, has wider compatibility, and enables the desired level of audio enhancement with balanced affordability. 

12 Best AI Audio Enhancers Tools in 2024 (Expert Picks)

Picking the right audio AI enhancer software involves many factors like features, capabilities, output quality, ease of use, compatibility, user reviews, and price. We have shortlisted the best 12 audio AI enhancers to help you settle on the one that best syncs with your needs. Let's look. 

1. UniFab Audio Upmix AI 

Best For: Individuals, content creators, and podcasters to upmix the audio tracks to EAC3 5.1 and DTS 7.1 surround sound with AI technology.

UniFab Audio Upmix AI is the best AI audio enhancer to enhance the audio tracks from your video to premium DTS 7.1 surround sound. It distributes across multiple channels with AI for an immersive audio experience to enhance your overall viewing experience. It can separate the audio tracks precisely and clearly from any type of video while maintaining sound clarity. 

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How to Enhance Audio with UniFab Audio Upmix AI

Step 1: Download UniFab from the official site and install it quickly. 

Step 2: Choose the Enlarger mode from the left section in the main window.

Step 3: Load your video to upmix and select the output audio track. 

Step 4: Adjust the output parameters of your file to customize the video quality, resolution, codec, bit rate, frame rate, audio codec, channel, etc. Hit OK or Apply to All to apply these settings for all videos.  

Step 5: Touch the Start button to begin the upmix process at an accelerated speed. 


  • Simple and clear interface for beginners, novices, and professionals 
  • Easily upmix the video clips to 8-Channel DTS 7.1/EAC3 5.1
  • Separates and positions the music tracks precisely 
  • Trims unwanted footage and crops outer parts from your video 
  • Upscales audio at a rapid speed 
  • The editor module helps to enhance your overall video 


  • Unavailable for Mac computers 
  • It does not provide a monthly subscription 

Price: USD 69.99/year

2. Adobe Podcast 

Best For: Professional creators and hobbyists familiar with using Adobe to enhance audio for free. 

Adobe Podcast is one of the best Adobe AI audio enhancers to improve user's speech. It can remove background noise to sharpen the frequency of your voice and increase clarity, making it sound professional. Furthermore, its AI speech filters unwanted noise in your voiceovers to deliver clear and crisp audio. 



  • Integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro's speech-to-text
  • Allows efficient audio editing with a transcript 
  • AI audio enhancer online works without a physical software installation 
  • Simplifies the process of high-quality group recording 


  • The steep learning curve is tough to understand for beginners 

Price: $9.99/month

3. Audio Noise Reducer


Best For: Novices and professionals to reduce noise in audio and video files online for free.

Audio Noise Reducer is another free AI audio enhancer online to help you reduce noise in your audio clips and enhance clarity. It uses Deep Learning technology to process the audio and reduce noise in your files. Its straightforward and clean AI-powered interface is easy to use for beginners and professionals alike. Audio Noise Remover supports many audio file formats, including MP3, FLAC, AMR, MP2, etc. 


  • Offers audio free from any noise
  • Compatible with multiple audio file formats 
  • Works in both audio and video files 
  • Processes audio with Deep Learning technology


  • Does not process music 

Price: Free

4. Veed.io

Best For: Content creators and audio enthusiasts to edit videos with AI capabilities. 

Veed.io is also a popular audio enhancer AI that helps eliminate background interference in minutes. With Veed.io, you need not invest in sound-blocking microphones as it is tested to remove them automatically. It has advanced audio features that can be used in a simple process. Also, you can share your output audio file on social media without hassle.


  • Transcribe your voiceovers manually and automatically 
  • Removes background noises for clean audio 
  • Helps edit audio clips by editing, split, and trim 
  • Enables to fade in and fade out added audio and voiceovers 


  • The software has countless glitches 
  • The software is too slow, so many features do not work, and some are wrongly advertised when they are no longer available 

Price: $24/month

5. Adobe Audition 


Best For: Audio professionals, podcasters, musicians, and video editors to improve audio tracks with seamless integration with other Adobe software. 

Adobe Audition is another Adobe AI audio enhancer software with an expansive interface and cutting-edge technology to enhance audio with powerful tools. The program includes sound mixing and design and helps in audio engineering with music production. With its Essential Sound panel, you can achieve professional-grade sound in a few clicks.


  • Enables to listen to the audio files while editing 
  • Allows cancelling disturbing noise from the clip
  • Enables switching between different Adobe products 
  • Repairs and stores damaged files automatically 



  • The steep learning curve can be time-consuming for beginners to be familiar with the program

Price: $27.99/month

6. Descript 


Best For: Video creators and podcasters to enhance audio and video content with AI technology. 

Descript is a widely used audio enhancer software to bridge the gap in your content and elevate the overall quality of your audio and video files. Its video editing features give the viewers a superior audio experience in minutes. In addition, its advanced AI audio enhancement technology helps cancel out echo and remove background noise for optimal sound quality. 


  • Helps to record videos and podcasts remotely 
  • Capture, edit, and share your screen recordings 
  • Changes the text transcript to edit audio and video 
  • Enables the creation of realistic voice clones from short samples 



  • It gets a little cumbersome when editing a transcript 
  • Some features are not intuitive for novices and beginners 

Price: $12/month

7. AI Mastering 

Best For: YouTubers and content creators to reduce noise and master audio with free software. 

AI Mastering is an AI audio enhancer free that has outstanding audio mastering services. It has many alternative sign-up options and specializes in mastering tracks with AI, facilitating user convenience. Moreover, you can even download and save your audio tracks without hassle. Besides audio, you can also master your video files with automatic audio conversions. 



  • Automatically converts audio 
  • User-friendly interface with a free AI mastering API
  • AI-powered noise reduction with loudness normalization 
  • Works seamlessly with audio tracks and video tracks with audio 


  • The audio processor is relatively slow 

Price: Free 

8. Audo.ai


Best For: Podcaster creator and musician seeking innovative solutions to enhance audio with an AI-driven platform to meet users' needs. 

Audo.ai is an AI audio enhancer software used to create audio projects with high-quality. Its easy-to-use interface makes uploading, recording, and editing the sound files a breeze. Audo.ai's audio engineering facility and AI technology ensure all audio file levels are edited with expertise. 



  • Advanced AI processing in one click 
  • Removes background noise automatically for clear speech 
  • Automatically adjusts volume levels 
  • Ensures audio clarity by enhancing muffled voices 


  • The uploading audio feature is not as effective as the recording feature 

Price: $12/month


Best For: Professional music creators to elevate the audio editing process with AI

LANDR is a powerful and versatile AI audio enhancer online that offers various tools to help users create and distribute music without hassle. Its AI-powered mastering engine analyzes the uploaded audio files and applies professional mastering processing and effects to improve the overall sound quality. 



  • Offers more than 150 streaming platform integrations 
  • Allows you to perfect your sound with unlimited revisions of masters 
  • Available as web, mobile apps, and desktop to master your audio file on the go 
  • Provides real-time collaboration tools to get feedback and other trade ideas


  • The albums are extremely costly with LANDR distribution 
  • Despite charging an upfront fee, they take royalties 
  • Does not update metadata easily 

Price: $19.99/year

10. Krisp

Best For: Business professionals and online meetings to eliminate background noise to participate in meetings.

Krisp is an audio enhancer AI that removes unwanted background noise during online meetings. Its innovative noise cancellation technology is globally recognized with the core intention of being developed specifically for virtual meetings. 


  • Seamlessly integrates with various meeting apps like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom 
  • Offers AI echo and background cancellation features 
  • Stores meeting transcripts in the cloud with easy editing and downloading 
  • Enhances collaboration and team communication 


  • Designed only for a specific industry, like online meetings, and does not solve any other problem for different scenarios 

Price: $8/month


Best For: Musicians, producers, and hobbyists to simplify a complicated musical task with AI. 

LALAL.AI is one of the best AI audio enhancers, developed for audio stem splitting, i.e., dividing an audio track into various individual components. It quickly and accurately picks and separates all the elements of your audio tracks, like instruments (piano, drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, synthesizers, etc.) and vocals, without losing the high audio quality.


  • Effortlessly removes background noise and music 
  • Enables extraction of instrumentals, vocals, and other components from an audio file 
  • Works seamlessly and flawlessly with Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android and as a VST plugin 
  • Automatically analyzes and corrects mic rumbles, vocal plosives, and other unnecessary noises 


  • Manu users complaint about the UX of LALAL.AI

Price: $15/month

12. Auphonic 

Best For: Beginners and novices to enhance audio with AI and many audio engineering tools without any learning curve. 

Auphonic is also an excellent Adobe Audio Enhancer alternative with a range of impressive features. Its Intelligent Leveler component effortlessly tweaks to balance the diverse elements of your audio tracks, like speakers, speech, and music. Auphonic removes unwanted frequencies and sibilance to deliver excellent sound quality. 


  • The audio sound is great and equivalent to a condenser mic
  • User-friendly even for complete beginners 
  • Excellent limiter, compression, and noise-cancellation algorithms 
  • Creates optimized mixdown by processing multiple tracks 


  • Recording issues 
  • Lacks advanced features 

Price: $13/month

The Bottom Line

Adobe Audio Enhancer might be too pricey for some users and may lead them to search for reliable alternatives. AI audio enhancers quickly elevate your sound professionally, saving you time and effort. In this roundup, we have explored the best AI audio enhancers to help you choose a program that will allow you to delve into a crystal-clear sound without hassle. We hope you have now made up your mind to settle on the best one. 


Q. Is there software to improve audio quality?

Yes. Many online and desktop/mobile-based audio enhancer software are available to improve your sound quality.

Q. Can AI edit audio? 

Yes. AI audio enhancer software uses artificial intelligence algorithms to manipulate, enhance, and optimize your audio content. Such programs can edit audio, reduce background noise, enhance voice, auto-tune, and do much more through the proper analysis. 

Q. What is the best AI tool to enhance audio quality? 

You can use UniFab Upmix Audio AI to enhance your audio tracks into surround sound quality for any film with artificial intelligence technology. You can also edit your output files for an immersive experience.  

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