UniFab All-In-One

AI-powered 8-in-1 comprehensive video processing tool, editing and enhancing your video/audio quality by upscaling video resolution up to 4K and upmixing audio to DTS 7.1 surround sound.

Last Update: 2024-06-18

UniFab Video Enhancer Pro

Including 4 products:


  • HDR Upscaler AI: convert SDR to HDR10/Dolby Vision
  • Video Upscaler AI: upscale low-res videos up to 4K
  • Audio Upmix AI: upmix audio to EAC3 5.1/DTS 7.1
  • Video Converter: convert video to any format

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UniFab All-In-One

8-in-1 comprehensive AI video&audio enhancing suite


  • including all features in Video Enhancer Pro
  • Smoother AI: support AI-powered frame interpolation 
  • Denoise AI: remove video noise while restoring essential details
  • Deinterlace AI: deinterlace video with AI technology
  • Vocal Remover AI: remove vocal from song



  • Gift1: License for 5 computers
  • Gift2: $30 Amazon Gift Card

Money Back Guarantee

Upscale Video to HDR Standard

HDR vs SDR, which is better? Traditional SDR video often produces lackluster images with poor detail in highlights and shadows. In contrast, HDR video expands the brightness range of images, displaying a wider color gamut and higher bit depth.

Upscale SDR to HDR10

HDR10 is the most common HDR standard, compatible with the majority of HDR display devices. UniFab re-encodes videos from SDR to HDR10 standard for a more lifelike color representation with the help of AI technology.

*Note: HDR10 video is only played on devices that support HDR10 standard.

Upscale Video to Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision outperforms other HDR standards by delivering unparalleled video quality. UniFab can generate dynamic metadata up to Dolby Vision standard, thereby upscaling SDR or HDR 10 videos to a superior Dolby Vision quality.

Note: Dolby Vision video is only played on devices that support Dolby Vision standard.

Enlarge Video Resolution up to 4K

Enlarge Video Resolution up to 4K

UniFab is able to enlarge video resolution to 720P (standard definition), 1080P (full HD), and even stunning 4K (Ultra HD). This Enlarger module can also double the original resolution for an ultra-clear picture.

Enhance Video Quality for Every Genre

Looking for the best video enhancer for all kinds of videos? Discover a new level of clarity with UniFab’s proprietary universal enhancement model. It delivers impressive results across all video types, including low-resolution TV shows, black-and-white movies, homemade videos, and animations. 

  • Low-resolution Videos
  • Black-and-White Movies
  • Homemade Videos
  • Animations

Revitalize your pixelated past with UniFab’s AI Video Enhancer. Don’t let low resolution tarnish memories or reduce the impact of your content. Our cutting-edge technology breathes new life into your grainy videos, transforming them into high-definition experiences. Enjoy crystal-clear clarity as our AI meticulously upscales each frame, ensuring your moments are captured with the sharpness and detail they deserve. With UniFab, relive the past without the blur.

Low-resolution Videos
Low-resolution Videos
Upmix Audio to DTS 7.1 with AI

Upmix Audio to 8-Channel DTS 7.1

UniFab Audio Upmix AI can upmix audio tracks from your video to premium EAC3 5.1/DTS 7.1 surround sound by distributing across different channels with AI. This major enhancement greatly upgrades your viewing experience, offering you an immersive audio environment like never before. Dive into an upgraded cinematic experience with UniFab's amplified surround sound solution!

Boost Video Frame Rate to 120 FPS with AI

Boost Video Frame Rate to 120 FPS with AI

Improve video smoothness using AI-powered frame interpolation software:UniFab , which is crafted to increase the frame rate and guarantee seamless motion continuity, making it particularly suitable for rapid-moving entities or scenes. Exploit the UniFab to diminish fluttering and trembling, thereby delivering a much more natural result tailored for the ultimate viewing experience.

Ideal for eliminating noise from any cause

Ideal for Removing Noise from Any Cause

Video noise can be caused by a variety of reasons, including low-light conditions, camera malfunctions, signal interference during transmission, and compression algorithms. Such noise can result in a degradation of video quality and affect viewing experience. UniFab is able to accurately and quickly remove noise through AI algorithms, regardless of what caused the noise.

Remove noise from low light videos

Low light often leads to video quality degradation, blurring, grainy noise and other problems. Whether indoors, at night, or in other low-light environments, UniFab Denoiser AI detects, analyzes and removes noise from video intelligently.

Remove noise from low light videos
Remove noise from low light videos

Remove noise from high ISO settings

Longer focal length lenses require higher ISO values to ensure adequate exposure, however, higher ISO values may generate noise. With the help of deep learning algorithms, our well-trained AI models are able to automatically identify noise and remove it.

Remove noise from high ISO settings
Remove noise from high ISO settings
Why Deinterlace video Matters?

Deinterlace video by utilizing AI technology

Outdated devices often use interlaced scanning to play videos due to technological limitations. This lowers the demand on the display device for video signals but may cause a reduction in video quality and visible flickering.

However, how to deinterlace video? UniFab can transform these interlaced video signals into progressive scans, dramatically improving your viewing experience by using advanced AI tech.

Convert Videos to Any Format Without Quality Loss

UniFab, as a professional video converter, supports conversion between over 1000 video formats including MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV and more.

This broad compatibility allows you to convert any video into a format supported by your devices without compromising on quality. With UniFab, you can effortlessly enjoy your favorite videos on any mobile or portable device, anywhere.

Get 50x faster speed with GPU acceleration

Get 50x Faster Speed with GPU Acceleration

Equipped with cutting-edge GPU hardware acceleration technologies, such as NVIDIA CUDA, AMD, and Intel Quick Sync, UniFab enables you to enhance or convert videos at 50 times faster speed than usual.

This significant increase in efficiency allows you to manage multiple scheduled tasks and complete them all on time. UniFab optimizes your productivity by reducing waiting times and maximizing output quality.

Directly Import Videos from DVDFab/StreamFab for upscaling

DVDFab and StreamFab are sister products of UniFab. After ripping DVDs into digital videos with DVDFab or downloading videos with StreamFab, you can directly import them into UniFab for easy and effective upscaling.UniFab can not only enhance the resolution and audio tracks of your videos from DVDFab or StreamFab but also upscale them to HDR standard. With just one click, you will experience a significant improvement in your video quality.

UniFab All-In-One

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System Requirements

Operating System:   

Windows 11/10 (64 bit only)

Recommended Configuration

System Memory(RAM)Graphics Card(NVIDIA)CPU
16GB or moreNvidia RTX 30 series or higher; 8GB VRAMIntel 10th generation/AMD Ryzen 5000 series or higher