Top 10 AI Video Transcription Tools 2024

Learn about the best AI video transcription tools to boost productivity & bonus utility from UniFab to render a professional touch to your video files.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can automate transcription, saving you time and allowing you to focus on more critical tasks. Today, we will discuss AI transcription and review some of the best AI transcription services.


How to Select an AI Video Transcription Software


AI transcription tools offer valuable features for converting speech into text. When choosing an AI transcription tool, consider these key functionalities:


  • Speaker Identification: The tool needs to distinguish between multiple speakers in audio or video content.


  • Download Formats: Ensure the tool supports downloading transcripts in various formats such as MS Word, PDF, TXT, and SRT to meet your needs.


  • Timestamps: Look for tools that include time codes in transcripts for easy navigation and referencing.


  • Real-Time Transcription: For live events like streaming, meetings, and podcasts, ensure the tool can transcribe in real time to enhance accessibility and create reference points.


  • Noise Handling: The tool should effectively filter out background noise to produce accurate transcripts, even from lower-quality audio and video files.


Brief Comparison Between Our Top Three AI Video Transcription Tools


Free TrialIt offers a Free plan with 300 monthly transcription minutes.It offers 30 minutes of free transcription.It offers a week-long free trial to transcribe up to 3 files.
Language SupportOnly EnglishIt supports over 40 languages for audio & video transcription. It supports 40+ languages for audio & video transcription.
Supported PlatformsWeb based & app integrationWeb basedWeb based


Detailed Review Of 10 Expert-Approved AI Video Trasncription Tools





Gone are the days of taking meeting notes manually. With, you can transcribe audio and video in real time. The best part is its seamless integration with Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, allowing you to generate meeting summaries instantly. Students can also benefit from by transcribing lectures. Additionally, supports uploading and transcribing prerecorded video and audio in WAV, MP4, AAC, MP3, and MPEG formats.


Best For Students & businesses trying to generate AI-based summaries


Price: Start for free with the Basic plan or upgrade to the Pro plan by paying $9.17 per user/month or the Business plan by paying $20 per user per month. (When billed annually)


Supported Platforms: Web-based, iOS & Android 




  • It can capture and assign action items to keep all team members informed about upcoming activities.
  • Summarizes interviews to help in evaluating candidates.
  • You can share meeting notes automatically in the team's Slack channel or via email.
  • It can be used with tools like Microsoft SharePoint, Amazon S3, HubSpot, and Snowflake.




  • You must subscribe to pricier plans to access captions and live notes for Zoon. 


2. Sonix


Sonix is powerful audio transcription software that allows you to generate content from speech into over 49 languages. It provides automated summaries of your transcripts, offering a quick overview of the content. With its advanced AI algorithms, you can search for specific phrases, words, and themes and organize them using a multi-folder nesting system. It includes noise reduction technology to enhance clarity by eliminating background noise from recorded conversations. 


Best For: Content creators who wish to generate professional-grade content, students who want to capture lectures, and business people who wish to summarize meetings.


Price: For project-based work you can start with the Standard plan at $10/hour or upgrade to the premium plan by paying $5/hour alongside $22 per user per month for more frequent transcription needs. 


Supported Platforms: Web based




  • It offers a single window for note-typing and video-playing simultaneously.
  • You can easily insert frequently used texts via keystroke control.
  • You can drag and drop files from Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • The automated subtitles feature makes your content more searchable, accessible, and engaging. 




  • The transcripts might render faulty responses at times.


3. Trint




Trint is an AI-powered transcription platform that helps create content for podcasts, social media, and blogs. It supports various video formats and allows editing transcripts by adding speaker notes and verifying time codes. Trint emphasizes its AI transcription services for creative users, focusing on storytelling. It can transcribe in over 40 languages.


Best For: Journalists and media producers working with films, shows, or podcasts.


Price: Start with a week-long free trial & then switch to the Starter 300 plan, which costs $52/seat/month, or the Advanced 1200 plan, which costs $60/seat/month. (When billed annually)


Supported Platforms: Web-based




  • The drag-and-drop interface highlights important moments and helps move content into new documents. 
  • Delivers 99% accuracy while converting into 40+ languages.
  • Comment & highlight tools help to work on a real-time basis.
  • Allows exporting into different formats for seamless integration with other platforms.




  • It generates inaccurate text at times. 


4. Rev AI




Rev AI delivers advanced speech-to-text technology to convert spoken words into text. It supports transcription for both live and prerecorded audio and video content. Rev AI can use machine learning algorithms to identify the dominant language in audio and video files and extract key topics from text. To enhance transcription accuracy, Rev AI models can be customized with specific vocabularies, unique names, and industry-specific terminologies.


Best For: Content creators & online streamers 


Price: You can choose among different pay-as-you-go plans, such as machine transcription for $0.02/minute or human transcription for $1.50/minute. 


Supported Platforms: Web based




  • Can identify among 22 dominant languages in the video or audio files.
  • Adding closed captions helps make content more accessible for users suffering from hearing and visual impairments.
  • Profanity can be filtered out of text.
  • It renders support to eight speaker channels simultaneously. 




  • Most of the services are currently offered only in English. 




Fireflies employ natural language processing algorithms for transcription and serve as an add-on for Zoom and Google Meet. Additionally, Fireflies functions as an AI voice assistant, aiding in transcription, note-taking, and action completion during meetings across web-conferencing platforms. Its features include automated meeting joins, a Chrome extension, instant meeting recording, and the ability to skim transcripts while listening to audio. 


Best For: Businesses that conduct meetings using dialers, video-conferencing apps, etc.


Price: Start free and then upgrade to the Pro plan @ $10/seat/month, Business Plan @ $19/seat/month, or Enterprise Plan @ $39/seat/month. (When billed annually)


Supported Platforms: Web based




  • It can review an hour-long meeting in just 5 minutes.
  • AI-powered search helps filter key topics easily.
  • For easy collaboration, you can add pins, comments, and reactions to different parts of the meeting.
  • Coaching teammates by tracking monologues, sentiment, talk time, and other vital metrics becomes easy. 




  • A per-seat charging system is expensive for large teams.


6. Beey




Beey is a user-friendly platform for transcribing online meetings, interviews, and podcasts. It offers features such as voice recognition, speaker separation, and machine translation, making it versatile for various content types. With an intuitive editor, users can edit and format transcripts for accuracy. Beey automatically converts videos, podcasts, meeting minutes, and more to text, supporting over 20 languages. Its subtitling feature enables easy creation of professional-quality captions, with embedded machine translation for multilingual accessibility. 


Best For: Audio & video content creators


Price: Start with a free trial of 30 minutes and switch to the Pay-As-You-Go plan for $9.10/hour. 


Supported Platforms: Web based




  • It operates with 90% precision for German, English & Czech recordings.
  • Beey editor allows users to correct the transcripts.
  • You can create top-notch subtitles and quality captions in the Subtitle Mode.
  • It banks on advanced AI tech for accurate speech-to-text transcription. 




  • It might seem expensive for small teams.


7. MeetGeek


MeetGeek streamlines meeting processes, allowing you to focus on meaningful conversations. It automatically records and transcribes live meetings, generates summaries, and organizes content by topics for easy navigation. MeetGeek adds timestamps to transcripts to track interactions within audio or video files. Compatible with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, MeetGeek eliminates the need for follow-up note-taking and helps you manage your schedule based on Google Calendar data, providing insights on punctuality, participation, and overtime.


Best For: Businesses for hiring, meeting, and managing customer calls.

Price: Start for free with the Basic plan and upgrade to Pro for $15/user/month, Business for $29/user/month, & Enterprise for $59/user/month. (When billed annually)


Supported Platforms: Web based




  • Compatible with popular applications such as Slack, HubSpot & Notion.
  • Allows measuring meeting efficiency, engagement, and burnout.
  • Creating teams helps share the summaries and recordings of meetings with the aligned departments.
  • Easy keyword search helps recall details from past transcripts.




  • The free variant offers just 5 hours of monthly transcription. 


8. Scribie





Scribie provides a meticulous four-step transcription service to ensure high accuracy. Initially, AI generates text from speech, which human transcribers then review and proofread for precision. Finally, the transcript undergoes a quality check. This blend of AI and human review aims for over 99% accuracy. Scribie maintains confidentiality with NDAs for all transcribers. Additional features include an online editor for quick transcript verification and various add-ons such as SRT/VTT files, strict verbatim transcripts, audio time coding, and more.


Best For: Podcasts, lectures & conference calls


Price: Basic plan at $0.80/minute & advanced plan with different prices for different features. 


Supported Platforms: Web-based tool




  • Users can sign NDA forms for guaranteed safety.
  • Human verification helps increase the level of accuracy.
  • Can extract text easily from audio and video files.
  • The browser editor helps make quick edits to the transcript.




  • It has a slower processing speed compared to peer AI transcription tools. 


9. Verbit


Verbit offers a comprehensive suite of services, including live captioning, real-time transcription, closed captioning, note-taking, audio description, and translation with subtitles. It combines advanced AI technology with human review to ensure high accuracy and adaptability, distinguishing accents and reducing background noise. Particularly beneficial for media, education, and legal sectors, Verbit provides tailored packages for various industries like Corporate Learning, Court Reporting, and Media Production. Key features include real-time status updates via the Verbit Cloud portal, a user-friendly interface, and a 99% accuracy rate. 


Best For: Live events such as podcasts, meetings, and more


Price: You must contact the sales team for a custom price quote. 


Supported Platforms: Web based




  • Integrated with Google Teams, Zoom, and other applications.
  • It renders support towards users with visual impairment.
  • Offers customized templates to sync with your formatting needs.
  • Can generate helpful transcripts by pushing through strong accents. 




  • You need to contact the customer service team to see its prices.


10. Speak AI




Speak is an AI transcription service that offers multiple ways to capture audio and video data, including custom embeddable recorders, in-app recording, and file uploads. It generates dashboard reports and captures data at scale, ensuring critical information from calls, interviews, and recordings isn't lost. Speak's AI engine transcribes content and identifies keywords, topics, and sentiment trends. It facilitates easy sharing and breaks down data silos by creating shareable media repositories with transcripts, AI analysis, and visualizations. 


Best For: Marketers & companies who wish to build stronger customer relationships


Price: Individual plan at $23/month, Team plan at $63/month. (When billed annually)


Supported Platforms: Cloud based




  • Banks on AI to summarize long-form content into bullets.
  • Allows uploading multiple video, audio & text files for transcription.
  • It renders support to 70+ languages.
  • It can streamline your workflow through Zapier integrations. 




  • Transcribing longer files takes more time than peer tools. 


Coupled with the abovementioned tools, you can transcribe a video or audio file into text. But if you wish to perform editing or enhancement functions on the video file, you can bank on a professional utility like UniFab All-In-One. As the name suggests, this comprehensive tool brings an array of functions under its wing. Let's take a look:


Best Tool For Performing All Video & Audio Editing & Enhancement – UniFab All-In-One


Enhancing and converting videos is effortless with UniFab All-in-One , which enhances your videos with higher resolution up to 4k and a wider color gamut of HDR format. This user-friendly solution simplifies video creation and editing, regardless of your experience level. The comprehensive toolkit includes over 20 advanced features to stabilize and sharpen your videos. Additionally, you can quickly convert videos to GIF format and vice versa, even in batches. With 50x speed, you can elevate your video at a lightening speed.


Try Magic Design (2).jpg


Why Do Users Prefer UniFab All-In-One?


Video Enhancing:


  • Upscale to HDR Level

You can enhance your videos to HDR quality, bringing out vivid colors and improved contrast.


  • Enhance Video Resolution to 4K


Boost the resolution of your videos to 4K for exceptional clarity and detail.



Remove video noise caused by signal interference, camera malfunctions, and other issues for a cleaner output.



Use advanced AI technology to deinterlace videos, improving their smoothness and quality.


  • Supports All Genres


This tool supports video enhancement for all genres, including animation, homemade videos, and more.


  • Unsharpen and Unblur Videos


Fine-tune your videos by unsharpening and unblurring them with adjustable parameters like Luma intensity, Luma dimension, Chroma intensity, and Speed dimension.



Reduce trembling and fluttering in your videos with AI-powered frame interpolation, ensuring smooth and continuous motion.


Audio Upscaling:


  • AI Audio Upmixing to DTS 7.1


Utilize AI to upmix audio tracks to DTS 7.1, providing an immersive sound experience.


  • Remove Vocals from Song


Separate background tracks and eliminate unwanted noise for a clean and enjoyable karaoke experience.


Video Converting and Editing:


  • Convert to 1000+ Formats


Easily convert videos to over 1000 formats, such as WEBM, MKV, FLV, MP4, AVI, and more.


  • Adjust Video Speed


Modify the video speed from 0.2x to 5x, allowing you to create various special effects.


  • Lossless Compression


Compress audio and video without losing quality as per the requirement of social media platforms.





One thing to remember is that the quality of transcriptions can vary depending on the AI engine and the audio quality. Background noise, multiple speakers, and accents unfamiliar to the AI can affect accuracy. Testing a transcription service with a typical file is wise to see how well it performs. It would help if you also considered the cost-effectiveness of different apps. For occasional uploads, free or pay-as-you-go services might be best. Regular uploads justify a monthly or annual subscription.




How much time is required for AI transcription?


The final results usually take around 5 minutes, depending on the original file size.


What are the benefits of AI transcription?


  • AI transcription increases efficiency, allowing professionals to focus on more critical tasks.
  • It lowers transcription costs.
  • It achieves up to 99% transcription accuracy.
  • It offers customizable transcription options.
  • It ensures data privacy and security.


How does AI transcription work?


AI transcription uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing technologies to convert spoken language into written text.

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