How To Remove Vocals From A Song 2024

Unlock the full potential of your music today with our tutorial on how to remove vocals from a song. Whether a musician, DJ, or music enthusiast, you can turn any song into an instrumental masterpiece.
How To Remove Vocals From A Song 2024

Can We Remove Vocals From A Song?


Removing vocals from a song or isolating the music can be challenging, especially with mixed audio tracks. While complete separation is often impossible without the original tracks, several methods and tools can help. 


AI-powered tools use machine learning to separate vocals and music. Phase cancellation can be attempted if the instrumental version is available, while EQ filtering and frequency inversion offer other ways to isolate elements, though these methods may affect sound quality. Specialized software also provides tools for audio separation. 


How to Remove Vocals From A Song


Best Tool To Separate Vocals From A Song - UniFab Vocal Remover AI

UniFab Vocal Remover AI


UniFab Vocal Remover AI is an innovative solution that intelligently isolates background tracks, ensuring clear and noise-free instrumental playback and an exceptional karaoke experience every time. Whether you want to customize a music video or refine your singing practice by removing vocals, UniFab Vocal Remover AI is here to cater to your needs. It provides versatility for various creative endeavors by supporting seamless separation of both video and audio files. Its straightforward operation means achieving professional-level karaoke is just a few clicks away.     


Best For: Removing background tracks without quality loss for unparalleled karaoke experience. 


Price: One year license costs $59.99 & lifetime license costs $79.99.


Supported Platforms: Windows 


Step By Step Guide


Step 1: Download and open UniFab and choose the 'Remover' module.


Step 2: Load Your Source

Load Your Source



Step 3: Edit and Start




Edit the loaded source as needed, then hit the start button. UniFab will swiftly complete the task and provide you with the desired result.




  • It delivers super fast results coupled with 50x GPU acceleration.
  • You can experience extraordinary karaoke in just a few clicks.
  • Compatible with multiple formats like FLAC, MKV, MP3 & MP4.
  • It uses AI to separate vocals from tracks to offer you greater possibilities. 




  • Currently available only for Windows. 


Best Software & App To Remove Vocals From a Song - FL Studio 


FL Studio, previously known as FruityLoops, is a highly regarded digital audio workstation (DAW) developed by Image-Line. It's popular among music producers, DJs, and musicians for its robust capabilities in creating, recording, editing, and mixing music. FL Studio features a robust sequencer, virtual instruments, effects plugins, and an intuitive interface, making it suitable for various music genres. A standout feature is its capability to eliminate vocals through phase inversion. This technique swaps audio channels to cancel out center-panned sounds, allowing for effective vocal isolation and instrumental track creation.


Best For: Professional-level music production


Price: Fruity edition costs $41.96, Producer edition costs $113.88.


Supported Platforms: Windows & macOS, there is also an app variant for iOS & Android.


Step By Step Guide 


Step 1: Import Your Track


Open FL Studio and import your track by double-clicking it and selecting it from the 'Playlist' window.


Remove Vocals From a Song - FL Studio


Step 2: Set Up Mixer Chains


Click the 'Mixer' button and send the original song from the 'Input Track' chain to the 'Track 2' chain by clicking the 'X' button at the bottom of each track chain.


 Set Up Mixer Chains


Step 3: Apply Effects to Track 2


Select 'Track 2' and open the 'Effects' window. Add 'Fruity Stereo Shaper' and adjust sliders to -1 on both mixers. Then, add 'Maximus' effect, mute 'Low' and 'High,' and remove track compression.


Apply Effects to Track 2


Step 4: Repeat for Track 3


Select the ‘X’ located at the bottom of ‘Track 3.' Now add 'Maximus' effect, mute 'Mid,' and remove compression. 


Repeat for Track 3


Step 5: Create Custom Control Knobs


Open the 'Dashboard' window, click 'Option,' then 'Add Control,' 'Wheel,' and 'Gray Shiny' to add custom knobs. Label them as 'Low' and 'High' in the 'Caption' fields.


Step 6: Set Automation for Low Knob


Right-click the 'Low' knob in the first 'Maximus' window and select 'Create Automation Clip.' Assign it to 'Dashboard Wheel 1.' Repeat for the second 'Maximus' window.


 Set Automation for Low Knob


Step 7: Set Automation for High Knob


Repeat the previous step for the 'High' knob, assigning it to 'Dashboard Wheel 2' in the second 'Maximus' window.


Step 8: Vocal Reduction


Play the track and decrease the dashboard's 'Low' knob. This should effectively remove the vocals or minimize them.



  • The interface is straightforward to use.
  • Supports numerous third-party plugins that can enrich your results.
  • It doesn't freeze even when dealing with lengthy tracks.
  • It can help with vocal recording, music creation, karaoke, and more. 




  • The large number of plugins might seem overwhelming for novice users. 


Best Application To Remove Vocals From A Song On Your Android Or iOS – BandLab


BandLab offers a social music platform and a handy mobile app, empowering music creators to produce and share tracks with their audience. Among its features is Splitter, an AI-powered tool that accurately splits songs into separate stems. The free version divides audio into vocals, bass, drums, and other instruments, while upgrading to Membership unlocks additional features like guitar stem separation and faster processing speeds. Splitter serves various purposes, from creating custom backing tracks for practice sessions to extracting acapella and aiding in mixing, producing, and sound design. 


Best For: Creating instrumentals and collaborating with users around the globe.


Price: Free


Supported Platforms: Android & iOS


Step By Step Guide 


Step 1: Navigate to the Splitter Tab


Begin by finding the 'Splitter' tab in BandLab. You can access it by going to the 'Create' section and selecting 'Tools.'


Navigate to the Splitter Tab


Step 2: Import Your Song or Video


Click the '+' button to add your audio file (under 15 minutes) or import a video file. BandLab's Splitter can also extract audio from videos.


 Import Your Song or Video


Step 3: Let BandLab Do the Work


Sit tight while BandLab's Splitter processes your track. Once complete, you'll have four separate tracks at your disposal.


Let BandLab Do the Work


Step 4: Remove Vocals with the Mute Button


Use the 'Mute' button to eliminate the vocals from your track. Once satisfied, hit 'Export' to save the vocal-less version of your song.




  • It comes with multiple built-in presets.
  • It operates at super-fast speed.
  • Extremely easy to use irrespective of your experience level.
  • It makes it easy to collaborate with other artists. 




  • The resource-intensive app might weigh down your smartphone's resources.


Best Software To Separate Vocals From A Song On Your Mac – GarageBand


GarageBand is Apple's versatile digital audio workstation, catering to beginners and professionals alike. While muting or deleting vocal tracks is straightforward when working with stems, removing vocals from a song in GarageBand can be trickier without them. GarageBand offers a complete music creation studio on your Mac with its extensive sound library, realistic instruments, and intuitive interface. Whether plugging in your guitar or mic to explore a wide range of amps and effects, jamming with virtual drummers across various styles, or experimenting with powerful synths and smart controls, GarageBand provides endless creative possibilities. 


Best For: Mac users who wish to separate vocals from soundtracks without making any investment. 


Price: Free for all Mac users


Supported Platforms: MacOS


Step By Step Guide 


Step 1: Open Your Audio File


Import your audio file into GarageBand and select the entire track.


Step 2: Access Smart Controls


Click the 'Smart Controls' button to open the 'Smart Controls Window,' then choose 'Track.'


Access Smart Controls


Step 3: Adjust EQ Settings


Navigate to the 'EQ' section and access the EQ menu. The menu displays a wave-style graphic of your song's EQ.


Step 4: Identify Vocal Frequencies


Locate frequency peaks where vocals might be on the graph (typically between 85 and 350 Hz) and drag them down to lower frequencies. Experimentation may be needed to pinpoint vocal frequencies accurately.


Step 5: Save and Export


Once adjustments are made, save your edited track and export it as usual.




  • With iCloud integration, you can seamlessly work on your GarageBand projects across your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Users can share the finished tracks with the internet community through social networks.
  • Allows creating and mixing up to 255 audio tracks.
  • Users can fine-tune their music in the Piano Roll Editor. 




  • First time users might find the interface to be complicated.


Best Online Tool To Remove Vocals from a Song - MyEdit 


If you don't want to download any separate software to remove vocals from tracks, MyEdit can be your best bet. MyEdit effortlessly extracts vocals from any music track with just a few clicks while maintaining pristine audio quality. You can further fine-tune your results with adjustable volume and pitch sliders for the perfect output. MyEdit can help you with everything, starting from basic editing, like trimming audio, to advanced AI-powered noise reduction and speech enhancement. The vocal remover tool utilizes cutting-edge AI technology & ensures professional-grade results, accessible directly from your browser for free on any device.


Best For: Creating premium-grade karaoke using AI


Price: Free with limited features & Audio Plan at $4/month (on annual billing).


Supported Platforms: Web Based


Step By Step Guide


Step 1: Choose and Upload Your Audio


Select the audio file you want to work with and upload it to MyEdit. Ensure the file size is less than 100 MB, and the duration is within 10 minutes.


Step 2: Vocal Removal with AI 


The advanced AI engine automatically removes vocals from your song, which takes a few moments.


Online Tool To Remove Vocals from a Song - MyEdit


Step 3: Customize Your Track for Free


Fine-tune the vocal removal to your liking. Adjust the volume slider to -30 dB for complete vocal removal, or tweak the pitch using the slider for desired effects.


Step 4: Download Your Enhanced Track


Your newly edited track is now ready for download to your device. 




  • It supports file formats like FLAC, MP3, M4A, & WAV.
  • It can be used without signing in.
  • It takes a few seconds to create instrumental versions of your favorite tracks.
  • An intuitive interface makes it well-suited for users of varying skill levels. 




  • You need to upgrade to the Audio Plan to access Audio Tools fully.




Vocal removers are invaluable tools for creating instrumental versions, making removing vocals from a song accessible and straightforward. In this guide, we've curated a collection of expert-approved vocal remover tools, including software and online solutions, showcasing how to effortlessly remove vocals from a song. Whether you're a musician or novice music enthusiast looking to enhance your tracks or create karaoke versions, these tools provide efficient and effective ways to achieve your musical goals. You may be also interested in what is the best ai acapella isolator, kindly head to this post.



  • How Can I Remove Vocals From Music Without Spending?


You can explore various online vocal remover tools to remove vocals from music without spending a dime. These platforms come with user-friendly interfaces, allowing you to easily upload your audio file and separate vocals from your music!


  • Is It Possible to Separate Vocals from Videos?


You can isolate vocals from videos using specialized software that supports video files. Consider tools like UniFab Vocal Remover AI, which is designed for this purpose and makes vocal isolation from videos simple.


  • How Do I Extract Vocals From YouTube Online?


Free online tools make extracting vocals from YouTube videos straightforward. Just insert the YouTube link, and the tool will quickly extract vocals from the video, saving you the hassle of downloading additional software.

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