How To Watch Anime In 4K To Upgrade Your Anime Experience

Unlock the vivid beauty of anime like never before with our comprehensive guide on how to watch anime in 4K resolution. Discover five effortless tools to upscale your beloved anime to mesmerizing 4K quality.

Anime has carved its niche in entertainment, but not all online content meets resolution standards. Enter the anime AI upscale tool, designed to enhance scenes to crystal-clear 4K quality. 


With no technical expertise required, you can turn beloved anime moments into breathtaking visual masterpieces. Today, we'll reveal the top 5 anime upscalers, which can answer your query of how to watch anime in 4k while effortlessly restoring clarity and vibrancy to your favorite frames.


how to watch anime in 4k


Selecting the Perfect 4K Anime Streaming Platform


Anime content was initially prevalently produced in 1080p (Full HD). 4K is different from the preferred choice, meaning higher production costs. However, keeping in mind the changing customer requirements, more and more streaming platforms offer 4K content.


If you are searching for a streaming platform, then your aim should be to select one offering a separate anime section with multiple anime titles in Ultra HD. Some examples of such streaming platforms are Hulu, Netflix, AppleTV, Amazon Prime, MAX, and Funimation. 


The availability of 4K anime varies depending on your country, and not all anime is created in 4K. Even if a platform supports 4K, the anime content may not necessarily be available in that resolution. But fret not; we've identified the perfect solutions so that you can immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of anime like never before!


Exploring Various Methods for Upscaling Anime to 4K


UniFab Video Upscaler AI




UniFab Video Upscaler AI is the ultimate tool for upscaling anime to breathtaking 4K resolution. Its advanced AI models are trained to meticulously recognize, analyze, and enhance video content through cutting-edge deep learning algorithms, resulting in remarkably realistic and vivid visual effects. Whether you're seeking to upscale video resolution to 720P, 1080P, or the impressive 4K Ultra HD, UniFab Video Enlarger AI has you covered, even doubling the video size based on the original resolution. Be it anime movies, homemade videos, or black-and-white classics, UniFab Video Enhancer can serve as your one-stop solution for all video enhancement needs. 




Price: One year's license costs $99.99, and a lifetime license costs $139.99.


Supported Platforms: Windows & Mac


Step By Step Guide To Unscale Anime Videos To 4K


Step 1: Access UniFab and Navigate to the 'Enlarger' Module


unifab enlarger 1


Start by downloading and installing the UniFab software on your device. Once installed, open the interface and locate the 'Enlarger' module to begin the upscaling process.


Step 2. Import and Prepare Your Source Video


Use the Add Video button to import the anime you intend to upscale to 4K within the' Enlarger' module. After importing, adjust any necessary output settings according to your preferences.


unifab enlarger 2


Step 3. Customize the Enhancements


Before initiating the upscaling process, customize the video settings to meet your specific requirements— tailor parameters such as resolution, aspect ratio, and enhancement options to achieve your desired output.


unifab enlarger 4


Step 4. Initiate the Upscaling Process


After fine-tuning all preferences to your liking, initiate the upscaling process by clicking the start button. You can find the task in the workspace. UniFab's advanced algorithms will swiftly analyze and enhance the video, enriching the resolution to stunning 4K quality.


unifab enlarger 6




  • Renders excellent results for different types of anime videos.
  • Offers a free trial to enjoy the software without any upper limits.
  • A straightforward interface makes it the perfect choice for novice users.
  • Advanced GPU hardware enhances video enhancement speed by 50 times for faster results.
  • You can switch to the editor module to customize the video by adding sound effects, cropping off unwanted parts, and more. 




  • Might be tasking on your device hardware, making it ill-suited for basic computers. 


2. Topaz Video Enhance AI 


Topaz Video Enhance AI


Topaz Video Enhance AI is a versatile software, particularly adept at upscaling various types of videos, including anime, to stunning 4K quality. Powered by deep machine learning, this software intelligently enhances low-resolution videos, providing incredible detail. Its user-friendly interface and robust features offer a seamless experience for improving your anime collection. 


Price: $299 lifetime for 1 PC


Supported Platforms: Windows & Mac




  • Utilizing temporally aware facial recognition technology, it automatically adjusts corrections for sprawling landscapes or intricate portraits. 
  • It generates new frames, ensuring smooth transitions between different frame rates.
  • Offers different AI models to cater to various video-enhancing requirements of users.
  • Trained with extensive video frames, it distinguishes between noise and detail, precisely recognizing people and faces.




  • You cannot remove the watermark from images and videos in the trial version. 
  • Has high hardware support requirements. 


3. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI


AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI


AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI, utilizes machine learning to upscale anime and other videos to ultra-high-definition 4K resolution. This software employs neural networks for upscaling video from SD to HD, HD to 4K, and 4K to 8K, offering super-resolution upscaling and multi-frame enhancement. With its AI-powered capabilities, AVCLabs' video enhancer revitalizes old videos, improving overall quality and clarity for modern viewing experiences on HD or UHD displays.


Price: $39.95 per month, $119.95 per year, and $299.90 for perpetual plan of 1 PC.


Supported Platforms: Windows & Mac




  • It helps perfectly balance contrast, brightness, and saturation levels.
  • Banks on state-of-the-art AI algorithms for eliminating shakes caused by shaky camera movements. 
  • User-friendly interface makes it the perfect choice for novice and advanced users. 
  • Compatible with different video formats and content sources. 




  • The output quality might not match that of native 4K content.
  • The processing time for rendering high-resolution output is substantially high.


4. HitPaw Video Enhancer


HitPaw Video Enhancer is a readymade solution to upscale anime files to 4K resolution effortlessly from lower resolutions such as 480p or 720p. HitPaw Video Enhancer stands out for its powerful upscaling feature, leveraging AI technology to enhance video quality and restore details without complex editing or re-encoding processes. Its exclusive AI model is tailored explicitly to repair animation videos, ensure perfect clarity, and present stunning AI-upscaled anime. 


Price: $42.99 per month, $99.99 per year, and $349.99 for a perpetual plan of 1 PC for Windows. The Mac version costs $69.99 per month, $109.99 per year, and $349.99 for the perpetual plan of 1 PC.


Supported Platforms: Windows & Mac




  • Advanced AI algorithms help fix glitches by bringing new life into old anime videos.
  • Can upscale anime videos to up to 8K quality.
  • Easy interface is perfect for first-time users.
  • Retains the original quality while lessening pixelation.




  • It has very high system requirements.
  • The time taken for the video process is extremely lengthy. 


5. Adobe Premiere Pro


Adobe Premiere Pro


Adobe Premiere Pro has AI features that can help unlock creativity as you upscale anime videos to 4K resolution. The superb combination of a non-linear editing interface and a top-notch tool set has helped Adobe Premiere Pro become the top choice for professional-level video editors. Coupled with generative AI, you can add effects, transitions, and other filters for professional-grade results. 


Price: $32.99/month & $100.95/year


Supported Platforms: Windows & Mac




  • You can easily smoothen bumpy videos using the warp Stabilize feature.
  • Offers collaboration with Creative Cloud Libraries to organize online assets.
  • Supports various export formats like AVCHD, MPEG, and more.
  • Filler-word detection feature helps overcome verbal stumbles. 




  • Interface is intimidating for novice users.
  • You must install additional apps like Media Encoder & After Effects to avail of most of its features.




The demand for high-quality anime experiences continues growing, with enthusiasts seeking the best viewing options. Today, we have answered your common question about how to watch anime in 4k with the five top tools so that fans can immerse themselves fully in their favorite shows, regardless of where or how they choose to watch. 




1. What constitutes 4K anime?


4K anime denotes animated content crafted and exhibited in ultra-high definition resolution, commonly called 4K. This implies an exceptionally sharp and detailed image quality, boasting a 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution. Such resolution offers a significantly enhanced viewing experience compared to standard or high-definition anime.


2. What defines HDR anime?


HDR, short for High Dynamic Range, is a technology designed to elevate the contrast and color precision of video content. When integrated into 4K anime, HDR augments the visual spectacle by accentuating vibrant colors, refining shadow and highlighting details, and expanding the spectrum of contrast. As HDR-compatible displays and content become increasingly prevalent, embracing this technology ensures a more immersive viewing experience. 


3. Which anime commands the most significant fanbase?


In terms of sheer popularity and global acclaim, the Dragon Ball series reigns supreme with an unmatched fanbase across continents. Its enduring legacy and universal appeal have made it the epitome of beloved anime franchises worldwide.

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