Top 10 Anime Upscaler Tools of 2024

Say goodbye to pixelation with the must-have anime upscaler tools that can enhance your anime experience powered by top-notch upscaling technology. Keep reading to unlock stunning clarity in your anime images & videos.  This article will introduce you to the top anime upscaler tools that will enhance visual quality while maintaining the unique charm of your beloved anime.
Top 10 Anime Upscaler Tools of 2024

Brief Look At The Best Anime Video Upscaler Software



UniFab All-In-One 


Compatible PlatformsWindows,MacWeb-basedWindows, Mac & Linux
Price30-day free trial followed by a lifetime subscription of $299.99.FreeFree
Maximum video resolution4K4K4K
Output formats1000 video formatsPNG & WebP.MP4, AVI, and MKV
Video EditingSupportedNot SupportedNot Supported
Batch ProcessingSupportedSupportedSupported
GPU AccelerationSupportedNot SupportedNot Supported


Top Methods to Improve Anime Video Quality on Windows and Mac


Are you a Windows or Mac user looking to enhance the quality of your anime videos? Look no further! Here are our top five expert recommendations to bring vibrancy back to your anime videos:


UniFab All-In-One 


Discover UniFab All-In-One, the comprehensive tool for upscaling and enhancing needs. Elevate frame rates to 120fps and enhance video quality to HDR standards, achieving stunning 4K resolution. With a suite of over 20 advanced features, including stabilization and sharpening, UniFab ensures your anime videos shine with professional polish. Seamlessly convert anime videos to GIF format and back, handling batch conversions efficiently. Experience blazing-fast performance with GPU acceleration, unlocking endless creative possibilities for your anime visuals.





Supported Platforms: Windows/Mac


Price: 30 days free trial followed by lifetime subscription of $299.99




  • It can elevate anime video resolution to pristine 4K clarity, revealing every detail with remarkable precision.
  • Users can dive into immersive audio with AI-driven upmixing, elevating tracks to DTS 7.1 for heightened realism.
  • Unifab All-In-One can seamlessly compress audio and video without quality loss, meeting social media platform requirements.
  • Users can experience smooth and continuous video motion with AI-powered frame interpolation.
  • The tool can transform anime videos into stunning HDR masterpieces, enriching colors and contrast.
  • Users can unleash creativity with adjustable video speed from 0.2x to 5x for captivating special effects.
  • It is possible to fine-tune anime videos to perfection with adjustable parameters like Lumia and Chroma intensity.
  • Users can embrace versatility with UniFab's ability to convert anime videos to over 1,000 formats.
  • It can enhance video smoothness and quality through advanced AI deinterlacing.
  • The tool supports video enhancement across all genres, catering to diverse editing needs.


Step By Step Guide


Step 1: Selecting the Mode


Launch UniFab and pick the 'enlarger' mode from the menu.


unifab enlarger 1


Step 2: Uploading and Adjusting Your Anime Video


Import your anime video and fine-tune output settings like format, quality, audio, and subtitles.

Tips: If you’re unsure how to configure the best parameters for your video, we recommend you make them as default.


unifab enlarger 4



Step 3: Starting the Editing Process


You can begin editing your anime video with a click, utilizing GPU acceleration technology for up to 50 times faster processing.


unifab enlarger 6


2. Waifu2x 




Waifu2x is a free online anime upscaling and noise reduction tool for anime-style art and various photo types.Users can effortlessly upload their images to the official website and select upscaling options of up to 4x. Powered by deep convolutional neural networks, it enhances and enlarges anime photos effectively and offers customizable noise reduction levels.


Supported Platforms: Web-based


Price: Waifu2x is entirely free to use & hence doesn't offer any pricing plans.




  • A simple interface makes this tool well-suited for users of all skill levels.
  • You can choose among nineteen supported languages while using this tool.
  • Users can upscale both photos and artwork using Waifu2x.
  • It is possible to select the output image format between PNG & WebP.




  • You need to possess some technical skills to use this tool.


3. Anime4k




Anime4K is a lightweight and efficient anime upscaler designed specifically for anime videos, using a blend of algorithms to enhance resolution while preserving details and the authentic anime appearance. It's an open-source set of high-quality, real-time upscaling and denoising algorithms that can be integrated into any programming language. Anime4K prioritizes simplicity and speed, advocating for original content preservation and freedom of choice for anime fans. It offers various settings and parameters and supports multiple formats, making it an ideal choice for anime enthusiasts.


Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux


Price: Free to use 



  • Lightweight tool that will not weigh down your system while delivering super fast processing.
  • Delivers optimal results in upscaling anime videos by using a combination of algorithms.
  • The software is bug-free & doesn't crash while operating.
  • Compatible with most codecs & formats.




  • You need to possess technical know-how for launching & configuring this program.






ESRGAN is a cutting-edge AI-based upscaling algorithm renowned for producing highly detailed and sharp anime videos. Harnessing the capabilities of generative adversarial networks elevates resolution while preserving the essence of anime art styles. ESRGAN eliminates low-resolution artifacts, strengthens lines, and enhances colors, ensuring exceptional visual quality.


Supported Platforms: Windows


Price: Free to use




  • It generates incredibly sharp and detailed videos.
  • Compatible with a variety of anime art styles.
  • Users can customize the settings for better results.
  • Banks on AI algorithms to deliver superb results. 




  • The processing time is longer compared to peer anime upscaler tools. 


5. Video2x 




Video2x is a user-friendly upscaling software that merges the capabilities of various upscaling engines like Waifu2x and Anime4K. It features an intuitive interface for effortless anime video upscaling with customization options for refining results, allowing you to watch anime in 4K. Written in Python, Video2X can enhance resolution and frame rate with state-of-the-art algorithms.


Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu


Price: Free to use




  • Intuitive interface designed for effortless upscaling, 1080p to 4K.
  • It offers a range of upscaling engines, such as Waifu2x and Anime4K.
  • Batch processing capability to handle multiple videos concurrently.
  • Adjustable settings for precise customization of output.




  • It may lack some advanced features found in dedicated upscaling software


Top Methods to Improve Anime Image Quality on Windows and Mac


Now that we've explored the top anime video upscalers, let's explore image upscaling tools to create perfect wallpapers featuring adorable anime characters.


1. AI. Image Enlarger 


AI. Image Enlarger


Imglarger is an AI image upscaler software designed to enhance images online without compromising quality. With its one-click AI solution, you can make your photos sharper, crisper, and cleaner, increasing resolution to 8K without losing quality. Specifically tailored for anime and cartoon lovers, AI Image Upscaler provides smoother image upscaling than traditional methods. Imglarger's advanced AI system, trained on various images, including human faces and animal features, utilizes its "Guess" process to add new pixels to the original image, ensuring top-notch quality is maintained.


Supported Platforms: Web-based


Price: Start for free and upgrade to the Starter plan at $29/year, Premium plan at $49/year, or Advanced plan at $69/year.




  • It guarantees the complete safety of user information, as all uploaded images are automatically deleted after 24 hours.
  • The tool removes defects caused by compression while preserving the detailing in images.
  • Advanced algorithms can optimize minute details in the images to deliver 8K visuals.
  • The super-fast image enhancer supports batch processing of files to increase your productivity. 




  • There is no option to customize the upscaling ratio of anime images. 


2. Photoenlarger




PhotoEnlarger is a free online tool for upscaling and enhancing images. Users can customize image enlargement with four factors, ensuring the perfect result. PhotoEnlarger specializes in anime image upscaling, enlarging photos by up to 546% without compromising quality. It utilizes six different enlargement algorithms, including an AI-based one, to offer users various options for enhanced and upscaled photos. With PhotoEnlarger, you can quickly improve your images, achieving professional-quality results for free.


Supported Platforms: Web-based


Price: Free to use 




  • A clutter-free interface makes it easy to navigate this anime upscaler tool.
  • It guarantees complete privacy to users in terms of pictures uploaded.
  • There is no sign-up requirement allowing users to upscale anime images instantly.
  • A completely free tool doesn't limit the number of upscaling. 




  • Several users have complained about the quality of upscaled images.






ImageResizer is an online tool that allows users to enlarge anime images by increasing their pixel size while minimizing quality loss. With core algorithms optimized to preserve image quality, ImageResizer delivers excellent results for anime image resizing. After uploading your image or entering a URL, you can choose how much you want to scale up your photos by percentage or dimensions. ImageResizer displays the result with details such as the new size in pixels.


Supported Platforms: Web-based


Price: Free to use




  • This free image enlarger also supports bulk resizing, making it convenient to resize multiple images simultaneously. 
  • With ImageResizer, you can enlarge photos within seconds.
  • Users can choose to compress or convert the images to PNG or PDF.
  • Thanks to HTML5 canvas technology, it's free and secure and ensures your images are never uploaded to servers.




  • If you wish to make the images twice as big as the original, the image quality is often hampered. 


4. BigJpg 




Bigjpg is an AI-powered anime picture upscaler that utilizes Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. It offers simple and efficient processing, allowing users to upload photos, apply noise reduction, and choose scaling options up to 16x. Bigjpg supports batch processing, multiple languages, and API integration, making it a versatile tool for efficiently enhancing anime images.


Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android & iOS


Price: Free with limited features




  • It uses deep convolutional neural networks to intelligently reduce serration and noise in images.
  • It supports API, which can be accessed after logging in.
  • A special algorithm adjusts the lines and colors of images so that the final results are not blurry.
  • It supports regular images alongside illustrations and anime images.




  • Users have often complained of prolonged processing times in the free account.




Letsenhance is a powerful image upscaling tool that uses advanced AI technology to increase image resolution without losing quality. Whether you need to upscale anime images for printing, web use, or creative projects, this tool covers you as it increases image size up to 500MP alongside 300+ DPI density. Perfect for creative professionals, it allows for the precision and efficiency of resizing images for various formats, saving valuable time for other tasks.


Supported Platforms: Web-based


Price: You can start with ten free credits, & buy 100 credits for $12/month, 300 credits for $29/month & 500 credits for $39/month. (On annual billing)




  • Users can upload & edit multiple anime images at once.
  • It takes seconds to enhance your anime photos.
  • Users can convert small anime photos to HD, 4K, 8K, or more.
  • The AI-backed tool can fix saturation and white balance with an HDR filter. 




  • You need to create an account for processing the uploaded images. 


Final Word


With anime's global popularity skyrocketing, fans always look for ways to enhance their viewing experience. If you're eager to take your anime-watching to the next level by upscaling your favorite movies to crystal-clear resolutions, you've landed in the perfect spot. Discover our range of anime upscaler tools to enjoy your cherished shows in stunning ultra-high quality. While each tool listed above offers exceptional results, UniFab All-In-One shines by effortlessly converting videos from SD to 4K UHD, ensuring you can immerse yourself in your favorite anime with breathtaking high definition.




What are the advantages of using an anime image upscaler?

An anime image upscaler offers hassle-free usage and quick results without the need for any editing skills. It efficiently upscales your anime images in seconds or minutes!


Does upscaling affect the quality of anime images?


Most anime image enhancers utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure that your anime photos are upscaled excellently without compromising quality.


What are the possibilities with enhanced anime images?


Enhanced anime images offer more precise and detailed visuals, suitable for wallpapers, prints, or sharing on social media. They enhance the overall viewing experience for anime enthusiasts, providing sharper details and vibrant colors.

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