The Ultimate Guide To Effortlessly Transcribe Video To Text In 2024

Convert your video content into text to enhance productivity. Try the different tools to transcribe video to text mentioned below or add greater finesse to the source video using UniFab All-In-One.

We frequently need to transform spoken words into written documents, which can be incredibly time-consuming when done by hand. This is where automated transcriptions come into play, for generating text with remarkable speed and accuracy. Today, we'll delve deeply into the process of transcribing video to text, offering insights into the best tools available for this purpose.


transcribe video to text


What is the process of transcribing video to text? 


Transcribing video to text involves several steps, whether you use automated tools or opt for human transcription services. Here's a detailed look at the process:


  • Prepare the Video


Make sure your video is in a supported format (e.g., MP4, AVI, MOV), and ensure the audio quality is clear, as poor audio can lead to inaccurate transcriptions.


  • Choose a Transcription Method


 Automated Transcription utilizes AI-powered tools for quick transcription. Human Transcription involves hiring professional transcriptionists for more accurate results, especially for complex or sensitive content. 


  • Upload the Video


For automated tools, upload your video file to the platform. These tools typically support various file formats and provide a user-friendly upload interface. You should submit the video file for human transcription services and provide additional instructions or context to help the transcriptionist.


  • Transcription Process


The AI processes the audio and generates text in automated transcription. This usually takes a few minutes to an hour, depending on the length of the video. For human transcription, a transcriptionist listens to the audio and types out the text, which can take several hours to a few days, depending on the service and video length.


  • Review and Edit


Automated transcriptions often require manual review and correction for misheard words or incorrect punctuation. Human transcriptions generally have higher accuracy but may need minor edits for clarity or formatting.


Now that you understand the transcription process, let's explore some popular video transcription tools. These methods cater to different needs, from quick and automated solutions to highly accurate human transcriptions.


Various Methods for Transcribing Video to Text


How do you get a transcript of a video? Discover how you can expedite your task by exploring the methods outlined below.


Method 1: Using Google Docs To Transcribe Video To Text


Using Google Docs To Transcribe Video To Text


Converting video to text using Google is an efficient and cost-effective method to transcribe your video quickly. Utilizing Google Docs in the Chrome browser, the "voice typing" feature allows you to speak and have your words automatically converted into text within the document. This tool is handy for video conferences, live calls, meetings, and lectures. By creating versatile written content from your videos, you can reach a broader audience, significantly impacting the growth and visibility of your material. Google Voice Typing can generate blog posts, articles, transcriptions, captions, and social media posts, offering a user-friendly solution for real-time transcription.




  • The interface is user-friendly and straightforward, making it accessible for everyone. 
  • With any Google Docs account, you can turn speech into text for free, offering a cost-effective transcription solution. 
  • There's no software download required.
  • Google Docs also supports collaboration, allowing multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously. 
  • The tool supports transcription in 40 languages.
  • It can output files in various formats, including Microsoft Word (.docx), OpenDocument Format (.odt), Rich Text Format (.rtf), PDF Document (.pdf), Plain text (.txt), Web page (.html, zipped), and EPUB Publication (.epub). 
  • You can easily edit the text after it has been transcribed.
  • There's no limit to the number of videos you can transcribe using this method.


Steps Involved To Transcribe Video To Text Using Google Docs 


Step 1: Open a New Document


Navigate to Google Docs and select "Blank document" on the main page to create a new empty document in which you can begin typing.


Open a New Document


Step 2: Access Voice Typing


Navigate to the menu, select 'Tools,' and then choose 'Voice typing' to transform speech into text. You'll notice a microphone icon on your screen. Alternatively, press "command + shift + s" on your keyboard to access it quickly.


Access Voice Typing


Step 3: Connect and Test Your Microphone


 Before transcribing, verify that your microphone setup is operational.


Connect and Test Your Microphone


Step 4: Select Language


Choose the appropriate language for your transcription work. Google Docs voice typing supports over 100 languages.


Select Language


Step 5: Start Transcribing


Once you've selected your language, you can begin transcribing. Click on the microphone symbol to activate voice typing and speak into your microphone.




Step 6: Utilize Voice Commands


Enhance efficiency by using special voice commands to format your transcription. For instance, say "period" to insert a full stop or "comma" to add punctuation. These commands also allow you to remove or alter words. Note that voice commands are only effective if your account and document language are set to English.


Step 7: Review and Edit


Thoroughly review your transcription for accuracy and clarity. Utilize Google Docs tools to refine the document's appearance and correct any errors, ensuring it is both correct and easy to comprehend.


Method 2: Using Microsoft 365 Online To Transcribe Video To Text


Microsoft 365, a cloud-based subscription service, allows users to convert audio directly to text. However, this functionality is exclusively available to premium subscribers, with a five-hour limit on transcriptions. 


Using Microsoft 365 Online To Transcribe Video To Text


This feature, Microsoft Word Transcribe, proves beneficial for transcribing lectures or Zoom meetings. To utilize it, users must ensure they have a microphone connected to their computer, whether built-in or external. It's crucial to minimize background noise to enhance transcription accuracy. 


Once completed, the transcript appears in the same pane as the recording, with timestamps, speaker names, and separated text for multiple speakers, enhancing clarity and organization.




  • Users can collaborate in real time and share files seamlessly with OneDrive and Microsoft Teams.
  • You can utilize your files and applications across various devices, including computers, iPhones, and Android phones.
  • Allows inserting snippets of the transcribed video into existing documents or saving the entire file as a Word document. 


Steps Involved In Transcribing Video To Text Using Microsoft 365 Online


Step 1: Sign In to Word Online


Sign In to Word Online


Step 2: Access Dictation Options


Go to the 'Home' tab and click the little arrow next to the 'Dictate' option to reveal a list.




Step 3: Select Transcribe


Choose 'Transcribe' from the list to proceed with the transcription process.




Step 4: Authorize Microphone Usage


If you have yet to transcribe, you may need to permit Microsoft to use your microphone.




Step 5: Start Recording


Either input an existing recording or initiate a new one. Click 'Start Recording' to begin the process.




Step 6: Begin Speaking


Once initiated, the timer will commence, allowing you to start speaking. However, your words won't be transcribed in real time.




Step 7: Stop Recording and Activate Transcription


Stop the recording and utilize the 'Dictate' button to transcribe. Ensure the transcribe pane remains open during the recording.




Step 8: Save and Transcribe


Upon completing the recording, click the 'Save and Transcribe Now' button to initiate transcription.


Method 3: Using Mac Inbuilt Tool To Transcribe Video To Text


MacBooks come with a simple transcription tool. You can use it while recording a video to make a text file simultaneously. But to do this, you'll need another device, like a smartphone, to play the video you want to transcribe. Then, you use your Mac's built-in microphone to transcribe what's playing on your phone. 




  • The built-in transcription feature operates seamlessly in the background while you play video content. 
  • This dictation software comes at no extra cost since it's integrated into your Mac. While you may need to download additional software for Enhanced Dictation, the core functionality remains free.
  • It aligns with Apple's user-friendly design ethos, ensuring a straightforward and intuitive experience.
  • Mac dictation software seamlessly handles different video formats, allowing you to transcribe regardless of the file type. 


Steps Involved To Transcribe Video To Text Using Mac's Inbuilt Tool


Step 1: Access System Preferences


Open System Preferences by clicking on the Apple logo in the top left-hand corner of your Mac screen.


Step 2. Navigate to Dictation & Speech


Select "Dictation & Speech" from the options available.




Step 3. Enable Dictation


Check the selection box to turn on dictation.




Step 4. Choose Microphone


Ensure you've selected the correct microphone for transcription. The default is usually the internal microphone, but you can switch to an external one if connected.


Step 5. Enable Enhanced Dictation (Optional)


Toggle on Enhanced Dictation if you prefer real-time feedback on your transcription to correct any mistakes as you go along.




Step 6. Adjust Input Language (If Necessary)


If needed, change the input language according to your preference.


Step 7. Save Changes and Close Menu


Close the menu to save any changes you've made to the Dictation & Speech settings.


Step 8. Start Transcribing


Before playing the video, open a new note in the Notepad app on your Mac. Press the CTRL key twice on your Mac to initiate dictation using the microphone. A microphone icon will signal that it's active and listening; then, as you play the video, the audio will be transcribed in real time.


Method 4: Using iPhone's Notes App To Transcribe Video To Text


The Notes app on the iPhone is a powerful tool for converting spoken words in videos into written text. Following the iOS 16 update, it supports languages beyond English, including German, French, and Japanese. Adding these languages to your phone's keyboard settings allows you to transcribe videos in various languages seamlessly. 




  • The Notes app provides a sleek interface, enhancing the transcription process with impressive precision. 
  • You can locate specific notes, streamlining information retrieval efficiently with its Quick Search attribute.
  • The Notes app is pre-installed on every iPhone, eliminating the need for additional downloads.
  • Your notes synchronize seamlessly across all your Apple devices. (iPhone, iPad, Mac).
  • Notes offer simple formatting options such as titles, lists, and bullet points, facilitating the organization of your transcriptions.


Steps Involved To Transcribe Video To Text Using iPhone's Notes App


Step 1: Find the Video and Open Notes App


Step 2: Start Transcribing


In the Notes app, tap the microphone icon and select your preferred transcription language.




Step 3: Position iPhone and Play Video


Place your iPhone near your computer's microphone and play the video on your computer.


Step 4: Review Transcription

The Notes app will accurately transcribe the video to text. Place your phone in Ringer mode for effective transcription.


Method 5: Using the Online Tool Maestra To Transcribe Video To Text


Maestra offers an automated solution for transcribing, captioning, and adding voiceovers to video and audio files, supporting over 100 languages. With Maestra, users can upload their video files directly to the online platform and begin transcribing using the free trial without needing a credit card or account. 


Using Maestra's AI video-to-text converter, a 10-minute video can be transcribed in 30-40 seconds. The tool provides various text formats, including paragraph-style notes, resembling human transcription. Leveraging AI transcription technology, Maestra ensures both speed and accuracy in transcribing video files to text within seconds. By the way, if you are looking for the best speech to text software, go ahead to this post.




  • Maestra users can replicate their voice instantly, enabling speech in 29 languages through AI voice generation.
  • Seamlessly integrates with YouTube to retrieve content from your channel without manual uploading. 
  • Maestra facilitates transcription and subtitle editing directly within its editor.
  • Users can utilize Maestra's user-friendly text editor to proofread and modify transcripts. While boasting high accuracy, every aspect of the transcript can be adjusted to meet specific needs.


Steps Involved To Transcribe Video To Text Using Online Tool Maestra


Step 1: Access Maestra Portal and Language Selection


Navigate to the Maestra portal and select the language of the source video file from over 125 languages.




Step 2: Upload Your Video


Upload a video file of your choice to the platform. Alternatively, utilize the drag & drop feature for convenience.


Step 3: Automatic Transcription


Following the upload, transcription will commence automatically.


Step 4: Customize and Export the Transcript


Tailor the video transcript to your specifications. Then, export it in your preferred format. You can apply formatting edits such as Bold, Italics, Underlined, Strikethrough, and Highlight to the text.


Method 6: Use the Online Tool Notta To Transcribe Video To Text


Notta streamlines the process of converting videos into editable and shareable text, facilitating the creation of subtitles and highlighting key phrases. It offers a reliable Video-to-text feature, transcribing videos in 58 languages with high accuracy. 


Notta quickly generates video subtitles and can transcribe an hour-long video in under five minutes, streamlining the transcription process. The platform provides real-time transcription, intelligent speaker recognition, and integrated note-taking, allowing seamless editing and collaboration. Transcriptions can be exported in multiple formats. 




  • Notta's advanced technology supports translation into 42 languages.
  • The translations can be downloadable in popular formats like SRT or PDF.
  • It offers an option to extract translated text without the original content.
  • It achieves up to 98.86% transcription accuracy with advanced machine learning. 
  • Notta ensures privacy and security by complying with SSL and GDPR.


Steps Involved To Transcribe Video To Text Using Online Tool Notta


Step 1: Upload Your Videos


Initiate the process by selecting 'Import Files,' offering the option to effortlessly drag and drop files or choose documents for upload by selecting the appropriate transcribing language. For YouTube videos, seamlessly convert audio to text by pasting the URL and clicking 'Upload.'




Step 2: Transcribe and Review Your Files


Allow time for files to upload, with size limits of 1GB for audio and 10GB for video. Transcription starts automatically after uploading. Double-click the text to play back timestamped audio and add notes and photos to enhance the transcriptions.




Step 3: Export and Share Your Transcriptions


Click 'Export' and choose a format such as TXT, DOCX, SRT, or PDF; SRT is ideal for subtitles. Share recordings and transcripts via a link, even with those who don't have a Notta account. Users can generate a unique shareable URL by clicking 'Share.'


Method 7: Using the Online Tool Flixier To Transcribe Video To Text


Experience the seamless speech conversion in your videos to editable text with Flixier. Transcribe your videos to text effortlessly within minutes using this browser-based platform. The user-friendly interface ensures a quick start, and with cloud processing, the speed is unmatched without draining your computer's resources. Flixier accommodates various video formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, and MPEG, enabling versatile transcription options. You can even transcribe YouTube videos by simply pasting the link. 





  • Once transcribed, you may utilize the text as subtitles, incorporate it into documents, or enhance your YouTube video descriptions. 
  • You can enhance engagement by customizing subtitles with different fonts and colors. 
  • Flixier offers the flexibility to add audio to your videos from our library or your recordings, with the added perk of transcription. 
  • Flixier provides extensive functionality to free users. 


Steps Involved To Transcribe Video To Text Using Online Tool Flixier


Step 1: Adding Videos to Flixier's Library


Start by clicking the Transcribe button to upload your video to Flixier. No account is required for this step.




Step 2: Automatic Transcription of Video to Text


Once the video upload is complete, initiate the conversion process by clicking the "Generate" button. Depending on the video's length, this may take a few minutes. Once finished, the transcribed text will be visible on the left side of the screen.


Step 3: Retrieving the Transcribed Text


After completing the conversion, review and edit the text as necessary. Next, simply click the download button located at the bottom left corner of the screen to access the transcribed text in your preferred format, whether it's Text or Subtitle.


Method 8: Use the Online Tool To Transcribe Video To Text


Experience VEED's cutting-edge video transcription and translation capabilities, boasting an impressive 98.5% accuracy across over 125 languages. Seamlessly convert videos to text, ideal for documenting conferences, interviews, and presentations, and enhance accessibility with automatic subtitle addition. Maximize video visibility on Google and YouTube by leveraging transcriptions for descriptions, driving traffic to your social media and website. VEED's intuitive online editor offers professional-grade tools, while its AI-driven language detection ensures global reach. 




  • You can customize subtitles for brand alignment.
  • Allows removing background noise effortlessly.
  • Users can enjoy compatibility with a wide range of file formats.
  • Premium subscribers can download transcripts as TXT files for streamlined business documentation. 


Steps Involved To Transcribe Video To Text Using Online Tool


Step 1: Upload The File


Start by importing your audio or video files into VEED, or utilize its online webcam recorder to capture new footage.




Step 2: Automatic Transcription and Translation


Utilize the Subtitles menu to transcribe your content automatically. Explore the option to translate the transcript into more than 120 languages. Choose your preferred language and witness the instant translation.


Step 3: Review and Export


Take the time to review and refine the transcription as needed. You can make necessary edits with a simple click on any line of text. Once satisfied, export your transcript in VTT, SRT, or TXT format for convenient use.



Although the tools mentioned earlier can assist you in transcribing video to text, they may need help delivering satisfactory results in background noise. In such instances, as mentioned earlier, a professional video editing and converting tool like UniFab All-In-One becomes necessary to ensure optimal transcription performance. While UniFab All-In-One currently lacks support for video-to-text transcription, it excels as a comprehensive solution for your video editing and conversion requirements. Please continue reading to explore its capabilities.


UniFab All-In-One – Your Ultimate Solution For Video Editing & Conversion


Do you need help with the limitations of converting video files to text? UniFab All-In-One offers a comprehensive solution with extensive video editing, enhancement, and conversion features. Powered by AI, this tool effortlessly enhances and converts videos up to 4K hdr, enriching them with higher bit depth and a broader color gamut. Boasting over 20 advanced features, including stabilization and sharpening, UniFab All-In-One ensures your videos are polished to perfection. 


Whether you're a novice or an experienced user, this user-friendly solution simplifies the process of video creation and editing. Moreover, you can swiftly convert videos to GIF format and vice versa, even handling batches seamlessly. With a remarkable 50x speed, you can elevate the resolution to Ultra HD and upscale to superior Dolby Vision quality, unlocking new possibilities for your video projects.




Reasons behind Growing Popularity Of UniFab All-In-One Among Video Editing & Converting Enthusiasts


  • This tool supports video enhancement for all genres, including animation, homemade videos, and more.
  • It effortlessly converts videos to over 1,000 formats, including WEBM, MKV, FLV, MP4, AVI, and more.
  • Users can experience immersive sound with AI-driven upmixing of audio tracks to DTS 7.1.
  • You can achieve cleaner outputs by removing video noise caused by signal interference and camera malfunctions.
  • Utilize advanced AI technology to enhance video smoothness and quality by deinterlacing.
  • Easily modify video speed from 0.2x to 5x for creating various special effects.
  • Compress audio and video without quality loss, meeting the requirements of social media platforms.
  • Enjoy a clean and enjoyable karaoke experience by separating background tracks and eliminating unwanted noise.
  • With AI-powered frame interpolation, ensure smooth and continuous video motion by reducing trembling and fluttering.
  • Enhance videos to HDR quality, bringing out vivid colors and improved contrast.
  • Boost video resolution to 4K for exceptional clarity and detail.
  • Fine-tune videos by unsharpening and unblurring them with adjustable parameters such as Lumia intensity, Lumia dimension, Chroma intensity, and Speed dimension.






Video transcription is a pivotal bridge between spoken content and written text, offering myriad benefits across various domains. It facilitates improved searchability on platforms like YouTube and Google. Content creators and marketers can leverage transcriptions to augment their online presence, making videos more discoverable and attracting a broader audience to their social media platforms and websites. We hope today's discussion has cleared all your doubts regarding the different ways to transcribe video to text.




How long does it typically take to transcribe one hour of audio? 


For most individuals, transcribing what they hear from 15 minutes of easy-to-understand audio takes around 1 hour. Therefore, transcribing a 1-hour audio recording requires approximately 4 hours. 


What equipment is necessary for transcription? 


Specialized equipment is not mandatory for transcription; specific tools can enhance efficiency. Noise-canceling headphones facilitate clearer audio comprehension, which is particularly useful for self-transcription. Transcription software can significantly expedite the process, accomplishing in minutes what might otherwise take hours.


How much time is needed to transcribe a podcast or interview? 


The duration of transcribing a podcast or interview depends on factors such as the clarity of the recording and the length of the episode. For instance, transcribing a 30-minute podcast episode may take approximately two hours, whereas transcribing a 1-hour episode may require around 4 hours.

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