10 Best Speech to Text Software 2024: Insights&Highlights

While taking notes from any tutorial or writing down points from a group discussion or office presentation, using the best speech-to-text software is the best option to save time and energy.

The machine learning technology in AI algorithms makes the speech to text conversion process easy and effortless. Using the best speech-to-text software, you can write anything you speak through your voice without your hands. 

This tool lets you multitask, like cooking, cleaning, driving, or something else, while writing anything on your device with dictation. So, before picking up any speech-to-text software, let's get an overview of this tool with the top 10 software recommendations.


What is Speech-To-Text software?

Speech-to-text software, also known as dictation software or voice recognition software, is a computer program mostly working with AI machine learning algorithms. The software recognizes spoken words and then translates them into text form on your system or other device in your desired language. 

This tool works with assistive technology (AT), and there are various types of “Transcription Technology,” such as built-in devices, apps, software, etc. This voice-to-text software is very useful in some professions, such as medical, marketing, doctors, legal, etc.

What is The Main Purpose of The Voice to Text Software?

From email writing, note taking, document creation, digital book writing, or office presentations, the perfect speech recognition software is all set to save your time and writing effort. It uses systematic analysis, AI machine learning, or similar algorithms to offer various features and functions to make your speech-to-text conversion process smooth and seamless.

Primary Purposes

  • You can avoid your manual writing effort, poor handwriting & spelling error


  • Increase your productivity and workflow speed with hassle-free & seamless writing with more accuracy 


  • While writing through voice makes your hands free to do other work 


  • Speech recognition software is beneficial for physically disabled people who have writing challenges 


  • It helps dyslexia, & dysgraphia patients to improve their writing skills without getting stressed  


  • Scripting, story writing, documenting data, etc, have become more accessible than ever with voice recognition software 

How to Pick The Best Speech-To-Text Software

Among various AI dictation software, mobile applications, online tools, or computer-built-in programs, you must be specific enough to pick the right one that fits your requirements. So, before selecting any random speech-to-text software, let's look at some essential factors you must consider when choosing the right tool.

  • Dictation software should be fast & provide accuracy in the output text


  • Voice command recognition functions must be there to apply proper punctuation during dictation 


  • For real-time team collaboration, the voice-to-text software must be compatible with multiple other tools


  • It must support online & offline speech to text conversion service 


  • Live editing with systematic analysis will optimize the workflow


  • Voice message transcription will be an added benefit to back up your information in the text form for easy access 


  • The dictation software must support the maximum number of languages to ensure the versatile use of the tool


  • It has to be economical & user-friendly 


  • Cloud-based best voice-to-text software service can handle large amounts of audio-video data with easy access & best suited for business purposes 


  • System installed voice recognition software offers advanced features & maximum customization option

Snapshot of The 3 Best Speech-To-Text Software


Best Speech to Text SoftwareBest ForSoftware's Sensations Advanced Attractions 
Windows Speech Recognition Windows users
  • Free tool
  • Complete control over dictation 
  • Integration with windows app
  • New Voice Command option
  • 11 languages support with 95% accuracy 
  • Dictation & writing speed matching reminder
Apple Dictation Mac & iOS users 
  • Free & built-in tool
  • Best to take small note, memo & voice massage 
  • Editing & Formatting support
  • 96% accuracy with 59 languages support 
  • Offline transcribing support
  • Dedicated dictation option
GboardAndroid & iOS users
  • Free Tool with dedicated dictation feature
  • Swift switch between languages 
  • Best for email, note, GPS navigation 
  • 98%accuracy with 916 languages support 
  • Online & offline support 
  • Well trained program over seven years


10 Best Voice-to-Text Software with Overall Insights 

To select the best dictation software, you should consider the above-mentioned factors. Here, you will see the 10 most demanding and powerful tools with their pros and cons.

1. Windows Speech Recognition 

Windows Speech Recognition

Best For: It is a built-in tool in Microsoft Windows PC, so Windows users and Microsoft 365 users can freely use it.

Price: Free

Supported OS: Windows 

The first dictation software for PC is the one and only Windows Speech Recognition software, also known as voice typing. It gives you complete control over your writing with dictation.

Being a built-in tool, it works with any of the other apps on your Windows PC. While offering computer control functions, you can unlock the “New Voice Command” option to control everything through your voice during dictation.


  • Easy to use with “listening” pop-up to start & “Stop Talking” to end the conversion process 
  • It provides 95% accuracy in the output results 
  • It supports 11 languages & dialects 
  • It offers a dedicated reminder feature to match up the dictation and writing speed.


  • Sometimes, it fails to give complete accuracy to the converted text results. 
  • Sometimes, it doesn't recognize speech & becomes freezes if the dictation speed is very fast

2. Apple Dictation 

Apple Dictation

Best For: Any Apple device user to explore internet-free speech to text conversion, no separate app installation hassle

Price: Free

Supported OS: Mac & iOS

Apple Dictation is the most authentic, effective and best dictation software for Mac and iOS platforms. It is a Siri-powered built-in function for all Apple devices. 

On iOS devices, you need to select the Microphone icon, and on MacBooks, you must find the “Dictation” option to activate this function. It provides seamless conversion of voice notes, memos, etc., on any of your Apple devices, including Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, etc.


  • This is the best dictation software for Mac without any internet requirements. 
  • A completely free tool with 59 languages & dialects support
  • With started conversion features, it provides 96% accuracy in its output 
  • It allows editing & formatting with simple commands like “Select the previous word,” “New Paragraph,” etc.


  • Its service is limited to some languages, regions & countries 
  • It can't handle long-term dictation since it can tackle a maximum of 40 seconds of Dictation 

3. Gboard


Best For: Mobile users, email writing, voice note to text conversion, GPS navigation instructions

Price: Free

Supported OS: Android & iOS

Gboard, commonly known as Google Keyboard, is the best voice-to-text software that integrates with your mobile's keyboard. On Android phones, it comes as the default keyboard settings, but on iOS, you can download the Gboard app from the app store for free if it's not available. 

This free tool has a dedicated dictation feature that can be enabled by pressing the microphone icon on your phone's keyboard. With auto-translation support, your dictation will automatically translate to your selected native language in text form.


  • A simple overlay option appears on the screen to convert dictation to text
  • Its result accuracy varies from 92% to 98%
  • It supports 916 languages and dialects 
  • It will automatically switch between languages without manual intervention 


  • This speech-to-text conversion service requires the internet, and for offline use, you need to download the language pack separately on Android. 
  • You must manually enable the voice typing permission to work with this function. 

4. Dragon Anywhere

Best For: To achieve high accuracy for mobile & desktop use, flexible purchasing option

Supported OS: Desktop & Mobile (Windows, Mac, Android & iOS)

Price: $14.99/ Month

To experience high-end speech-to-text conversion for business, medical, legal, and any other professional field, Dragon Anywhere is a very old and authentic speech-to-text software with high accuracy. 

This cloud-based service uses a deep learning algorithm to offer detailing and accuracy at a 3X faster speed. It also supports the “Auto-Text” option to write any information, sentence, or paragraph automatically by giving one voice command.


  • It has a built-in vocabulary dedicated to various segments, such as legal, education, social services, and healthcare.
  • You can create, edit & format your converted text on a mobile device 
  • It ensures security with “Table-Stake” security with six-language support for mobile & 8 language support for desktop 
  • It offers around 97% accuracy in its result with transcribing from an audio file option


  • You need to buy desktop & mobile versions separately
  • Comparatively expensive tool

5. Otter.ai

Best For: To transcribe Meetings, interviews, and notes instantly, AI-assistance, organizing and questioning from documents 

Supported OS: Online, Android & iOS 

Price: $9.17/month

From email writing and note/meeting transcribing to real-time collaboration with multiple users, Otter is a potent AI dictation software. With its versatility, this tool can transcribe multiple speakers' speech in one go while separating one voice from another. 

It can also switch between meetings and write everything it listens to. The written texts are shared with others through a link. With real-time collaboration, anyone can edit, highlight, or comment on the document.


  • It can transcribe multiple interviews one after the other
  • It can extract keywords & generate notes from the transcribed content
  • This AI dictation software lets you ask questions from the transcribed content of multiple topics
  • It provides a result accuracy of 93% with American & British English support


  • There is no dedicated voice command option
  • It supports only English language 

6. Google Docs Voice Typing 

Google Docs Voice Typing

Best For: Real-time online collaboration with multiple users, a free & handy tool for Google users 

Supported OS: Web on Browser 

Price: Free

In the Google Workspace suite, Google Docs Voice Typing is a very effective feature for transcribing speech to text. After opening the Google Doc file on the web browser, you must find the microphone icon to initiate the transcription process. 

This best speech-to-text software lets you change languages using the simple dropdown menu at the upper side of the microphone icon. While hovering over the icon, you can click on the “?” sign and get all the assistance you need.


  • It offers a dedicated voice command option.
  • It gives almost 92% accuracy in its results
  • It supports 118 languages & dialects 
  • You only need a Google account to use this dictation software without any setup or Installation. 


  • Voice command is available only in the English language 
  • It offers only online support 

7. Speech Texter

Speech Texter

Best For: Online use, instant transcription on Android, multi-language support 

Supported OS: Web & Android App

Price: Free

Speech Texter is a very advanced voice-to-text software with multiple language support. Its online service allows you to access this tool on any platform or device. The software's strength is its extensive language support.

This hassle-free download, installation, and registration tool is best suited for teachers, students, bloggers, writers, and other professionals. It makes your workflow speedy, smooth, and seamless while transcribing emails, notes, documents, or books.


  • It offers a dedicated voice command list with punctuations, phrases, and actions like redo, undo, etc.
  • It provides unmatchable support for the long list of 70 languages
  • This dictation software offers more than 90% accuracy in the output results 
  • It helps you to develop perfection in various foreign languages with proper pronunciation


  • There is no dedicated app for desktop & iOS platform 
  • Speech transcription result is comparatively lower than the other contemporary tools

8. Just Press Record 

Best For: Dedicated for iOS users, iCloud synchronization meets multi-functional audio purposes. 

Supported OS: iOS

Price: $4.99

Just Press Record is a dedicated audio recording tool that meets various audio customization requirements. With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, this voice recognition software offers a dedicated transcribing feature. 

After transcribing your document, you can save it in iCloud storage for future use or share it with any device or platform you want. The transcripted text and audio editing functions take this tool one step ahead of the competition.


  • With iCloud synchronization support, you can transcribe anything into your desired language on any iOS device. 
  • It supports 30+ languages 
  • This speech recognition software lets you configure custom voice command 
  • You can switch between different iOS devices like iPad and iPhone to edit or format the transcribed text.


  • It's not a free tool.
  • It's only for iOS users. 

9. Speechnotes


Best For: Online Tool, all device & platform compatibility, free tool with all essential transcription functions 

Supported OS: Web

Price: Free

Speechnotes is a very simple yet significant speech recognition software. It automatically transcribes any audio or video content with blazing-fast speed. It lets you upload audio-video content from any online source, like Google Drive, YouTube, etc., and export the file in various forms, such as text, docx, subtitles, etc. 

This is an easy-to-use app to transform your smooth and seamless transcribing experience for free with internet support. You also don't have to create an account to use this tool. It offers the latest speaker diarization technology to separate different speakers.


  • Secured AI dictation software with almost 95% accuracy 
  • It allows you to translate & summarize your transcription
  • This speech-to-text software supports voice commands for punctuation & formatting 
  • It provides auto-capitalization with easy import & export option


  • It has a limited output format. 
  • This is not an entirely free tool; an in-app purchase option for additional features exists.

10. Braina

Best For: Windows & mobile users, hassle-free dictation software without requiring going through any complex voice training, settings, or process

Supported OS: Windows, Android & iOS 

Price: $99/ Year

If you are working on your Windows PC and looking for dedicated dictation software for PC, Braina is a one-stop solution. It also has a dedicated app for Android and iOS, which offers transcription services with and without internet support. 

From filling out online forms and writing emails to taking classroom or meeting room notes to any word processing program, this tool supports versatility in your transcribing process. It can recognize custom words and create templates and answers. It is well-trained to recognize scientific, legal, or medical terms.


  • It gives over 100 language support. 
  • It provides 99% accuracy in its result 
  • It works as the best personal voice assistant
  • It doesn't require any voice training 


  • It's not an entirely free tool.
  • The dictation feature is not available in its free version. 

Bonus Tips: While Transcribing, Transform Any Video Using UniFab All-in-one 

Using the best speech-to-text software, if you are transcribing subtitles to any video such as YouTube videos, Movies, Music videos, Video blogs, etc, try the jaw-dropping AI-powered video transformation functions of UniFab All-In-One. Whether you are transcribing for any website, school project, or office presentation, a 4K upscaled video with DTS 7.1 surround audio quality will completely transform the quality of your work to its best level with professional appeal. 

A stunning-looking video will subside any flaws or mistakes you make during the transcription on the website, project, or presentation document. Let's see what more you can do with this tool to transform any average or poor-quality video into stunning.



Fascinating Features 

  • Upscale video up to 4K with HDR/ Dolby Vision support 
  • Audio upmixing with EAC3. 5.1 or DTS 7.1
  • Convert & compress large-size video in small file size without losing the original quality 
  • Ensure all device & OS compatibility of your enhanced with a 1000 format support
  • 20+ video editing toolkits with trimming, splitting, sharpening, etc.
  • Remove digital noise caused by wrong camera settings, poor lighting, etc
  • Remove blur, grain & haziness with shake stabilization 
  • Boost frame rate with 120Fps
  • Convert any SDR video to HDR with AI automation with a few clicks 
  • It works as the best video-to-GIF converter
  • Enjoy batch conversion of GIFs to video in a few seconds 


If you want to save time and increase your productivity in your personal or professional life, using the best speech-to-text software is the smartest option. While transcribing your speech into text using your voice, you can simultaneously upscale and enhance the video you are going to use in your document or project with the AI automation of UniFan All-In-One. And look about the best ai video denoisers here to pick the one suits you most.


How to follow while transcribing speech to text?

  • Pronounce words clearly
  • Maintain consistency in speed & rhythm while speaking
  • Be precious with your punctuation marks
  • To edit, customize, or manage your transcribed document, use specific verbal instructions, such as deleting sentences or rewriting previous paragraphs.  
  • The microphone must have a mute sound to prevent writing any unwanted speech.

What makes your transcription error-free?

  • Use Voice Commands with voice modulation. 
  • Speak slowly & loudly. 
  • Recheck your transcribed text
  • Maximum time of practice with your selected dictation software 
  • Avoid any distraction during transcription 
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