How To Remove Background From Video To Elevate Your Content

Unlock how to remove background from video with our comprehensive guide covering tips that can enhance your visuals and create professional-quality content effortlessly.

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Imagine capturing a stunning frame only to have an unsightly or distracting background. This is where background removal comes into play, helping you enhance the focus on your main subject. Whether eliminating unwanted elements or adding a backdrop that better conveys your message, background removal is a powerful tool. Today, we'll explore how to remove background from video to elevate your visual storytelling effectively.

Understanding What Is Background Remover & When You Should Use It


Background removal is a popular technique that replaces an existing background with a more appealing one. 


Here are four reasons why you need a reliable background remover:


  • It can swap your image background for a more attractive one.
  • It can direct the viewer's focus to the main subject of your frame, making your product or message stand out.
  • Once the original background is removed, it can help unleash your creativity by adding shadows, reflections, textures, and other effects.
  • Users can use plain colored backgrounds, like white, to highlight products, save time and money on live location shoots, and enhance the aesthetics.


Top Methods for Removing Backgrounds from Videos


Although this process can be daunting and time-consuming for beginners, an effective background remover tool can make it much easier to eliminate and replace backgrounds quickly. Let's explore how to remove background from video using top software solutions:


  1. Mastering Background Removal in Premiere Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide


Premiere Pro  is renowned for its comprehensive features and offers tools like Chroma Key for effortless background removal. With options like the basic Color Key and the preferred Ultra Key, Premiere Pro simplifies the process, ensuring your videos stand out without distracting backgrounds. 


Let's take a look at the steps involved:


Step 1: Import Your Video Clip


Add the video clip from which you want to remove the background to Adobe Premiere Pro.


Step 2: Apply Ultra Key Effect


Navigate to Effects > Video Effects > Keying > Ultra Key. Drag the Ultra Key effect onto your footage.

Apply Ultra Key Effect


Step 3: Select Background Color


You can use the eyedropper tool in the Effects panel to select the color (usually green) on your video frame that you want to remove.


 Select Background Color


Step 4: Adjust Output Settings


Change the output view to Alpha to focus on your subject's details. With the Settings option, you have the flexibility to adjust the aggressiveness of the effect to your liking.


Adjust Output Settings


Step 5: Refine Matte Generation


Explore the "Matte Generation" settings to fine-tune Transparency, Pedestal, and other options for a clean matte.


Refine Matte Generation


Step 6: Clean Up Edges


Use "Matte Cleanup" settings to refine edges. Adjust the "Choke" to shrink edges and "Soften" to make them smoother.


Clean Up Edges


Step 7: Adjust Spill Suppression


If your subject has a background color spill, tweak the spill suppression settings to correct it.


  1. Unlocking Background Removal in Canva: Step-by-Step Tutorial


Background removal becomes incredibly simple with Canva Pro. It only needs a few clicks without the hassle of layers or complex design techniques. You can remove backgrounds from up to 500 images every 24 hours, but the Background Remover feature currently supports images under 9MB in size. Images with a resolution higher than 10MP will be downscaled after background removal. Additionally, you can remove backgrounds from images in your 'Project' folders, though some features like the Erase and Restore brushes may not be available there. Below, we have listed the steps involved:


A. For removing the background on your desktop computer


Step 1: Upload or Choose Your Video


Upload your video or select one from Canva's library.


Background Removal in Canva


Step 2: Access Editing Tools


Select the 'Edit Image' button found in the top toolbar to proceed with editing.


Step 3: Choose Background Remover


Select 'Background Remover' from the options in the left side panel.


Choose Background Remover


Step 4: Erase Background


Click 'Erase' to start removing the background from your video.


Step 5: Apply or Restore Changes


Once satisfied, click 'Apply' to save the changes. Use 'Restore' to undo any alterations.


Step 6: Position Your Video


Drag your newly edited video into the desired position to complete the process.


B. For removing the background on your mobile


Step 1: Select Your Video


removing the background on your mobile


Step 2: Access Effects


Navigate to the toolbar below the editor and tap on 'Effects.'


Step 3: Choose Background Remover


Select 'Background Remover' from the options.




Step 4: Wait for Processing


  1. Effortless Video Background Removal with After Effects: A Complete Guide


Background removal is essential for isolating subjects, adding new backgrounds, and enhancing videos with special effects. Today, we'll show you how to remove backgrounds from videos using After Effects. Depending on your video's background, there are four methods to achieve this in Adobe After Effects, so let's explore each one.


Technique 1: Removing the White Background from the Video in After Effects


Step 1: Import and Add Video Clip



Removing the White Background from the Video in After Effects


Step 2: Apply Color Range Keying Effect


Click on the video layer and then Effect > Keying > Color Range.


Step 3: Select White Background


Choose the Eyedropper tool from the top left corner. Click on the white background within your video.


Removing the White Background from the Video in After Effects


Step 4: Confirm Removal and Export


Review the video in the timeline to ensure the background has been successfully removed. Once confirmed, you can export the video.


Removing the White Background from the Video in After Effects


Step 5: Add New Background


Finally, right-click on the timeline and choose New > Solid. Choose a new color for your clip's background.


Technique 2: Removing Black Background from Video in After Effects


Step 1: Import and Select Clip


Start by importing your black background clip into Adobe After Effects and select the layer on the timeline.


 Removing Black Background from Video in After Effects


Step 2: Apply Shift Channels Effect


Go to Effect > Channel > Shift Channels.


Step 3: Adjust Alpha Channel


Change the "Take Alpha From" option to Luminance in the Shift Channels settings.


Adjust Alpha Channel


Step 4: Adjust Opacity (Optional)


If necessary, adjust the opacity. Duplicate the black background layer by pressing CTRL + D. Select both layers, right-click, and choose Pre-compose. Name the pre-composition and click OK.


Adjust Opacity (Optional)


Step 5: Export the Edited Video


Technique 3: Eliminating Green Screen Background in After Effects


Step 1: Import and Place Video Clip


Step 2: Apply Keylight Effect


In the Effects & Presets panel, locate the Keylight tool in the Keying folder. Simply drag and drop the Keylight tool onto your video clip to apply it.


Apply Keylight Effect


Step 3: Adjust Keylight Settings


The Keylight effect will appear in the Effect Controls panel. Beside "Screen Colour," select the Eyedropper tool and click on the green background in your video.

Step 4: Check Screen Matte


Switch the View setting from "Final Result" to "Screen Matte" to verify if the correct parts of the background have been keyed out. Adjust additional Keylight settings if needed. Your green screen background will now be removed, allowing you to add other backgrounds to your video. 


Technique 4: Removing Background in After Effects Without Green Screen


Step 1: Load and Set up Rotobrush 3.0


Please search for the Rotobrush tool in Effects and ensure it's set to version 3.0.


Step 2: Trace the Subject with Rotobrush


Hold down the ALT key (For Mac users its Option Key) as you outline the subject of your video. Continue selecting until the background is completely separated from the subject.


Removing Background in After Effects Without Green Screen


Step 3: Freeze the Frame


Click the Freeze button in the timeline's bottom right corner to freeze the first frame. This will apply the effect to the entire video.


  1. Removing Video Background in Cutout.Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide


Removing Video Background in Cutout.Pro


CutOut.Pro offers a hassle-free solution for removing backgrounds from videos and seamlessly replacing them with virtual backgrounds. Bid farewell to the need for professional green screens, costly equipment, and complex technologies. With CutOut.Pro's fully automatic process of removing video backgrounds is as easy as a single click. There's no need to manually select pixels, choose colors, draw masks, or adjust paths. It streamlines the background removal process, making it efficient and accessible. Let's take a look:


Step 1: Register on Cutout.Pro


Register on Cutout.Pro using your Google account or Facebook account. 


Step 2: Upload Video


Import your video file from your desktop into Cutout.Pro's Video Background Remover, which supports various formats such as MP4, WebM, MOV, or GIF. Depending on your video's size, the uploading process may take a few seconds or longer, after which the background will be automatically removed.


Step 3: Automatically Change Background Color/Image/Video


Upon completion of processing, a complimentary 5-second preview at 360P resolution will be provided. Subsequently, you have the option to access the Color Palette on the left to modify the video's background color or utilize the Upload button to add photos or videos as desired. Once you've done this, you will see the result in the preview.


Step 4: Download Video


Click download only when the video rendering is finished at 100%. The downloading problem usually happens when you click download immediately after uploading without giving it time to process. 


After removing the unwanted background from your video, you can elevate it to a professional standard. UniFab All-In-One is an ideal solution, providing a full suite of video processing, editing, and enhancement tools. Explore further about this robust software below:


Revamp Your Videos After Background Removal Using UniFab All-In-One


Video enthusiasts are always looking for tools to elevate their visuals quality. UniFab Video Enhancer offers three comprehensive solutions—processing, editing, and enhancing—all under one roof. This GPU-accelerated tool can elevate frame rates to a smooth 120fps, upgrade video quality to vibrant HDR standards, and achieve stunning 4K resolution. Thanks to its 20 advanced features, you can expect professional-grade results, including stabilization and sharpening. After removing the background from your video, launch UniFab to bring a new level of clarity to homemade videos, low-resolution clips, black-and-white movies, or animations.


ai video enhancer mac2.jpg


What To Expect From UniFab All-In-One


  • Pristine 4K Resolution: Elevate video resolution to 4K clarity, capturing every detail with remarkable precision.
  • AI-Powered Frame Interpolation: Ensure smooth and continuous video motion with advanced AI technology.
  • HDR Masterpieces: Transform your videos into stunning HDR creations, enriching colors and contrast for a vivid experience.
  • Advanced AI Deinterlacing: Enhance video smoothness and quality with cutting-edge AI deinterlacing technology.
  • Immersive Audio Upmixing: Experience audio like never before with AI-driven upmixing, elevating tracks to DTS 7.1 for heightened realism.
  • Adjustable Video Speed: Unleash creativity with adjustable video speed from 0.2x to 5x, creating captivating special effects.
  • Seamless Compression: Compress audio and video without quality loss, ensuring compatibility with social media platforms.
  • Fine-Tuning Parameters: Perfect your videos with adjustable parameters like Lumia and Chroma intensity.
  • Versatile Format Conversion: Convert videos to over 1,000 formats, embracing versatility for all your editing needs.
  • All-Genre Enhancement Support: Cater to diverse editing needs with robust support for video enhancement across all genres.


Steps To Enhance Videos Using UniFab All-In-One


Step 1: Launch UniFab and Select Mode


Open UniFab and navigate the menu, choosing the 'enlarger' mode.


unifab enlarger 2


Step 2: Import and Customize Your Video


unifab enlarger 3


Upload the video you wish to upscale. Configure the output settings to match your desired format, quality, audio, and subtitle preferences.


Step 3: Start the Enhancement Process


unifab enlarger 6


Click the start button to initiate the editing. 




Does Canva Offer a Free Background Remover?


You can use Canva's Background Remover once for free. 


Can I Modify My Video's Background?


Absolutely! You're not stuck with it even if your video was shot with a specific background. Use a video background editor to make adjustments, such as changing the color or replacing the background entirely.


Is Background Removal Available in Google Photos?


Yes, Google Photos offers a straightforward background removal tool called Magic Eraser. You can find it in the Tools tab. For photos with many people in the background, it may also appear in the Suggestions tab.

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