Details of YouTube Watermark Size, Shape & Step Guide of Adding Watermark

Being a YouTuber, Video blogger, or business owner, if you want to establish your brand in the YouTube world, you must use YouTube watermark while knowing YouTube watermark size and other factors.

Since YouTube is one of the largest video hosting and streaming platforms, it's essential to ensure the protection of your YouTube videos from misuse or copying. You also need to own your YouTube video to establish your brand, channel, or logo. 

In both cases, the YouTube video watermark is the smart and significant option. However, when starting to pick up random watermarks, you must be fully aware of what is a YouTube watermark, YouTube watermark size and many other things. So, let's get an overall guide about YouTube watermark with YouTube video watermark examples.


what is a YouTube watermark

What is YouTube Watermark? Why do you need to add a Watermark for YouTube?

YouTube watermark is a YouTube feature that establishes your band name, channel logo, or video creator’s signature on every video on your YouTube channel. Once you click on the YouTube watermark, you will be prompted to subscribe to the channel inside the video. The watermark will be shown in the lower right corner of the video. YouTube watermark is another way for the content creator to create a custom, small, and attractive subscribe button to their video.

Reasons to Add Watermark 

  • To protect & own your video
  • To promote the brand, creator's signature, channel logo, company name, etc
  • To build a direct bond & relationship with the viewer
  • To ensure the authentication of your video
  • It also helps to showcase the creator’s esthetics and creativity to draw the target audience's attention

What is the YouTube Branding Watermark size?

While making a YouTube watermark, the creator gets confused about the exact YouTube watermark size, shape and look. If you upload the YouTube watermark via the YouTube platform, YouTube will automatically place the watermark in the lower corner of the video.

However, if you are using any video editing app to upload your custom-made YouTube watermark, you are free to place it on any part of the video. So, before getting into the watermark-making process, let's examine some technical factors and the aesthetic appeal of YouTube watermarks.

  • A YouTube watermark of 150×150 pixels is the perfect ideal and maximum YouTube watermark size. You can also try a 100×100 pixels YouTube video watermark size if you want.
  • It happens to be square-shaped, and YouTube watermark size should be smaller than 1MB
  • It is recommended to have a transparent background to YouTube background rather than any solid one as it's less visually disturbing but offers less visual conversion. However, the creator can use a solid background color watermark if you want the maximum view conversion.
  • The YouTube video watermark size shouldn't be too small so it becomes difficult to identify or too big to cover any part, element, or text of the video.
  • If you manually upload the YouTube watermark via video editing software, it is also recommended that you place it in the bottom right corner of the video, as viewers are habituated to seeing the YouTube watermark in that specific area.

How to design & form a YouTube Watermark?

After knowing the essential factors regarding YouTube watermark size, shape, etc., it's time to create a YouTube watermark using any online video editing software or Photoshop. Here are some YouTube video watermark examples with Photoshop.

Step 1: After launching Adobe Photoshop on your system, go to “File” > “New” to create a new document. Set the YouTube watermark size to 150×150 pixels. You can also set the resolution to 72 pixels/inch.


Set the YouTube watermark size

Step 2: You can use various customizations, functions, and tools of Photoshop to design your watermark, depending on your choice. Here, you can import your logo or create any text-based watermark. Make sure that your watermark should be visually attractive and relatable to your channel brand.

use various customizations

Step 3: After finalizing your watermark design, move to “File” and then select “Save as” to save your final watermark image. Select your desired file format, such as PNG, to secure transparency, which is also useful for overlays. You can also customize the YouTube watermark size in Photoshop before exporting.

save your final watermark image

How to customize YouTube watermark size?

Sometimes, you need to change and customize the YouTube video watermark size when you have already created a particular watermark design using a video editing app. In that case, you need to resize your pre-designed watermark to meet the minimum YouTube watermark parameters.

Step 1: After opening the graphic editor option, upload the YouTube watermark file you have already made. Go to the menu to locate the edit option > select the “Resize” option from the “Edit” menu.

Step 2: Uncheck the “Lock Aspect Ratio” option. Otherwise, ensure the watermark file is not set to one automatic size. Next, you can customize the YouTube watermark size depending on your choice by typing your desired size measurement, such as 100 or 150, in the Height and Width box.

Step 3: Try to select the equal size value for both the Height and Width options to make the YouTube watermark square. Once you decide on the YouTube video watermark size value, enter it, and in the window, select the confirmation tick to confirm your entered and changed value.

How to insert Watermark to any YouTube video?

Suppose you want to edit or add a watermark to your YouTube videos. In that case, you can easily do that by going to YouTube Studio, the settings menu, and the channel section. Under the branding tab, you can upload a watermark with its display settings adjustment option. So, let's see how to do that with a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Go to the YouTube studio > Channel > Select the customization options under the menu on the screen's left side. 


Step 2: Go to the “Video Watermark” section, click “UPLOAD,” > and then go for the image you want to use for the watermark. 


Step 3: Select the watermark display time from the three options: 1) The End of Video, 2) Entire Video, and 3) Custom Start Time Options.

Step 4: In the “The End of Video” option, the watermark will shown in the last 15 seconds of the video. In the “Entire Video” option, the watermark will appear throughout the video. In the “Custom Start Time” option, you can decide at any specific time in the video when the watermark will appear on the screen.

Bonus Tips: How to Enhance YouTube Videos with AI-Powered Tool: UniFab Video Enhancer AI

If you are using attractive watermarks to your YouTube videos to increase your views, you must try to enhance your video quality to retain your viewers for the longest time. Manual video enhancing takes hours to meet your desired video enhancing requirement for any single video. 

With AI-powered UniFab Video Enhancer AI you can enhance multiple videos in one go within a few clicks automatically without any manual editing, skill or prior experience. So, let's see the most diversified features of this program.

Audio-Video Enhancing

No matter what types of video clips you are using in your YouTube videos, such as any old movie clips, black & white video, homemade video taps, etc, or Your YouTube video is shot in low light or resolution, you can upscale video quality upto 4K and improve audio with audio upmixing option.

  • SDR to HDR: Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) video can be upscaled to HDR with a auto balancing technology of brightness, congrats, color gamut, saturation etc. It offers dynamic metadata up to Dolby Vision quality.
  • Resolution Upscaling: Using neural networks, UniFab applies super-resolution technology to identify mixing pixels and increase the video resolution from 720p to 1080p to 4K.
  • Digital Noise Reduction: Due to low-light situations, high IOS settings, compression artifacts, etc, the video quality decreases. So, using deep learning, this tool removes digital noise from any video automatically.
  • Deinterlacing: Using the cutting-age deinterlacing technique you can convert interlaced video signals to progressive scan signals to offer enhanced video streaming experience.
  • Smooth Seamless Motion: To reduce camera shake, & judder from any video UniFab offers AI-Powered frame interpolation technology. It offers smooth and seamless natural motion effects with framerate boosting upto 120Fps.
  • Audio Upmix: While enhancing video, upscale audio quality with Upmix audio to EAC3 5.1 or DTS 7.1 for theatrical sound satisfaction.


Digital Noise Reduction


Video Converting & Compression 

While making any YouTube video, you certainly want to share video on social media platforms to reach maximum viewers. To do this, you need to convert and compress your videos in various formats to ensure all device and platform compatibility.

  • 1000+ Formats: To convert any video from one format to another. It supports over 1000 audio-video formats such as Mp4, Mp3, MKV, AVI etc and makes any video compatible and sharabe to any device, or platform.
  • Lossless Compression: To make any long-sized video easily accessible to YouTube, any other social media platform, any portable device, or any OS, UniFab offers lossless compression of any video. It reduces file size without losing the original video quality.

Video Editing

Before and after uploading any video to your YouTube channel there is always a room to make your video look more appealing, useful and message evoking. To do this all you need is an extensive video editing toolkit with versatile options. 

  • Versatile Toolkit: UniFab offers one-stop video editing experience with extensive editing Toolkit support. It involves cropping, splitting, rotating, and many other customizable functions under one roof.
  • Video Editing: Along with the toolkit, UniFab allows you to craft your video with trimming, sharpening, video speed adjusting, video mirroring etc functions which are perfect to use from beginners to professionals.

How to Enhance YouTube Video Using UniFab Video Enhancer AI

Step 1: Once you launch the UniFab program on your system > select “Enlarger” mode or any other mode you desire.


unifab enlarger 1


Step 2: Add the video you prefer to enhance and start customizing its output quality, format, subtitles, audio track, etc.


unifab enlarger 5


unifab enlarger 3

Step 3: At the end select the strat option to begin the video enhancing process and the program will finish the process with GPU acceleration.


unifab enlarger 6



If you are running any YouTube channel to promote your brand, blog or business, you must use the YouTube watermark feature for its best utility. However, while using watermark you just make sure that you use the right YouTube watermark size, design, color, text etc to meet your specific purpose of increasing subscribers or viewers. While adding YouTube watermark you can also edit and enhance your video using UniFab.



Can you add a YouTube watermark after uploading a video?

Yes, if you have already uploaded any video to your YouTube channel without a watermark, you can add a watermark to your uploaded video anytime by visiting YouTube Studio > Settings > Channels option.

What are the advantages of YouTube watermarks?

  • To draw viewers attention towards your brand, logo, channel name, etc
  • For a quick subscription to your channel 
  • To ensure the authenticity of the video and content creator 
  • To display your creativity in displaying your brand 
  • To secure your content from being misused
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