How To Change Video Resolution To Transform Your Viewing Experience

Learn practical techniques of how to change video resolution to enhance playback quality. Compare different alternatives to choose the best one for your requirements.
How To Change Video Resolution To Transform Your Viewing Experience

A Comprehensive Guide On Various Methods to Adjust Video Resolution


You might need clarification on the many tools available to change the video resolution. To make things easy, we have listed five software and five online utilities that can help answer your question on how to change video resolution:


I. How To Improve Resolution Of A Video Using the Best Software Tools 


Dedicated software offers offline functionality and often includes additional features if you want a robust solution to adjust your video resolution. Let's explore five top-rated software options for this task:


1.1 UniFab Video Converter (To Downscale Video Resolution)


UniFab Video Converter excels as a versatile video tool, enabling seamless conversion of videos to any desired format while preserving their original quality. It ensures compatibility across various mobile and portable devices by supporting over 1000 formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, and WMV. Beyond conversion, UniFab is a reliable video compressor, facilitating precise adjustments to meet social media upload size limits without compromising video and audio integrity. Moreover, it empowers users with extensive customization options for codec settings, frame rates, resolutions, and subtitles, effortlessly enhancing creative projects and personal viewing experiences.


Best For: Converting videos to different formats without any quality loss.


Price: A one-year license is $59.99, and a lifetime license is $59.99 (with an exclusive 25% discount).


Supported Platforms: Windows


Step By Step Guide


Step 1: Launch UniFab Video Converter 


Open UniFab and select the 'Converter' mode.




Step 2: Customize Output Settings 


Import your source file, choose the desired format, and customize settings like resolution, frame rate, and codec.

Customize Video converter Output Settings


Step 3: Initiate Conversion 


To commence the conversion process, click on the Start button.


Initiate unifab Conversion




  • Supports batch processing of files to edit multiple videos at once.
  • GPU acceleration helps enhance the speed by 50 times.
  • Users can crop off wanted fragments of the video.
  • Setting video duration helps keep the parts of the video you want.
  • Users can toggle the speed from 0.2x to 5x for better effects.
  • It offers flexible customization of resolution, sample rate, codec & more. 




  • It might be heavy for your system resources. 


  1. UniFab Video Upscaler AI (To Upscale Video Resolution)


UniFab Video Upscaler AI harnesses advanced deep learning algorithms to enhance video content with unparalleled realism and vividness. Whether you're looking to upscale video to 4K or enhance resolutions to 720P or 1080P, UniFab offers a solution. 


Its AI technology doubles the size of videos based on their original resolution, ensuring impressive results across all types of content, from vintage TV shows to homemade videos and animations. With UniFab, you can effortlessly revitalize pixelated memories and restore low-resolution footage to sharp, high-definition quality. 


Best For: Enhancing video clarity and quality with the built-in AI models.


Price: One-year license for $99.99, lifetime license for $69.99.


Supported Platforms: Windows&Mac


Step By Step Guide


Step 1: Launch UniFab 


Begin by opening the UniFab program on your PC and selecting the "Enlarger" mode with a double-click.


unifab enlarger 1


Step 2: Import and Customize 


Import your desired video file from your local files. Make output customizations regarding format, quality, frame rate, and resolution.


Import and Customize UniFab Enlarger settings


Step 3: Start the Process 


Start the upscaling Process


upscaling workspace

Click on the "Start" option to initiate editing and obtain the enlarged video file quickly and efficiently.




  • A simple interface makes it well-suited for novice users.
  • You can easily trim unnecessary portions from the video.
  • Compatible with video editing for more professional footage.
  • Users can customize the sound effects and remove background noise.
  • GPU acceleration enhances video processing speed by 50 times.
  • The software is 100% clean and safe to use. 




  • You can only process three files in the free version. 


2. VLC


Worried about how to increase resolution of video? As a popular cross-platform utility, VLC offers a range of video editing capabilities. It can convert files and adjust video codecs and resolutions. If you need to convert your video to a commonly used format like MP4, VLC is a reliable option.


Best For: Changing the formats of video files and upscaling or downscaling the same.


Price: Free for use


Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux


Step By Step Guide 


Step 1. Download and Install VLC Media Player




Step 2. Import Your Video


To load your video into VLC, go to the "Media" menu and select "Convert / Save." Next, click the "Add" button to find and choose your video file. Next, hit the Convert/Save button at the bottom right.


VLC Media Player


Step 3. Adjust Video Resolution


Open the "Profile" menu and choose an appropriate preset for your video. Select the wrench icon to customize the chosen profile. Navigate to the "Video codec" tab and "Resolution." Specify the width and height in the respective boxes and click "Save."


Step 4. Convert the Video




  • VLC supports all major platforms like Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.
  • It doesn't feature intrusive ads which can otherwise disturb users.
  • VLC doesn't carry any spyware which might steal users' data.
  • You don't have to pay anything for using this software.
  • It is straightforward to alter the aspect ratio.
  • It doesn't require any additional downloads for video processing. 




  • It provides a restricted selection of output formats.


3. HandBrake


HandBrake is a powerful, open-source video converter that caters well to your query on how to increase video resolution. This robust tool facilitates format conversions and adjusts video resolution, codec modifications, and more. It supports various formats, making it versatile for converting videos into modern, widely compatible codecs.


Best For: Professional users looking for advanced tools to change video resolution.


Price: Free for use


Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux


Step By Step Guide 


Step 1. Install HandBrake


If you want to learn how to change the resolution of a video, then you need to start with installing this software on your device. 


Step 2. Upload your file to the program


To adjust the video resolution for a single file, click the "File" button. To convert multiple files in a batch, select "Folder (Batch Scan)." 



Step 3. Change the video resolution


You can select a pre-existing preset or manually input your video's desired width and height. 


Step 4. Convert the video




  • It offers multi-platform support to Linux, Mac & Windows users.
  • It helps users work with multiple video formats.
  • Built-in device presets help you choose a profile for your device.
  • It can work with most BluRay sources, DVDs, and standard multimedia files without copyright protection.
  • It offers a variety of video filters, including denoise, grayscale, deinterlace, colorspace, crop, etc.
  • Users can benefit from a live video preview. 



  • Novice users might need help navigating the interface. 


4. Freemake Video Converter


Freemake Video Converter is a free and versatile tool for changing video resolution, perfect for converting videos to lower resolutions to save space or bandwidth. 

Although it is compatible only with Windows, Freemake supports over 500 formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, and MP3. It can also convert videos from Vimeo and Dailymotion and automatically upload them to iTunes and iOS devices. 

In addition to answering your doubts on how to increase video resolution, Freemake can edit videos, rip and burn DVDs, and create photo slideshows. It also supports high-quality conversions for 4K and Full HD videos, making it ideal for HD films and camcorder footage.


Best for: Using the built-in video downscale tool to convert videos to low resolutions.


Price: Free to use


Supported Platforms: Windows 


Step By Step Guide 


Step 1. Download the Software


Step 2. Add Your File


Press the "Select File" button to browse your computer and choose the video file you want to convert.


Freemake Video Converter


Step 3. Choose the Desired Resolution


Select the output format, resolution, or target device. The software will automatically apply the optimal presets and output format if you choose a specific device. Ensure you select the resolution that meets your requirements.


Step 4. Start the Conversion


After choosing where to save your converted files, choose "Convert" for the process to begin.




  • The software is free to use.
  • A user-friendly interface simplifies even complex tasks, typically requiring just three clicks.
  • Freemake can encode videos to Flash FLV, SWF, or HTML5 formats for easy integration into websites or blogs.
  • The converter allows adding and editing subtitles in SRT, ASS, and SSA formats, supporting special characters and Unicode.
  • You can directly upload videos, DVDs, photos, or music to YouTube from the desktop.
  • Users can cut unwanted parts, rotate videos, join clips, and remove black bars. 




  • Not available for Mac users. 


5. VSDC Free Video Converter 


Thinking of how to increase resolution of video? Despite its initial complexity, VSDC stands out as a powerful tool tailored for professional video editing, boasting a comprehensive range of features. The software offers advanced export presets for effortless video formatting, allowing users to customize quality and format settings effortlessly. 


Additionally, it enables users to extract audio tracks and individual video frames, merge multiple files into a single video, delete unwanted segments, and split files based on size or markers. VSDC ensures high-quality conversions with minimal loss, leveraging multi-processor support for enhanced speed and ensuring compatibility and stability across all Windows operating systems.


Best For: Making high-quality conversions up to 8K without losing quality.


Price: Free of charge


Supported Platforms: Windows 


Step By Step Guide 


Step 1: Download and Install VSDC Video Resolution Changer


VSDC Video Resolution Changer


Step 2: Import Your Video File


Step 3: Configure Resolution Settings


Step 4: Initiate the Conversion Process




  • It helps streamline the entire video editing and production process.
  • It offers an array of features for free.
  • It doesn't levy a watermark on the videos
  • Compatible with a variety of formats.
  • VSDC video editor can function smoothly without heavy system resources. 
  • There is no time limit on the files uploaded or processed in its free version. 




  • It needs a tutorial, which first-time users might require of this software. 



II. How To Improve Resolution Of A Video Using Online Tools 


Online tools are ideal for users who don’t wish to download heavyweight software. Below, we have assembled five of the best online tools for converting video resolution.


6. HDconvert


You can now enhance the resolution of videos for free using HDConvert. This online tool brings 60 times faster conversion speed as you compress video or enhance it up to 4K quality. The best thing about HDConvert is that it doesn't require any plug-in and doesn't restrict the maximum file size.


Best For: Compressing & converting videos to 8K Ultra HD. 


Price: Start for free and upgrade to the premium variant at $5.99 for more features.


Supported Platforms: Web-based 


Step By Step Guide 


Step 1: Upload Your Videos for Conversion




Step 2: Adjust Video Settings


Verify the output format and click "Next". Select your preferred video quality (e.g., 720p or 480p) and click "Next."


Step 3: Start the Conversion Process




  • You can convert video or audio online 30 times faster in the cloud without installing software.
  • It supports multiple file conversions simultaneously for faster processing.
  • Can convert online video to popular formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, MKV, and H264/HEVC codecs.
  • Users can adjust bitrate, resolution, aspect ratio, and video rotation.
  • It offers an option to continue uploading files from the last position if the connection is lost.




  • It would be best to switch to premium mode to unlock most conversions. 




Work with 50+ video formats with, which can offer a readymade answer to your query on how to improve a video's resolution. Coupled with this web-based utility, you can adjust videos' resolution. To do this, you will have to specify the pixel dimension. There are also options for altering audio and video parameters like frame rate, bitrate, and codecs. 


Best for: Editing and converting videos under one roof. 


Price: Free trial comprising 16 credits, after which you can subscribe to 480 credits by paying $6.42/month. 


Supported Platforms: Web-basedGoogle Play Store, Apple App Store


Step By Step Guide 


Step 1: Access


Step 2: Upload Your Video


Step 3: Adjust the Settings


In the "Video settings (optional)" section, enter the desired pixel dimensions for your video. Then, select the suitable option from the "Resize handling" drop-down menu. 


Step 4: Start the Conversion




  • It can be used without any software installation.
  • It can convert videos, audio, documents, eBook, and image formats.
  • Users can alter the video frame rate and bitrate.
  • It is possible to set a pixel-specific output resolution for more professional output.
  • Users don't need to worry about information safety while using this online tool.
  • Available in a variety of languages to offer more compatibility to users. 




  • An interruption in the net connectivity can restart the process again. 




Don't want to depend on internet connectivity to convert 720p to 1080p? helps convert images, videos, audio files, and even e-books. This web-based tool allows professional users to fine-tune the results using its Advanced options. It is compatible with 60+ formats, so you will be spoilt for choice when converting the aspect ratio and resolution of videos using


Best for: Converting the file and carrying out other video edits like rotating and mirroring the file.


Price: Free with limitations on file size, or upgrade to the Basic plan at $12.99/month. 


Supported Platforms: Web-based


Step By Step Guide 


Step 1: Access


Step 2: Upload Your Video


Step 3: Adjust Video Resolution Settings


Open the Advanced Options menu. Here, you can adjust the video screen size and aspect ratio. 


Step 4: Convert Your File


Ensure you have selected the correct format for your video. Change the format using the "Convert to" drop-down menu if necessary.




  • Supports converting files of up to 1GB without registration requirements.
  • Compatible with 1500 file conversions. 
  • It uses 256-bit SSL encryption to transfer files that get deleted automatically after a few hours.
  • Available in different languages such as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.
  • A clutter-free interface makes it well-suited for novice users.
  • Its web-based nature makes it perfect for mobile phones and computers with Linux, Mac, and Windows systems. 




  • Advanced tools present a steep learning curve for their users. 


9. allows you to alter the video resolution and format and set the output file size. Navigating through the website is straightforward, with a user-friendly interface.


Best for: First-time users with limited experience in video editing.


Price: Free for use


Supported Platforms: Web-based


Step By Step Guide


Step 1: Access the Video Converter


Step 2: Upload Your Video File


Step 3: Set the Video Parameters


Step 4: Convert and Download the Video




  • Users can upload files of up to 4GB.
  • Potent servers require less processing time than most computers.
  • The supported codecs are constantly updated to allow this web-based app to be compatible with all the newest ones.
  • It doesn't limit the number of files you can convert. 
  • Since the files are deleted automatically from the server after a few hours, you don't have to worry about file security.
  • Users can convert more than 300 video formats for maximum flexibility. 




  • It might not suffice advanced users with its basic functions. 


10. Online Converter


Online Converter provides a straightforward way to adjust your video files' frame width and height. This free tool enables you to resize and scale the width and height of your videos, change aspect ratios, adjust resolution, and enlarge or reduce frame size. Online Converter aims to preserve the original video and audio quality as much as possible. The output format is MP4.


Best for: Setting a custom width and height to convert videos. 


Price: Free for use


Supported Platforms: Web-based


Step By Step Guide 


Step 1: Visit the Online Converter Website


Online Converter Website


Step 2: Upload Your File


Step 3: Adjust the Video Resolution


Open the "Size" drop-down menu to select your desired video resolution. Choose "Width and Height" for custom dimensions and input your desired values in the corresponding boxes.


Step 4: Resize the Video


Click the "Resize" button to begin the process. Once the conversion is finished, click "Download Now" to save the video to your computer.




  • It is compatible with all popular aspect ratios.
  • An extremely user-friendly website makes it easy to navigate.
  • Users can choose among formats such as AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, etc. 
  • You can remove borders and bars from the video.
  • Online Converter retains the original quality of audio and video files.
  • It can be used without any sign-up requirements. 




  • Dependent on the internet for its proper functioning. 




Mastering the art of adjusting video resolution is essential for optimizing compatibility and enhancing visual appeal in video projects. Whether you aim to tailor video files for specific platforms or captivate audiences with superior clarity, understanding how to change video resolution is paramount. This discussion explored ten practical approaches to empower you to refine your video editing skills to a professional standard.




Can I adjust video resolution by converting video formats?


Converting video formats does not directly change video resolution. While both are related to video quality, their functions differ significantly.


Can I enhance the quality of older videos?


Absolutely! Adjusting settings in editing software like UniFab Video Converter or UniFab Video Upscaler AI can significantly enhance low-resolution video quality.


What are effective methods to improve video quality?


  1. Automatically adjust brightness and contrast for a more visually appealing video.

  2. Enhance video quality by incorporating transitions, text overlays, and animations.

  3. Optimize video quality by adjusting the video resolution to suit your needs better.

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