Top 12 AI Video Upscaling Free Tools: Windows, Mac, Web & Open-Source

No matter whether you have old, damaged videos or shaky smartphone shots, the AI video upscaling free software can transform your video from dull to dynamic.

The video editing industry is predicted to reach $1330.88 million by 2026 at a CAGR of 6.44% during the prediction period. Video upscaling is one of the most essential editing functions, giving a video a completely new life with stunning appeal. However, manual video upscaling involves many complicated steps, editing skills, and professional experience.

Therefore, the AI automation of the AI video upscaling software has been evolved to save you with its automatic video upscaling technology. So, let's see how to AI upscale video using the 12 best AI video upscaling software.

What is AI Video Upscaling Software 


AI Video Upscaling Software is an automatic program that enhances video quality, resolution, lights, effects, etc., with the power of artificial intelligence. With the advanced machine learning AI algorithm of AI video upscaling software, you can automatically enhance the video quality from any low-resolution, shaky, blurry, black-and-white video to 4K to 8K resolution with brightness, color, lighting, contrast, and effects auto adjustment functions.

While enhancing the video quality, AI video upscaling software automatically analyzes the mixed pixels, removes digital noise and unwanted artifacts from the video image, and maintains the video quality without data loss. So, let's see how AI upscale video software works to enhance video from nothing to everything.


Snapshot of our top 3 AI Tools (Windows / Mac / Online)

Here, you will find the top 10 AI video upscaling software based on their best uses, pros, cons, and user experience. However, to make your choice short and sorted, you will find the top 3 AI video upscaling software highlights and attractions to explore their best possibilities.


AI Video Upscaling SoftwareOperating System Tool's Temptations Advanced Attractions 
UniFab Video Upscaler AIWindows 
  • 4K upscaling 
  • Colorization 
  • video trimming
  • Add sound effects 
  • Batch upscaling 
  • 50X GPU Acceleration 
VideoProc Converter AIMac
  • Multi-tasking tool with editing, compression, stabilization etc
  • Hundreds of formats support 
  • Original quality restoration 
  • Level-3 Hardware acceleration with 47X faster speed
  • Batch upscaling 
  • Handel any file size, format & quality 
  • Upscale with shake stabilization, motion interpolation, & deinterlacing 
  • Maximum 2GB file support
  • Major format support: WebM, MOV, MP4, GIF 
  • Add slow-motion effects 
  • 30FPS support 
  • Get crisp & professional video without data loss
Video 2x (Open-source)Windows & Mac 
  • Free tool
  • No Skill & knowledge required 
  • Lossless video upscaling 
  • Upscale any type of distorted, blur, shaky etc video
  • State-of-art algorithm 
  • Frame interpolation 



Best AI Video Upscaling Software for Windows or Mac

1. UniFab Video Upscaler AI

Best For: Professional, personal & commercial use, & to explore versatility in customizations 

OS: Windows

Price: Lifetime Plan $139.99

UniFab Video Upscaler AI is an all-rounder AI-video upscaling software that enlarges any video up to 4K resolution while restoring video details and clarity. It adds a realistic and vivid visual aesthetic to any compromised quality video with auto-recognition, analyzation, and enhancement of the AI algorithm. It lets you double up the video resolution from 720p to 4K. It handles all types of videos, including homemade videos, animation, old movie collections, etc.

Step 1: Open the UniFab program on your PC by double-clicking on it > select the “Enlarger” mode. 


enlarger ai3.jpg


Step 2: Import the video file you want to enlarge in the local file > To customize the output of the enlarged file, you need to select the output format, quality, frame rate, resolution, etc.


enlarger ai2.jpg


Step 3: Next, hit the “Start” option to edit the video file and get the Enlarged file in the blink of your eyes.




  • Beginners-friendly tool without skill, experience, or complex settings with professional results 
  • 50X faster GPU acceleration for lighting speed video upscaling experience 
  • Video editing support with cropping and trimming
  • Add sound effects while removing background noise


  • In free version you can process only three files
  • All the advanced functions are exclusively available to the paid version

2. Topaz Labs Video AI


Topaz Labs Video AI

Best For: To explore professional stunning appeal to any dull or damaged video within a few clicks & suitable for beginners & professionals

OS: Windows & Mac

Price: $299 

Topaz Labs Video AI is a prominent AI video upscaling software with various video-enhancing customization options. This multi-functional tool offers ultra-smooth, steady, sharp video footage with eye-catching appeal. Get cinematic appeal to any video with sharpening and stabilization options. It lets you have high-quality videos in various file sizes suitable for different devices, OS, and social media platforms.


  • Get smooth & steady video with stabilization, slow motion, de-noise & video sharpening function
  • Upscale video up to 8K 
  • Fine-tuned your video with restoring details & creating new pixels
  • Enjoy extensive video editing support 


  • You can not export upscaled video in its free version
  • Selecting various AI models could be a little consuming for any beginners


3. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

 AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

Best For: Video restoration of any kind, beginners friendly interface & professional output for personal or business use

OS: Windows & Mac 

Price: One Year Plan $119.95

To explore AI video upscaling free service with multiple customizable functions and options, you must try the powerful AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI. This is a one-stop shop for transforming any SD or HD videos to 4K to 8K with a multi-frame enhancement function. While upscaling video, this AI video upscaling software doesn't lose the original video quality. You can also add colors to any black-and-white video.


  • Make any old videos, animes, or movies on all HD devices compatible with single or multi-frame enhancement option
  • It upscales video by eliminating noise, artifacts, blurring, etc, with the brightness, contrast & saturation balancing option
  • It enlarges video images while restoring details and originality in high-video quality 
  • Get rid of blur, camera shake, or pixelation to enhance your video streaming experience 


  • The processing speed is a little slow, with unsatisfactory output result 
  • It involves various complicated algorithms and training models

4. VideoProc Converter AI

VideoProc Converter AI

Best For: Smart and instant upselling to revive old or damaged DVDs or poorly shot videos.

OS: Windows & Mac 

Price: Lifetime Plan $45.95

To upscale any SD, old, damaged, dull, or blurred video, VideoProc Converter AI is a very significant tool with all-in-one features. While enhancing videos, you can also compress, download, edit, and record any video. This tool lets you save time with batch upscaling without any data loss and retain its original quality. It supports deshaking, color-correcting, denoising, deinterlacing, etc.



  • With level 3 GPU acceleration, it supports video upscaling at lightning speed
  • Upscale video with smoothening, stabilization, fixing, etc 
  • It can tackle various issues related to video quality, format & file size
  • It offers 370+ input & 420+ output format support with watermark adding & speed adjusting option


  • Some new & additional features are missing
  • Upselling process is quite time-consuming 

5. Winxvideo AI


Winxvideo AI

Best For: Easy & Swift video upscaling to add a stunning look to any video, professional & personal use

OS: Windows 

Price: Lifetime $45.95

You can explore the comprehensive toolkit of Winxvideo AI to enhance any noisy, blurry, or poor-quality video. Using this AI 4K video upscaling software, you can stabilize the camera shake and compress video size with lossless conversion. With GPU acceleration, you can enhance video up to 8K resolution with HDR support.  


  • An all-in-one tool with conversion, compression, frame interpolation, video stabilization, recording, editing, and super-resolution 
  • Boost FPS with video stabilization and enhancement
  • Get rid of motion blur camera shake while creating slow-motion
  • Explore cinematic visual esthetics in every frame of your upscaled video.


  • Sometimes, the results are very dissatisfying 
  • You can process only a 5-minute video in its free version


Best Online AI Video Upscaling Software 


6. CutOut. Pro

CutOut. Pro 

Best For: All device video upscaling purposes, free web-based service, social media post 

OS: Web

Price: Free & Best value plan $0.143

To look for AI video upscaling software free service CutOut.Pro is a very comprehensive online tool. Using this ai 4K video upscaling tool, you can upscale video with multiple functions such as motion interpolation, shake stabilization, deinterlacing, etc. You can compress video to reduce file size without losing quality. You can also add your desired slow-motion effects.


  • You boost FPS with 30FPS
  • Explore video upscaling to 2K to 4K
  • It can handle file sizes up to 2GB
  • Enjoy video format support with Mp4, MOV, GIF, WebM


  • It handles limited file size
  • It offers very limited file formats

7. Neural.Love



Best For: Installation hassle-free video upscaling on any device & OS, web browser-based tool for instant upselling 

OS: Web

Price: Free & Standard $12/month, Premium $27/month & more

To experience AI video upscaling software free anytime, anywhere, on any device, TensorPix is a very smart choice. With this AI 4K video upscaling online program, you can transform videos with jaw-dropping stunning appeal. It also supports previewing options before finalizing the upselling process.


  • You can eliminate blurry details, multiple artifacts, etc
  • Upscale low resolution up to 4K 
  • You can upscale hundreds of videos in one go with batch processing 
  • Multiple filter support such as noise reduction, Film cleaner, decompressor, etc



  • There is no dedicated video editing function
  • There are no sound or video effects adding option

8. CapCut


Best For: Web-based video upscaling on any device & OS, no separate software installation needed

OS: Web

Price: Free

Using CapCut online AI 4K video upscaling software, you can upscale any blurred or shaky video to 4K resolution. It lets you restore video details while sharpening each frame. While upscaling, it also lets you edit videos using the dedicated “Edit” functions. It also offers several other magic tools for more customizations and creative exploration.


  • It offers ai 4K video upscaling without data loss
  • It offers ai video upscaling software free service 
  • It handles various video formats, resolutions, contexts, etc
  • It enhances each video frame with clarity & details 


  • You can't upscale videos in batches
  • The video format selection option is not available 

9. Vmake AI


Best For: Online all-device upscaling, registration & installation, free video enhancing, no need for technical skill, knowledge or experience 

OS: Web

Price : Free & Pro plan $0.20/Credit, Flexible $0.60/Credit 

To know how to AI upscale video online, Vmake AI is one of the best ai 4K video upscaling apps. This tool will make any low-resolution, blurry video sharp and crisp by preserving the video details and eliminating the artifacts and digital noise. It lets you select the desired output file format for your upscaled video for compatibility with various devices and platforms. Otherwise, you can retain the original video quality and format while upscaling the video.


  • It offers various multi-format support, including MOV, MKV, Mp4, etc
  • Explore various settings parameters such as contrast, brightness, color saturation, etc
  • Get upscaled video in 30Fps with up to 4K resolution support
  • Video format & length selection option with previewing option


  • There are no video editing functions
  • Batch upscaling is not supported 

10. Neural.Love



Best For: Installation & registration hassle-free AI video upscaling software, automatic and smart video upscaling on any device 

OS: Web

Price: Free & $30/month for 300 credits 

In the list of AI video upscaling free software, Neural.Love is one of the most versatile online tools. This AI video enhancer tool will upscale video up to 4K resolution while maintaining its details. Explore unlimited video upscaling with colorization and realistic mode options.


  • It removes compression artifacts and adds texture
  • Use this tool via any web browser without installation hassle 
  • Upscale less than two hours long video up to 100GB
  • Enhance hundred-plus videos simultaneously in batches


  • There is no versatile video editing option
  • It can handle only two hours long video

Best open-source AI video upscaling software

11. Video 2X

Best For: Free tool, open-source program, easy to use without skill & knowledge 

OS: Mac

Price: Free

As an open-source and free AI video upscaling software, Video 2X offers a lossless video upscaling service. This AI video upscaling software requires only a few clicks to upscale video on your PC, giving a stunning look to any blurry, shaky, or damaged video.


  • It upscales video without data loss
  • Enhance video with frame interpolation 
  • State-of-art algorithm to enhance resolution & frame rate
  • Along with video upscaling, it also works as a GIF & Image upscaler


  • Batch processing is not available 
  • The video editing option is not supported 




Best For: Open source app to explore video upscaling free with exciting features & functions 

OS: Windows 

Price: Free

To enjoy ai video upscaling software free app nothing would be more convenient than the open-source Windows app QualityScaler. With multiple video format support such as Mp4, MKV, AVI etc you can access your upscaled video in various devices.


  • Automatic image tiling & merging function with multiple GPU support
  • Batch video upscaling with simple drag & drop option 
  • Upscale video by enlarging, enhancing, removing noise, etc
  • You can also resize the video before upscaling 


  • Cropping, cutting, flipping, etc. video editing is not possible 
  • Sound or video Effects adding option is missing



Sometimes, you feel like sharing your old or newly shot videos with your friends or social media platforms. Or, you also want to watch your old favorite movies or homemade videos on your latest high-quality smartphone, television, or tablet. To do this, all you need is the ai video upscaling free software with multiple functions & features. While comparing the list of 12 best AI video upscaling software, UniFab is an all-rounder upscaler with the user's specific functions.



What are the primary purposes of AI Video Upscaling Software?


  • To make the old, outdated & damaged video seamlessly streamable in the latest high-quality device with upscaled quality & resolution 
  • To make low-quality videos on social media platforms compatible 
  • To rescue video in its highest possible quality for backup
  • To promote business or brand

Does video upscaling cause data loss?

Even though some free, open-source, or online tools offer very basic and average video upscaling services without maintaining the original quality of your video, with UniFab Video Upscaler AI, you can get a highly upscaled video without losing any data and restore all the video details

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