Is Capcut Not Working? 12 Troubleshoots When Stops Working

This article explores the twelve most common reasons behind CapCut not working and provides practical solutions. Whether you're a seasoned user or new to CapCut, this guide will help you resolve technical difficulties and also offer you a Capcut alternative.
Is Capcut Not Working? 12 Troubleshoots When Stops Working

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Common Issues Causing CapCut to Malfunction & Troubleshoots


CapCut stands out for its intuitive user interface and impressive array of features. However, users often need help with the frustrating issue of CapCut not working correctly. This can include crashes, failure to save edits, or the app not opening, disrupting the creative process. However, solutions are available. Together, let's explore the main reasons for CapCut malfunctions and provide solutions to help you get back to creating great videos quickly. 




I. Device Or System Incompatibility


Device Or System Incompatibility


If you're experiencing issues with CapCut, it could be because your device or system doesn't meet the app's minimum requirements. You should be using Android 5.0 and above. For an iOS device, it is 11.0 and above. Windows 10 users should switch to 64-bit devices. 


Solution: To fix this, update your device or system to meet CapCut's requirements. Check for any available updates for your operating system and install them. If your device is too old or doesn't meet the hardware requirements, consider using a different device that supports CapCut.


II. Inadequate Storage Space or Memory


Inadequate Storage Space or Memory


If your device lacks the necessary storage or memory, CapCut may encounter issues such as crashes, freezing, or problems with saving videos. For optimal performance, the app needs a minimum of 1 GB of free storage and 2 GB of RAM.


Solution: To resolve this, free up storage space or memory on your device by deleting unnecessary files, apps, or cache data. Utilize external SD cards or cloud storage to offload files and create more room for CapCut to operate effectively.


III. Corrupted or Outdated App Data


Corrupted or Outdated App Data


App data, including settings, preferences, and files, can become corrupted or outdated over time, causing problems with CapCut's functionality. Symptoms may include the app not opening, crashing, or not working as intended.




Step 1. Clearing the App Data:


For Android users:


1. Go to Settings > Apps > CapCut > Storage.


Clearing the App Data:    For Android users:


2. Choose "Clear Data" or "Clear Cache" to remove corrupted data.


For iOS users:


1. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.


For iOS users:


2. Find CapCut and tap "Delete App" to clear its data.


For Windows users:


1. Go to Settings > Apps > Apps & features.


2. Find CapCut and select "Reset" to clear its data.


For Windows users:    1. Go to Settings > Apps > Apps & features.


After clearing the app data, reinstall CapCut from the respective app store to ensure you have the latest version.


Step 2. Updating the App


For Android users:


1. Open Google Play Store and go to "My apps & games."


For Android users:


2. Find CapCut and tap "Update" if available.


For iOS users:


1. Launch the App Store and navigate to "Updates."


For iOS users:


2. Find CapCut and tap "Update" if available.


For Windows users:


1. Open the Microsoft Store and go to "Downloads and updates."


Find CapCut and tap "Update" if available.


2. Find CapCut and click "Update" if available.


IV. Subpar Network Connectivity or Server Issues


CapCut relies on a stable and fast network connection to help 500 million users access its features and resources, such as filters, stickers, music, and fonts. Issues like the app not loading, lagging, or being unable to save videos may arise if your network connection is poor or the server experiences downtime.




Step 1. Checking your Network Connection


For Android users:


1. Go to Settings > Network & internet.


Step 1. Checking your Network Connection


2. Tap "Wi-Fi" or "Mobile data" to access settings.


3. Toggle the switch off and on to reset your network connection.


4. Consider connecting to an alternate Wi-Fi network or switching to a different mobile data plan.


For iOS users:


1. Go to Settings and tap "Wi-Fi" or "Cellular."


2. Toggle the switch off and on to reset your network connection.


For iOS users:


3. Attempt to connect to an alternative Wi-Fi network or switch to a different cellular data plan.


For Windows users:


1. Open Settings > Network & internet.


2. Click on "Wi-Fi" or "Ethernet" settings.


3. Toggle the switch off and on to reset your network connection.


4. Try connecting to an alternative Wi-Fi network or switch to a different Ethernet cable for a stable connection.


Step 2. Checking the App Server Status


1. Visit the official CapCut website at and check if it's functioning correctly.


Checking the App Server Status


2. Check CapCut's official social media accounts for announcements about server maintenance or issues.


3. Visit online forums or communities to see if other users report similar problems, helping determine if the issue is widespread.


V. Facing a Black Screen Issue


Some users encounter a black screen when launching CapCut on their mobile devices, especially for first-time users. Despite a smooth initial load, the app transitions into a black screen. This issue could stem from device-related factors such as multiple background apps or excessive app usage. 


Solution: To resolve it, close all running apps, including those in the background, and restart CapCut. If the problem persists, reboot your phone and reopen CapCut; it should function properly. If not, consider reinstalling the app, as the software may be the cause.


VI. Login Errors


Login Errors


Login errors prevent access to your CapCut account, usually due to incorrect login credentials. 


Solution: If your password is forgotten, reset it and attempt to sign in again. Alternatively, try logging in using your phone number or third-party accounts like Gmail, Facebook, or YouTube. Ensure you have the correct login details. Check if your account is active, as CapCut may suspend or delete accounts for inappropriate behavior.


VII. Running Multiple Apps Simultaneously


Overloading your device with multiple apps can lead to CapCut crashing. 


Solution: Close all background apps, including CapCut, to free up device resources and prevent crashes.


VIII. Dealing with Large Video Size


Editing large videos in CapCut might lead to crashes due to increased processing power and memory requirements. 


Solution: Consider splitting large videos into smaller parts to reduce the load on CapCut and prevent crashes.


IX. Inaccessibility in Certain Regions


Capcut template not working? CapCut may only be available in some countries or regions. 


Solution: If traveling to an unsupported location, use a VPN to access CapCut without restrictions.


X. Poor Wi-Fi or Internet Connection


Weak or unstable Wi-Fi/internet connections can affect CapCut's performance, especially during video loading, editing, or exporting. 


Solution: Ensure a stable internet connection to prevent disruptions.


XI. Violation of Terms of Service


Users violating CapCut's terms of use (e.g., uploading inappropriate content, spamming) may cause the app to malfunction. 


Solution: Adhere to CapCut's guidelines to ensure smooth functionality.


XII. Improper Installation


Incorrect installation methods, such as downloading CapCut from untrusted sources or having insufficient storage space, can lead to app problems.


Solution: Ensure proper installation from official sources and sufficient storage space on compatible devices.


If the above solutions fail to resolve your issues, it is recommended that you reach out to CapCut customer support for further assistance. However, for a hassle-free video editing experience without dealing with these problems, consider switching to a professional tool like UniFab All-In-One. This comprehensive software provides everything from video processing to editing and enhancement in a single platform. Let's explore this software to see how it can benefit you.


Elevate Your Video Editing Experience With UniFab All-In-One: The Best Alternative To CapCut


UniFab All-In-One


If you regularly share videos on social media, you know the need for a professional video editor. With CapCut's limitations, users seek solutions to unleash their editing prowess. Enter UniFab All-In-One, empowering users to edit videos like a pro and upscale quality. 


This tool combines processing, editing, and enhancing features, delivering professional-grade results. GPU acceleration boosts frame rates, upgrades videos to vibrant HDR, and achieves stunning 4K resolution. Its advanced features ensure clarity in homemade videos, low-resolution clips, or animations.


What Sets UniFab All-In-One Apart:


  • Pristine 4K Resolution: Capture every detail with remarkable clarity.
  • AI-Powered Frame Interpolation: Ensure smooth video motion with advanced AI.
  • HDR Masterpieces: Transform videos into vivid HDR creations.
  • Advanced AI Deinterlacing: Enhance video smoothness and quality.
  • Immersive Audio Upmixing: Elevate audio to DTS 7.1 for heightened realism.
  • Adjustable Video Speed: Create captivating effects with adjustable speed.
  • Seamless Compression: Compress without quality loss for social media compatibility.
  • Fine-Tuning Parameters: Perfect videos with customizable parameters.
  • Versatile Format Conversion: Convert videos to over 1,000 formats.
  • All-Genre Enhancement Support: Robust enhancement support for all video genres.




Encountering the frustration of CapCut not working can disrupt your video creation process. However, understanding common reasons and solutions can help troubleshoot effectively. With the right approach, you can overcome the CapCut not working problem and resume creating remarkable content. For a permanent solution, consider switching to a professional video editor like Unifab-All-In-One, offering comprehensive editing, processing, and enhancement features. You may also interested in the best tools and techniques to remove the Filmora watermark.




How to fix Capcut captions not working?


CapCut's auto caption feature streamlines the process of creating subtitles from speech, but it might encounter issues. If you face problems, ensure your CapCut app is current by checking for updates on your PC or phone. If auto-captions still don't work, consider using CapCut's online version and importing your video for auto-captions.


How to fix Capcut audio not working?


If you're experiencing audio issues in CapCut, check your device's audio settings to ensure it's not on silent mode and that the headphone connection is secure. Make sure the device volume is up and not muted. Additionally, adjust the volume settings within the CapCut app as required to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.


Why Can't I Find CapCut in India?


CapCut, like other China-based apps, is unavailable in India. The main reason behind this is concerns over unauthorized data transmission and data privacy.

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