Cyberlink Powerdirector Review: Everything with Alternative

Let's get started with an overall Cyberlink PowerDirector Review with features highlights, a step guide, pricing options, system support, safety concerns, and also a alternative to it.
Cyberlink Powerdirector Review: Everything with Alternative



Cyberlink Powerdirector


What is Cyberlink PowerDirector?


Like any other AI-powered video editor, Cyberlink PowerDirector has offered full automation in every function with multiple options, effects, and filters. However, unlike other video editors, this All-In-One tool regularly adds and alters features and functions according to the user's convenience, demand, and specifications. 


For example, this month, it has introduced more effects packs, templates, etc. lets see some of the major updates:


  • Title editing revamp
  • Updated motion graphics for title customizations
  • Quick mask editing
  • Subtitles editing in the preview window
  • Three Styles for Anime Video
  • Five mosaic effects
  • In-app 700+ font download


In short, this tool is a hub of versatile and extensive video editing functions that can satisfy any of your video editing requirements. So, in this Cyberlink PowerDirector Review, let's review its most promising functions.


Highlights of the Prominent Features


As power-packed features are the major attractions of this powerhouse video editor, let's see the most prominent and dominant features of this tool. These features highlights will help you understand its versatility and flexibility.


The features are well organized and distributed across 5 dedicated segments, including video effects, content, editing tools, fixing and enhancing footage, audio editing, and plug-ins and performance.

  1. Video Effects


Video Effects


It lets you add cinematic appeal to your random mobile shots or professional vlog videos. From background removal, sky replacement, and object detection to video collage and motion tracking, AI automation allows you to do multiple things.


  • Remove any object or cut out the main subject to add something new in the blank space without green screen compulsion with auto object detection


  • Add striking visual effects to any moving object or body with text, graphics, and other effects, adding an option with fame-by-frame motion tracking support


  • Customize the sky with multiple presets like starry nights, sunset, etc, and explore split-screen video collages with customizable video effects and templates


  • Be creative with custom masking to design titles, videos, graphics, etc, uniquely with green screen effect support for multi-color sampling


  • Nine blending modes to layer videos creatively with keyframe control to fine-tune masks, animations, etc


  1. Content & Editing Tool


Content & Editing Tool


Whether it's for your social media post, website attraction, or video blogging, to optimize your content creativity, you can explore various editing tools. From image generator, speech-to-text transcription, sticker maker, ready-to-use transitions, templates, etc., these features will transform your video or image from nothing to everything.


  • Explore millions of royalty-free music tracks, images, videos, etc, thousands of customizable intro templates, and hundreds of transitions to connect seamless shots


  • You can create custom graphics, images, etc., from any text and stickers with transparent backgrounds from any image or art.


  • Add 3D VFX, themed animated stickers, etc., with a unique title adding option with sound effects, animated templates, etc.


  • Incorporate overlays like film, lense spots, light leaks, etc, with sound effects and background music, adding option


  • Portrait preview is another attractive function to optimize video playback while editing any mobile shot video


  1. Fix & Enhance Footage

Fix & Enhance Footage


No matter how, when, or what device you used to capture your video, you can fix any blurriness, artifacts, grains, shakiness, etc., while enhancing the video quality. Using various techniques, such as a video stabilizer, speed controller, HDR effects, etc., you can transform any distorted video to its visual appeal.


  • Stabilize video shake with a state-of-the-art video stabilizer, while controlling video speed


  • While balancing color tone, you can explore a split toning tool to adjust, intensify, or soften color hues, and you can also work with color detailing while adding HDR effects


  • You can explore hundreds of effects, & templates like autumn vibe, cyberpunk style using LUTs ( Look-Up-Tables) functions


  • Enhance color by improving contrast, image color, quality, etc., and fix multiple distortions like chromatic aberration, fisheye distortion, vignetting, etc, with lense correction support


  • Smart pan & zoom effects will highlight any part or object of a video to optimize visual satisfaction


  1. Audio Editing


Audio Editing


No video is complete without seamless sound effects, and therefore, in this Cyberlink PowerDirector 13 Review, you will learn about the various audio editing tools for transforming sound quality and effects. While changing text to speech, you can also change the voice, depending on your requirements.


  • Change the text into speech with 260+ voices of various genders, styles, languages, emotions, etc, with 100+ human and voice effects of different ages, genders, nationalities, etc


  • Restore audio clips by removing unwanted background noise and enhance the audio quality for seamless sound satisfaction


  • Enhance your speech to get a clear and crisp sound by eliminating wind noises, reverb, and echo.


  • It lets you separate instrument and vocal from any musical track and transform voice by changing pitch and timber


  • Audio ducking is the smart option for fading out background sound and emphasizing dialogue and narration. 


  • The auto-smart fit function will automatically fit the background music according to the length of the footage.


  1. Plug-Ins & Performance


Plug-Ins & Performance


Apart from video editing, this AI video editor has multiple functions, such as screen recording, live streaming, etc., that make it one step ahead of the competition.


  • Capture and record any part or full screen of your system with a webcam, system audio, or microphone option with live streaming support while removing the background and adding overlay objects.


  • Explore state-of-the-art plugins to upgrade visual effects with 12th-generation CPU optimization.


What are the system requirements?


Windows - OS - Windows 7 And Higher (64-bit OS only), Memory - Minimum 4GB Required, Hard Disk Space - Minimum 7GB Of Free Space, Screen Resolution - 1024 x 768 with 16-bit Color Required


Mac - OS - Mac OSX 10.14, Memory - Minimum 4GB Required, Hard Disk Space - Minimum 7GB Of Free Space, Screen Resolution - 1024 x 768 with 16-bit Color Required

How much does Cyberlink PowerDirector cost?


After going through the most exciting and fascinating features of this tool, you must be eager to know how much you have to pay to avail yourself of these exclusive features. So, keeping in mind the user's budget and common video editing requirements, this video editor has offered three subscription plans that you can access through monthly or yearly payments.


  • PowerDirector 365: $19.99/month or $ 54.99/ year
  • Director Suite 365: $29.99/month or $99.99/ year
  • Add-On Premium: 4,99 €/ month or 44,99 €/ year

What are the user's ratings?


In this Cyberlink PowerDirector Review, you will find the rating of this video editor based on the users' experience and opinions. Users have given 4.4 out of 5 ratings, depending on their liking and preferences. Here are some of the users’ picks about the app.


  • Best multiple track support
  • Built-in preview
  • Easy to use with extensive video editing functions
  • Flexible customization with chroma key and animated transitions
  • Best video trimming function with the smart image-adding option
  • Smart user interface with color blending, word effects, fast forwarding, and other advanced functions


What do we like & dislike about this tool?


Let's look at the most attractive and disappointing aspects of this tool that everyone should consider while using this app. These pros and cons have helped users decide their priorities and make the right call.




  • It offers multiple plugins with premium quality effects, adding option
  • Easy-to-use interface with millions of ready-to-use images and videos via Shutterstock & iStock Getty images
  • It provides 4K support with HEVC or H.265
  • Regularly updated & added new features
  • Hotkeys customizations to control editing speed with 360 video editing option
  • High-speed project rendering with AI-automation




  • Most of the ready to use effects don't match the professional and commercial standard
  • Some of the advanced editing tools are not flexible enough
  • The color correction tool is not fully adequate
  • Some valuable features are missing in the Mac version
  • Limited transition effects & animated text features
  • Get output video with a watermark



Best Cyberlink Powerdirector Alternative: UniFab All-In-One


After going through a detailed Cyberlink PowerDirector Review, if you are looking for something smarter, swiffer, sustainable, and seamless, the UniFab All-in-One is the ultimate video enhancer AI you need. This AI-powered 8-in-1 video processing, editing, and enhancing tool could be your one-stop shop for professional video transformation.


While upscaling video resolution up to 4K, this tool can also upmix audio for seamless sound satisfaction. From home video and black-and-white movies to animation, it can transform any video to its best appeal.


Fascinating Features


  • Transform SDR to HDR while expanding the brightness range of images, displaying higher bit depth
  • Upscale any SD video to 4K UHD video by doubling up the original video size
  • Enjoy premium quality sound satisfaction while upmixing audio track with EAC3 5.1 or DTS 7.1 surround sound
  • Explore AI-powered frame interpolation to boost frame rate to 120 FPS
  • Get rid of digital noise caused by wrong camera settings, low lighting, compression artifacts, etc
  • Advanced deinterlace technology to transform interlaced video signals into progressive scans
  • You can stabilize your camera shake with a video stabilizer
  • Enjoy lossless video conversion to your desired format with 1000+ format support


How to use UniFab All-in-one


This AI tool has multiple options to edit, enhance, and transform your video. However, the video-enhancing option would be smart if you want a quick fix to transform your old, outdated, or poor-resolution video by getting into multiple steps or complex settings.

This will give a completely new look to any below-average video. Otherwise, for more customization of any video, you can use other features and functions of this tool according to your specific requirements. So, let's see how to enhance video using UniFab All-in-One.


Step 1: After downloading and launching the UniFab program on your system from its official website, head to the main interface and select the “Enlarger” module from the left side.


unifab enlarger 1


Step 2: Select the “Add Video” option on the homepage to upload the video file you want to enhance. Now, you are ready to edit your uploaded video according to your needs. Select output parameters such as resolution, video codec, quality, frame rate, bit rate, audio codec, sample rate, etc.


unifab enlarger 5


unifab enlarger 3


Step 3: Then preview your entire setting customizations and select the “Start” option to enhance the quality of your selected video within a few seconds.


unifab enlarger 6




Suppose you want to give a complete makeover to any video with professional perfection and personal appeal. In that case, this Cyberlink PowerDirector Review will surely guide you thoroughly to make the right move. However, if you need a more hassle-free and effortless video-transforming experience, UniFab All-in-one is also a must-try program with its versatility and vibrant visual effects.




Is Cyberlink PowerDirector safe?


Cyberlink PowerDirector has been leading the video editing industry for decades, establishing its reputation and authenticity among users. This malware, spyware, and virus-free tool doesn't threaten your system. Apart from video editing software, Cyberlink also offers many other products, such as facial recognition software, audio-video production, etc., and ensures its authenticity to consumers' satisfaction.

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