Six Tools to Convert MPG to MP4 on Windows, Mac & Online

Suppose you have plenty of old videos available in MPG file format on your CDs, DVDs, or computer to make their accessibility flexible & all devices compatible. In that case, you must convert MPG to MP4.

Despite being in the same company's video file format, Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG), MPG, and MP4 differ in various ways. So, if you think about why you even need to convert MPG to MP4, you must know that MPG has certain limitations that the MP4 file format can easily overcome.


When an MPG file uses the old MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding to store audio, video, and metadata with slightly lossy compression, MP4 uses the advanced MPEG-4 codec to store more multimedia data, including audio, video, images, subtitles, metadata, etc., with maximum file compression and minimum data loss. So, while you know the most helpful reason for MPG to Mp4 file conversion, here are the top 6 MPG to Mp4 converters for Windows, Mac, and Online.


MPG to Mp4


Why to Convert MPG to MP4


Even though both the MPG and Mp4 files are digital media container formats, there are certain advantages of Mp4 over MPG that make your digital media streaming experience more flexible and comfortable.


  • Mp4 handles more digital media data than MPG and cannot store subtitles, images, etc.


  • MP4 is compatible with most devices, media players, OSs, and platforms and supports seamless media streaming on the internet. However, MPG is mostly created to deal with digital content on CDs, DVDs, Televisions, etc., and it is commonly compatible with the built-in media player of Windows and Mac, VLC Media Player, and other limited media players.


  • Most digital streaming platforms support MP4 over MPG because of its small file and more compressed file size with lossless compression support.


  • Despite offering maximum compression, MP4 doesn't compromise content quality and supports HD, 4K, and higher resolution in very small file sizes. Despite using lossy compression, MPG can't reduce file size and also can't support HD or high-quality video.


  • MPG consumes more device storage than MP4 to store any digital media content.


  • MPG supports only two old codecs, such as MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, but Mp4 offers multiple advanced codec support like H.264 or AVI, H.265 or HEVC, Cinepak, Dirac, etc


Snapshot of Our Top 3 Software for Windows/Mac/Online


Before diving into the list of top 6 MPG to MP4 converters, let's get a snapshot of the top 3 most powerful tools for Windows, Mac, or Online platforms depending on usability, software highlights & advanced features.

MPG to Mp4 ConverterBest Suited ForTool's AttractionsHigh-End Features 
UniFab Video Converter (Windows)DVDs, BluRays, Homemade videos, online content, blurry, distorted videos
  • 3-in-one tool with editing, conversion & production
  • 1000+ format support 
  • Batch processing with 20+toolset
  • Watermark & effects adding option
  • True-HD, DTS-HD & DTSX support
  • Various settings of resolution, frame rate, bit rate codec etc
HandBrake for MacDVDs, BluRays, Common multimedia files, copy-protection free content 
  • Built-in device preset
  • Multiple audio-video encoder & format support
  • Chapter marker with batch processing 
  • Live statics & video preview option
  • Video Filters with VFR & CFR support 
  • Subtitle saving option 
CloudConvert for OnlineAny audio-video content, online conversion on any device 
  • All device, OS & browser support 
  • No Software downloading & registration 
  • Batch conversion of 25 file/ day
  • 200+format support with multiple settings adjustment
  • Lossless conversion 
  • Three step conversion process 



The Best Converters to Convert MPG to MP4 for Windows/Mac/Online


After knowing the maximum benefits of MPG to MP4 conversion, it's time to find adequate MPG to MP4 converters that can do what is needed according to maximum customization and specifications.


Two MPG to MP4 Converters for Windows


1. UniFab Video Converters Pro


UniFab Video Converter Pro is a multifunctional video converter, editor, and creator with the video 20+ multimedia toolkit. This advanced tool saves you time by batch-converting multiple videos in one go. It also lets you stabilize your video if it shakes. Using this tool, you can enhance video quality by sharpening, deblurring, etc.


Price: The price plan starts at USD 79.99 (lifetime).




  • While offering lossless MPG to MP4 conversion support, it supports 1000+ formats.
  • Lossless compression reduces file size after format conversion to fit into any limited device storage. 
  • You can customize audio-video quality settings such as resolution, sample rate, frame rate, subtitles, encoding methods, etc.
  • You can edit videos with trimming, flipping, cropping, etc.


Step 1: After launching the UniFab on your Windows PC, select the “Converter” module from the left-hand column and upload your desired MPG video for conversion to MP4.




Step 2: While selecting the output format as MP4, you can also customize the frame rate, resolution, codec, etc. After that, select the “Start” option to initiate the MPG to Mp4 conversion process.


video converter pro.jpg


2. VLC Media Player 


To explore free yet customisable MPG to MP4 converters for your PC, VLC Media Player is a well-known and powerful option. Instead of being an open-source, free, cross-platform program, VLC offers extreme flexibility and customization in its file conversion function. Using this MPG to Mp4 converter, you can easily access your old movie collections on DVDs, homemade videos, CDs, etc. on any device in Mp4 format. It also ensures lossless file compression during MPG to MP4 conversion.


Price: Free 




  • It can handle any kind of digital media, such as DVDs, CDs, files, streams, webcams, and devices.
  • There is no user tracker, ads, or spyware.
  • It supports various audio, video & text formats and codecs with 1000+ formats like MP4, WMV, MP3, AC3, OGM, DVB etc
  • It supports subtitle synchronization with audio-video filters
  • It lets you edit & customize video files depending on your choice


Step 1: After opening the VLC tool on your PC, go to the “Media” header and select “Convert/Save.” You will then be taken to the window where you will see the video conversion option.


Step 2: Use the “Add” option to import your preferred MPG file into the software. Then, by selecting the “Convert/Save” option, you can save the converted MPG to MP4 file.




Step 3: Before initiating the MPG to Mp4 conversion, personalize the output settings according to your specifications.


Step 4: In the “Profile” drop-down menu, select the Mp4 option > select the “Browser” option to decide the filename and output location. Next, select the “Start” option to complete the MPG to Mp4 conversion process.


Two MPG to MP4 converters on Mac


#1. HandBrake



To convert MPG to MP4 on Mac, HandBrake is a highly reputed free, open-source, multi-purpose program. It supports a vast range of formats and codecs and lets you select built-in presets for customizing output profiles. Apart from copy-protected content, this tool can convert audio-video content, including DVDs, multimedia files, etc.


Price: Free software 




  • It offers extensive audio-video format support such as MKV, Mp4, AVI, AAC, AC3, FLAC, etc
  • You can enjoy optional hardware-accelerated video encoding 
  • It supports batch processing with an encode queueing option 
  • It offers chapter marker with VFR & CFR support
  • It provides various video filters such as denoising, çropping, deblocking, etc.
  • Explore output customization with bit rate, sample rate, file size, etc., through “Constant Quality.”


Step 1: After installing HandBrake on your Mac system, select the “Open source” program in the upper left corner to import the MPG to the program. Otherwise, you can also drag & drop the option to import files.




Step 2: In the output session, select the Mp4 output format. Then, in the inspector section, you can make further edits by adjusting various parameters such as bit rate and frame rate, adding an audio track, etc.


Step 3: After selecting the output directory, select the “Start” option to convert MPG to MP4.


2. MacX Video Converter Pro




If you are a Mac user and want a more versatile option to convert MPG to MP4, MacX Video Converter Pro is an all-arounder program. This All-In-One tool supports video file conversion, compression, screen recorders, slide show makers, and more. It also supports seamless decoding and encoding with a hardware-accelerated HEVC transcoding option. Also want to know how to recover your old videos? Check our top video recovery software review.


Price: The price plan starts at USD 19.95 (first year) for Premium License and USD 39.95 (lifetime) for Ultimate License. You can also opt for a 3-in-1 bundle at USD 129.95.




  • It supports lossless file compression with a 5X faster file conversion option.
  • It reduces the file size while ensuring the video quality to 4K up to 8K
  • With 420 format support, it can also upscale video up to 4K 
  • Exclusive video editing options like split, merge, trim, rotate, etc
  • You can import files without requiring any extra codec
  • It also lets you download videos from 1000 websites


Step 1: Once you successfully launch the MacX Video Converter Pro on your Mac, import your desired MPG file to the program by selecting the “+” option or using the drag-and-drop option.




Step 2: After that, select the “Output Profile” option from the pop-up Windows > select Mp4 (h264+AAC) as your required output format. You can also select your desired device option, such as iphone, iPad, etc, as an output profile.


Step 3: By selecting the “Browser” option, choose the folder to save the converted file. Then, select the “RUN” option to start the MPG to MP4 conversion process.


Two MPG to Mp4 Converters for Online


#1. CloudConvert


If you want to explore your MPG to Mp4 conversion process anytime on any device for free, CloudConvert is the ultimate MPG to Mp4 converter. It offers various file format support and lets you customize your output profile with file size, resolution, quality, etc. You can use this online converter without any hassle with software installation or registration.


Price: A free version of CloudConvert is available. The price plans start at USD 9/month (Subscription) and USD 17.00 (Package).




  • It offers over 200 format support, including Mp4, MOV, AVI, MKV, etc
  • It ensures high-quality conversion with lossless compression and adjustment of quality settings
  • The free version supports 25 MPG to MP4 conversion every day 
  • You can upload MPG videos from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc
  • It supports MPG to MP4 conversions in batches


Step 1: Access the CloudConvert tool on any device using any web browser > Hit the “select file” option to upload your required MPG file to the tool.


Step 2: You can also select multiple MPG files for batch conversion, select MP4 format as the output profile, and select the “Red” button for conversion.


Step 3: Once complete, you can save the converted MP4 file on your device by downloading it.






ZAMZAR is another most convenient online MPG to MP4 converter with a file size handling option of up to 2GB. This tool is available in various languages. With hundreds of audio, video, document, image, etc. file format support, it offers seamless conversion between files with a few clicks. There is no software downloading hassle, and creating an account is optional.


Price: A free version of Zamzar is available. The price plans start at USD 25/month for Startup, USD 99/month for Growth, and USD 299/month for Scale.




  • You can enjoy an unlimited conversion with 5X faster speed
  • The registered users can store & manage converted files
  • It supports 1100 file conversions with 150+ format support
  • It also offers a dedicated desktop app for file conversion 
  • It can be used on any device through any web browser


Step 1: Once you open this tool on your device, upload your required MPG file to the program for conversion.




Step 2: Choose the Mp4 format as the output profile, and finally, hit the “Convert” option to finish the MPG to Mp4 conversion process.




Suppose you want to convert MPG to MP4 to watch all your DVDs/ CDs collection or old homemade videos on all the latest devices in the highest audio-video quality. In that case, you must try any of the above-mentioned tools depending on your device's requirements. However, to ensure lossless conversion, high video quality, and maximum output profile customizations, you must give the UniFab a try.




How long will it take to convert MPG to Mp4?


Usually, it takes a minimum of the time of the original MPG video to convert to Mp4. For a 30-minute MPG file, it will take around 15 minutes for the conversion. However, with the 50X GPU speed of UniFab Video Converter Pro, it takes a few minutes to complete any MPG to MP4 conversions.


Can you convert MPG to MP4 without compromising quality?


During MPG to Mp4 conversion, the file size gets reduced, and it reduces visually negligible digital data. MPG format doesn't support HD or higher quality resolution, so despite a small amount of data loss, you will get HD resolution support in Mp4 format. Using UniFab Video Converter Pro, you can get a high-quality converted video with various codecs, resolutions, frame rates, sample rates, etc, and customization options.

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