Top 12 AI&Non-AI Video Restoration Software: Pros & Cons, Steps Guide

You don't have to compromise your viewing with degraded, poor-quality videos as the evolving technology of Video restoring software will transform any video from poor quality to professional perfection.

On the edge of a 4K & 8K resolution display, you have been conditioning yourself to enjoy your streaming in HD, FHD, or UHD quality. However, the problem arises when you want to stream your old videos, like home videos, old movie collections, birthday or holiday taps, etc, on your latest HD device display. You are miserably disappointed with the visual dissatisfaction due to the degraded video quality.


You can also have poor quality blurry, hazy, or dull videos that you may have shot recently using your high-end camera or smartphone due to shaky hands, low light, wrong shutter speed, etc. Here, the video restoration software has come into play to save you with its advanced Video quality-enhancing techniques. So, let's get the 12 best video restoration software with their potential and limitations.


What is the Video Restoration Process?


Video restoration is a process of restoring clean video sequences in poor-quality videos by removing multiple restorations like a blur, digital noise, compressed artifacts, etc. Mainly, two methods, The traditional method and Deep learning-based methods, have been used in the video restoration process. The Deep learning-based method has been used in most of the advanced Video restoring software. Let's see how these tools work by highlighting the 12 best video restoration software.


Top 12 Video Restoring Software: Pros & Cons


Before selecting any random video restoration software, here you will get the top 12 most potential Video restoring tools with their perks & pitfalls.


Unifab All-In-One


UniFab All-In-One is the ultimate video restoration software to edit and enhance any video up to 4k resolution with HDR effect and DTS 7.1 sound satisfaction. This AI-powered tool can customize, convert, and compress Video without losing its originality. While enhancing videos you can optimize your video editing experience with split, crop, rotate, speed adjustment etc.



  • AI video upscaling videos from SDR to HDR10 or Dolby Vision quality with realistic color representation
  • Enjoy AI-powered automatic upscaling from my 720p to 4K within a few clicks
  • Explore sound quality in EAC3 5.1 or DTS 7.1
  • It offers an advanced AI algorithm to remove digital noise
  • Experience frame rate up to 120FPS
  • It supports 1000+ video formats converting including Mp4, MKV, WMV, AVI etc
  • The compressed and enhanced video file size is perfect for all social media platforms.




  • It is available only on Windows


Step 1: After installing the UniFab program on your PC select the “Enlarger” module and add your video to initiate the Video restoring process.

enlarger ai3.jpg


Step 2: Go for the Settings option to choose your desired Video output formats then save and start the process

 enlarger ai2.jpg


Topaz Video Enhance AI


In the list of the best video restoration software, Topaz Video Enhance AI is a very prominent name with its unmatchable automatic video upscaling features. It can handle ultimate slow motion with 16X fps interpolation. It lets you explore ultra-smooth camera movement while reducing smearing effects.




  • Explore AI-based upscaling up to 16K while fixing compression of artifacts
  • Get ultra-sharp Video between digital noise & details
  • Automatic & instant facial recognition & correction
  • Explore smooth conversion from 24fps to 60fps with a boost of 120fps.




  • It takes a long time to process large files or files with high resolution
  • It consumes huge resources of your system


Final Cut Pro


In the most advanced and powerful video restoration software list, Final Cut Pro is the ultimate program dedicated to Apple users. It smoothes out editing to any complex video with a huge frame size, more effects, higher frame rates, etc. The advanced Multicam function lets you sync up to 64 video angles and view up to 16 video angles.




  • Transform videos while detecting objects & faces by machine learning with cinematic effects
  • Evolve moving footage by color correction or adding using an object tracker
  • It offers the highest speed to transform Video in its post-production
  • Duplicate detection of any audio or video clips for the fastest comparison among them




  • The outdated layout has made it challenging for users to comprehend features
  • Some lagging has been found while working with 4K footage


Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro


Regarding the best video restoration software, Adobe Premiere Pro is the trendiest for professional video editing purposes. Whether it's post-production editing, brand building, digital marketing, or social media posts, this tool will take your video transformation experience to another level with its path-breaking features such as endless preset effects, color correction, removing digital noise, etc.




  • Explore professional Video restoring process with color correction, audio adjustment, the addition of finishing touches, etc
  • Enhance video quality with smooth transitions while trying out multiple video filters or adding instant style
  • Work with video clips available in various formats
  • Explore adding sound effects or music, and audio adjustment while maintaining the same video quality




  • It's not a beginner-friendly tool because of its complex features. Instead, it's best for professionals with video editing experience.
  • It requires a powerful system with a GPU with high processing power and RAM usage.


Camtasia Studio


Camtasia Studio is an all-in-one video restoring tool to give charismatic effects to any low-quality video with a screen recording option. This multi-purpose video restoration software gives you high-quality videos for marketing, presentation, social media, and online tutorials. From industrial marketers and educators to tech marketers, this video edition is for the widest range of users.




  • Multi-purpose tool with video editing & screen recording
  • Upgrade your videos with hundreds of preset template effects, music, transitions, etc
  • Customize videos with creativity by exploring texts, animation, various shapes, etc
  • Enjoy the automatic audio editing option to customize voice-over or remove unwanted sound




  • In the case of long videos, the tool takes a long time to work with 
  • The video editing features are very basic




To give a subtle and stunning appeal to any average-looking video, Davinci Resolve is one of the most fascinating video-restoring software. This tool uses advanced & award-winning image technologies like 32-bit float processing, wide gamut color space & patented YRGB color science to match the perfection of HDR videos. Enhance your visuals with UniFab HDR Upscaler, seamlessly converting SDR videos to Dolby vision.




  • Multitasking video editing tool with color correction, motion graphics, visual effects, audio customization, etc
  • Explore Fairlight audio processing quality for excellent sound satisfaction 
  • This tool has massive appeal to VFX artists, sound engineers, professional editors, colourists, etc
  • The latest version introduces AI-powered tools & 150 new features




  • This interface is a little tricky & confusing
  • The digital noise reduction option is not available in the free version


Neat Video

neat video.jpg


To look for advanced video restoration software Neat Video is a compelling program with the most advanced features and functions. This software offers the most potent and high-end video processing applications such as After Effects, Final Cut, Media Composer, etc. This tool's plug-in works as a regular video filter, and it uses noise reduction and sharpening whenever it's needed.




  • It supports advanced noise reduction algorithms with wavelet-based techniques with multiple noise filters
  • Enjoy instant visual feedback with multiple preview modes, playback & filter settings option
  • This tool is compatible with most video editing app
  • With excellent GPU acceleration, Neat Video supports all frame size




  • Sometimes, it crashes during your project work
  • It's a comparatively expensive software



Ashampoo Video Optimizer


Ashampoo Video Optimizer is a very easy-to-use video restoration software. It lets you cut, rotate, merge, or other editing functions to one or multiple video clips like a professional without any prior video editing experience. It offers perfection to your video restoring process with maximum control and high-end manual fine-tuning.




  • It offers batch editing of multiple videos in one go
  • It sharpens and stabilizes shaky videos by balancing color & contrast & reducing digital noise
  • Be creative with slow-motion Video by adding text, sub-text, images, etc
  • Explore 20 presets of filters, effects, color settings, etc




  • It offers a slow video editing interface with no media tagging option
  • It doesn't support 360° videos & WMV or HEVC formats


Vegas Pro


When it comes to trendy video restoration software, Vegas Pro offers everything under one roof with high-end video editing features. From social media posts to big-screen movie editing, this tool is equipped enough to tackle various types of instant or post-production professional editing.




  • All-in-one tool for tackling audio, Video, titles, text & transitions
  • It uses machine learning to separate background & foreground by applying layers & creating masks
  • Transform your footage with vibrant color with amazing color grading tools
  • You can try endless possibilities with a vast collection of ready-to-use visual effects with the Adjustment Event option




  • The tool crashes even when working with simple projects & becomes worse with complex project
  • The auto-save option is not effective in rescuing prior editing once the software crashes


Pinnacle Studio Ultimate


For a Video restoring process with cinematic perfection, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate gives you the most versatile options and functions. With advanced tools, cinematic effects, and precise controls, this tool transforms your average-looking Video into a masterpiece of creative perfection. While offering blend mode and video stabilization, it also supports alpha channel, audio ducking, etc.




  • Explore advanced pro-calibre tools to tackle HD, 4K, or 360° video editing, motion tracking, split screen video, multicam editing, etc
  • Add cinematic flair with color grading, custom titles, Morph & seamless transitions, etc
  • Fine-tune every frame with positioning, size, speed, overlays, effects, etc
  • Experience unlimited customization with video masking, smart object tracking, spot mode animation, etc




  • The motion tracking option is limited
  • Sometimes, it's difficult to locate the imported file




Lightworks is a versatile video restoration software with an easy and smart interface. It doesn't require any prior experience or Video editing knowledge for any video transformation. This tool is power-packed with countless advanced functions such as motion graphics, transitions, color tools, simple proxies, etc.




  • It offers audio-video editing with vibrant color & impressive visual effects
  • It can handle videos with any size, quality & frame rate
  • Optimize the usage of colors & contrasts with your HDR workflow
  • Customize VFX with video mask effects




  • The user interface is quite confusing, clunky and rigid
  • In the free version, video resolution is restricted to 720p


DIAMANT Film Restoration


Diamant Film Restoration is a multi-functional video restoring software that gives vibrant and professional appeal with multiple and versatile features. From batch processing, real-time viewing, and auto-generation of restoration reports to annotators and multiple filter plugins, you can do anything with this ultimate video editing suite, depending on your requirements.




  • It offers customizable tools, including paint tools, repair tools, & enhanced tool
  • Under the automatic filter option, you will get History filter, IR Cleaner, Scratch, Stabilization, denoise, color adjustment, etc
  • The multiple features are well organized under different categories like movie manager, annotation track, quality control, etc.
  • You can compare your editing with the two-sequence comparison option




  • This is not so beginner friendly tool with quite sophisticated features 
  • Working with this tool is time-consuming




Does video restoration need professional skills?

Even though some Video restoring software requires professional experience, The AI-powered UniFab All-in-one video restoration software doesn't need any skill or knowledge to transform any video. Instead, it lets you experience automatic video restoration with advanced algorithms.


Does Video Restoration compromise the originality of the Video?

No, video restoration enhances the video quality from lower to better. While maintaining the originality of the Video and without losing any data, Video restoring software upgrades the video quality.




Suppose you are looking for an easy solution to upscale the poor video quality of your old, damaged, or distorted videos. In that case, the above-mentioned list of the best video restoration software will certainly help you. However, to get multifunctional experience, such as editing, converting, compression, etc, in one tool, nothing would be more fascinating than the AI-based UniFab All-In-One.

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