Top 6 MKV to MP4 Converters Of 2024

Simplify video conversion with our expert-curated MKV to MP4 converters to strike the perfect balance between ease of use and flexibility according to your needs.



Dealing with video formats and compatibility issues can often take time and effort. Various programs utilize different formats and file extensions, leading to playback difficulties with specific software. Converting MKV to MP4 is an everyday challenge users face. MKV (Matroska) and MP4 (MPEG-4) are both HD video formats, but they differ significantly in how they store data. MKV consolidates subtitles, audio, and video into a single large file, akin to how Blu-rays and DVDs store content. In contrast, MP4 files are more compact without sacrificing quality and boast wider software compatibility. 


Many opt to convert MKV to MP4 to broaden playback options across devices. This article explores six effective methods to convert MKV files into versatile MP4 formats through online tools and desktop software.


Snapshot of Our Top 3 Picks: How We Made The Choice Of Top Tier MKV to MP4 Converters


The following table outlines our methodology for selecting and ranking our top 3 choices.



UniFab Video Converter Pro






Quality RetentionNo quality lossThe quality of the final output is influenced by your PC settings.Results in a moderate loss of quality.
Batch processingSupportedSupportedSupported
SpeedFast speedModerately highModerately high
Hardware AccelerationSupportedSupportedSupported
Video EditingSupportedSupportedSupported
Video ConversionSupportedSupportedSupported



Convert MKV to MP4 for improved compatibility with top-tier software or online utilities on your Windows & mac devices. Ensure seamless playback and easy sharing of videos across various devices with our conversion guide.


Best Rated MKV to MP4 Converter Utilities for Windows, Mac & Online Users


1. UniFab Video Converter Pro


Supported Platforms: Windows


UniFab, a versatile professional video converter, offers effortless conversion between over 1000 video and audio formats, ensuring compatibility with various devices and players. Whether you need to convert MKV videos to MP4 without quality loss or transform videos for smartphone playback, UniFab delivers seamless format transitions tailored to your needs. Moreover, UniFab is a reliable video compressor, enabling precise size adjustments to meet social media platform requirements while preserving original video and audio quality, including high-definition formats like TrueHD, DTS-HD, and DTS X. It also allows you to covert MPG to MP4.


Price: Lifetime license for $89.99




  • Customizable Video Parameters: Fine-tune your videos with Codec, Frame/Bit/Sample Rate, Resolution, Encoding Method, Channels, and Subtitles settings for flexible customization.


  • Efficient Video Trimming: You can trim videos quickly and efficiently with professional trimming tools. 


  • Comprehensive Video Editing: UniFab's Video Editor offers features, including Split, Crop, Flip, Mirror, Rotate, Duration Setting, and Speed Adjustment for seamless video creation and editing.


  • GPU Acceleration: Experience up to 50x faster video conversion, compression, and editing speeds with advanced GPU hardware acceleration technologies (NVIDIA CUDA, AMD, Intel Quick Sync) integrated into UniFab.


  • Batch Processing: Edit multiple videos simultaneously with UniFab's Batch Processing function, allowing for efficient conversion, compression, or editing of numerous files in one go.


  • User-Friendly Interface: UniFab's intuitive interface is easy for beginners and professionals, revolutionizing video creation and editing. Integrated in one installer, UniFab All-in-one also have ai-powered video enhancing solutions for you to have a try.


  • Customized Settings: Tailor your video conversion and editing experience with built-in settings and a comprehensive video editor that offers personalized options for your projects.


  • High-Speed Conversion: Get tasks done on time with UniFab's high-speed conversion, compression, and editing capabilities, which are ideal for managing multiple scheduled tasks efficiently.


How To Convert MKV To MP4 using UniFab Video Converter Pro


Step 1: Install UniFab Video Converter Pro


Begin by installing UniFab Video Converter Pro on your device. Launch the application to start converting your videos.


Step 2: Add MKV Video


Navigate to the 'Converter' module within UniFab. Click the appropriate button to import your MKV video file into the software.


Step 3: Choose MP4 Output




Select 'MP4' as the desired output format. Customize additional settings, such as video resolution, codec, frame rate, etc., according to your preferences.


Step 4: Start Conversion



Once the settings are adjusted, click the 'Start' button to initiate the conversion process. UniFab will begin converting your MPG video to MP4 with the specified parameters.


2. OBS




Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux


OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), primarily for video streaming and game recording, offers a lesser-known but powerful feature: a built-in MKV to MP4 converter. Although not a conventional video converter, OBS Studio includes a Remux Recordings feature to quickly convert MKV format recordings to MP4. This open-source software supports various systems, native and third-party plugins, and software extensions, allowing for endless possibilities in video production. With OBS Studio, users benefit from high-performance real-time video/audio capturing and mixing capabilities, customizable scene setups, an intuitive audio mixer with per-source filters like noise gate, and gain adjustment and support for VST plugins. 


Price: Free




  • Screen Capture in HD Quality: Effortlessly capture and stream your screen in high-definition, perfect for sharing activities or gaming sessions with viewers.


  • Unlimited Video Recording: It records videos without time constraints, utilizing your webcam and microphone as primary sources for audio-visual content.


  • Real-time Video Broadcasting: Stream live videos on Facebook Live, Twitch, and YouTube.


  • Customizable Hotkeys: Set personalized hotkeys for quick navigation across features, including scene switching, recording control, and audio management.


  • Precision Quality Control: Adjust video capture settings such as resolution and frames per second (fps) to ensure optimal video quality.


How To Convert MKV To MP4 using OBS Studio


Step 1: Download and Install OBS Studio


Download and install OBS Studio on your computer if you haven't already. Once it's installed, open OBS Studio.


Step 2: Access Remux Recordings


To access Remux Recordings, click on "File" in the menu bar and then select it from the dropdown menu.


Step 3: Add MKV Files


In the Remux Recordings dialog, drag and drop your MKV files into the OBS Recordings section. 


Step 4: Set Target File Location


Review the default save location shown in the "Target File" section. Click the three-dots (…) button to choose a different destination folder.


Step 5: Initiate Conversion


Click the "Remux" button to convert the MKV files to MP4 format. The conversion process duration will vary based on the file size. Once the conversion is complete, click "OK" to finalize the process within OBS Studio.


3. HandBrake 



Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux


HandBrake, renowned as one of the fastest free MKV converters, gained popularity among Windows users after its initial launch on Mac. This versatile tool offers an intuitive user interface and supports various video formats. Beyond simple conversion, users can apply video filters, adjust dimensions, modify codecs and frame rates, add audio tracks, and more. Notably, HandBrake excels in optimizing videos for specific devices like PS4 or iPhone, making it a preferred choice for diverse media consumption needs. 


Price: Free




  • Wide Format Support: Convert videos to MKV or MP4 with support for codecs like H.264, HEVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Theora, VP8, and VP9, utilizing third-party libraries like x265, FFmpeg, and libvpx.


  • Customizable Video Parameters: Within HandBrake, you can adjust aspect ratio, bit rate, resolution, and frame rate and perform basic video edits.


  • Built-in Device Presets: Start encoding quickly by selecting optimized profiles for various devices or quality levels. You can also customize settings for tailored conversions.


  • Supported Input Sources: You can process common multimedia files and non-copy-protected DVD or BluRay sources with HandBrake.


  • Batch Conversion: Queue and convert multiple files simultaneously for convenient batch processing.


Steps For Converting MKV to MP4 with Handbrake


Step 1: Download and Install HandBrake


Visit the official HandBrake website to download and install the program for free on your computer.


Step 2: Import MKV Files


Open HandBrake and navigate to the "Source" tab. Click on "File" to import your MKV file(s). You can facilitate batch conversion by dragging and dropping files directly into the program interface.


Step 3: Select Output Format and Settings


Switch to the "Output" tab and choose "MP4" as the desired output format. Adjust video settings like resolution, frame rate, codec, quality, audio, subtitles, deinterlacing, denoising, and video cropping or rotation as needed.


Step 4: Set Output Path


Specify the destination folder for the converted MP4 file by clicking on "Browse" in the "Save As" section.


Step 5: Start Conversion


Click "Start Encode" to initiate the MKV to MP4 conversion process. HandBrake will begin encoding the file according to the specified settings, and the conversion will be completed shortly.


4. VLC Media Player


Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux & Mac


VLC Media Player, known primarily for its robust video playback capabilities, is a reliable MKV-to-MP4 converter. VLC has become popular for video transcoding tasks given its massive format compatibility and user-friendly interface. VLC's built-in adjustable settings and intuitive UI simplify the conversion process, allowing users to seamlessly transcode between formats like MPG and MP4 using integrated codecs such as MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. Additionally, VLC enables conversion from DVDs, CDs, and VCDs to various file formats, enhancing its versatility as a multimedia tool.


Price: Free




  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: VLC is accessible on Windows, macOS, and other major operating systems.
  • Wide Format Support: VLC supports playback and conversion of various media formats, including MKV, WebM, MP4, MOV, AVI, MOV, and more, catering to diverse multimedia needs.
  • Regular Updates: Benefit from continuous updates, ensuring compatibility with the latest codecs like AVI, H.265, and other media standards for optimal performance.
  • Integrated FFMPEG Codec: VLC leverages the FFMPEG codec, providing users with updated output files and maintaining its status as a leading media player and converter.
  • No Additional Software Required: Avoid the hassle of downloading third-party converters by utilizing VLC's built-in conversion capabilities.


Converting MKV To MP4 using VLC Media Player


Step 1: Open VLC Media Player


Launch VLC on your computer. Next, click on "Media" in the toolbar, and select "Convert / Save" to open the "Open Media" window.


Step 2: Add MKV Video File(s)


To import the MKV video file(s) you want, click the "Add" button and browse to select them from your computer. You can add multiple videos simultaneously if necessary. After selection, click on "Convert / Save."


Step 3: Choose Output Format


In the new window, select "Video - H.264 + MP3 (MP4)" as the output format for your conversion. If you prefer a different format or device, use the dropdown list to choose accordingly. Customize video details such as codecs, subtitles, and other settings by clicking the "Edit selected profile" button next to the dropdown list.


Step 4: Specify Output Destination


Click "Browse" to select the destination path to save the converted MP4 file.


Step 5: Start Conversion

Once all settings are configured, click the "Start" button to initiate the MKV to MP4 conversion process using VLC. The conversion progress will be displayed, and upon completion, your MP4 file will be generated at the specified destination.


5. Freeconvert


Supported Platforms: Web is a user-friendly and secure online video conversion tool that is entirely free. It offers a straightforward and speedy method to convert files, including MKV format. The platform supports over 60 popular file formats, making it versatile for converting various types of files. Your uploaded videos are automatically deleted from their servers after 2 hours, and the site uses SSL encryption at 256 bits to ensure the security and privacy of your files. 


Price: Free




  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: You can effortlessly convert MKV to MP4 on Windows 10/11, Mac, Linux, or any mobile device.


  • Supports Different Formats: FreeConvert supports over 1500 file conversions, including videos, audio, images, and e-books.


  • Security and Privacy Assurance: Benefit from enhanced security and privacy with FreeConvert's 256-bit SSL encryption. 


  • Batch Processing: Utilize batch conversion to convert up to 20 videos simultaneously, making it efficient for handling multiple files simultaneously.


  • Video Compression: Reduce file size without any quality compromise. 


How To Convert MKV To MP4 using Freeconvert


Step 1: Access FreeConvert 


Visit the FreeConvert MKV to MP4 Converter page using your web browser.


Step 2: Upload MKV Video


Click the "Choose File" icon to upload your MKV video from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive, or URL.


Step 3: Select MP4 as Output Format


Ensure that you have selected MP4 as the desired output format for the conversion.


Step 4: Start Conversion


Click the "Convert To MP4" button to begin the conversion process.


 6. Restream




Supported Platforms: Web


Restream is a comprehensive professional live-streaming platform designed to enhance online visibility for content creators. With Restream, users can effortlessly broadcast high-quality live streams directly from their web browser. This versatile suite allows customization of live streams, real-time engagement with audiences, and the facilitation of interactive actions during broadcasts. 


Price: Get started for free & upgrade to a standard plan at $16/month.



  • Customizable Content: Enhance your live streams with a wide range of overlays, backgrounds, themes, and logos.
  • Audio-Only Streaming: Start a live stream with a black screen or static image while broadcasting audio content.
  • Flexible Audio and Video Options: Easily toggle between different microphones and cameras during your streams.
  • No Bitrate Limit: Restream doesn't impose any bitrate restrictions, giving users freedom in their streaming quality.
  • High-Resolution Streaming: Stream in crisp 1080p resolution for clear and detailed broadcasts.


How To Convert MKV To MP4 using Restream


Step 1: Access Restream MKV to MP4 Converter Webpage


Begin by visiting your internet browser's Restream MKV to MP4 Converter webpage.


Step 2: Select or Drag Your MKV File


You have the option to select an MKV file from your computer by clicking or by dragging and dropping the file directly onto Restream's video converter interface.


Step 3: Retrieve Your Converted MP4 File


Once the conversion process is complete, download your newly converted MP4 file from the webpage.




The suitable converter can efficiently convert your MKV files to MP4 while ensuring optimal quality and performance. For efficient and comprehensive MKV to MP4 conversions, consider utilizing a versatile tool like UniFab Video Converter Pro, renowned for its broad format support and fast conversion speeds. 




How do you play MKV files on PS4?


To play MKV files on PS4, ensure they are encoded with MPEG-4 or H.264 codecs. PS4 supports video streaming, allowing you to stream MKV files to your console. If your PS4 is not playing MKV files, it's likely due to incompatible specifications.


Is MKV bigger than MP4?


The file size of MKV depends on its content. When MKV stores multiple audio tracks, subtitle tracks, and data streams, it can be larger than MP4. However, the container format alone does not determine file size; it's primarily influenced by codec and compression methods.


Is MKV better than MP4?


Both MKV and MP4 are versatile container formats. MKV can store diverse audio, subtitle tracks, and metadata, making it suitable for DVD or Blu-ray backups. MP4 is more widely supported and appropriate for smaller file sizes, making it ideal for broad device compatibility.

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