How to Unblur a Video on All Devices | 4 Best Ways

Everyone loves visually appealing video quality. However, pixelated, noisy, grainy, or blurry videos can shift the focus. Let's fix the videos with unblur video AI tools. Dive in to learn how to unblur a video.

Whenever we visit a new place or travel during holidays, we take out our phones and cameras to capture and record the scenic beauty to share with our loved ones. You can also shoot a video to record live performances or everyday moments to capture your memories, or you can be more creative and upload it as a vlog. Everything's fine unless you spot the blurry effect! The real deal is how to unblur a video and make it worth the view! 


how to unblur a video


That's where we can help you! Here, you will learn how to fix your videos and use reliable unblur video AI tools to enhance the video quality on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. These tools are designed to be user-friendly, empowering you to unblur your video, make it worth watching, and cherish your memories. 


Common Reasons For Blurry Videos


Before learning how to unblur a video, you must understand the causes. Various factors can damage your recorded videos, resulting in shaky effects or blurred footage. Let's look at some common causes. 


1. Insufficient Lighting: 


When you shoot or record your video in poor lighting conditions, you can see grainy, noisy, or blurry effects in the footage.


2. Low Resolution: 


When you use outdated recording equipment or indulge in excessive file compression due to editing, your low-resolution videos can cause a blurry effect. 


3. Improper Camera Settings: 


Regardless of whether you purchase a high-end or expensive camera, you may see a blurry video if you have incorrect camera focus settings.


4. Video Integrity:


You may face blurry images and frames if your video is not properly digitalized. 


5. Issues of Internet Connection: 


If you are uploading, streaming, or downloading videos, ensure you have a stable network connection. A lack of one can reduce video quality.


6. Software Compatibility:


Generally, the video software and your computer or device's media player software should be compatible. However, you may see blurry videos if the video compression strategy is incompatible. 


7. Codec Does Not Support: 


When you convert and compress video footage, you indeliberately create a codec application. If your device does not support this codec application, it may automatically produce grainy and blurry frames. 


8. Insufficient Disk Space: 


If your computer or device does not have sufficient disk space, it may result in computer overload, which can cause your video to blur. 


How to Unblur a Video and Make it Clear


Since you now know the plausible reasons for a blurry video, it is easier to get professional help from reliable unblur video AI tools for your respective devices and fix all the possible defects to make it visually appealing. This guide is comprehensive, providing step-by-step instructions for each tool, ensuring you feel supported throughout the process. Let's dive in to see and understand each tool one by one. 


A. On Windows/Mac: UniFab All-In-One 


UniFab All-In-One is a versatile unblur video AI program with a comprehensive software suite to eliminate noise and grains from your video and enhance it for a visually appealing output. It uses AI technology to upscale your video resolution up to 4K and boost the frame rate up to 120 FPS. With its proven effectiveness, you can confidently use this tool to unblur your videos and enhance their quality, and even convert it from SDR to HDR. 


Price: USD 299.99 (Windows) and USD 223.99 (Mac) with license for five computers 


Supported Platforms: Windows OS 11/10/8.1/8/7 and macOS 10.10 -14 


How to Unblur a Video Using UniFab All-In-One 


Step 1: Launch UniFab on your Windows or Mac computer


Launch UniFab by installing the software and then tap it twice to enter the main interface. Pick the Enlarger mode in the left column to get started. 


unifab enlarger 1


Step 2: Load and customize the blurry video



unifab enlarger 4


Import or upload the blurry video to unblur. Customize your video footage, audio tracks, and subtitle language parameters to meet your expectations. 



Step 3: Download the final video


unifab enlarger 5


Touch the Start button to edit and unblur your uploaded video footage. Using the GPU acceleration technology, Unifab will finish the task at a blazing speed. 




  • Massive features and functions in a single suite 
  • Utilizes AI technology for high-quality enhancements 
  • Offers AI-enhanced video resolution as high as 4K
  • Transforms SDR to HDR masterpieces
  • Enhances SDR and HDR10 to Dolby Vision with superior dynamic metadata and unparalleled quality 
  • Removes unwelcomed noise due to poor lighting or signal interference 
  • Provides superior audio quality of EAC3 5.1 and DTS 7.1 standards, redistributing through different channels 
  • Enhances the video details with advanced technology without modifying the resolution 




  • Dolby Vision and hDR10 work only on compatible devices 
  • UniFab All-In-One is unavailable for Linux users 
  • It does not provide a monthly or annual subscription 


B. Premiere Pro 


Adobe Premiere Pro is a user-friendly unblur video AI software that empowers you to edit and trim your videos with industry-standard video editing tools and enhanced features. Its intuitive interface allows you to efficiently add hundreds of built-in, eye-catching effects, mix audio, and animate titles to supercharge your workflow with AI technology. It's packed with advanced features to unblur your videos and quickly make the video-viewing experience enjoyable. 


Price: Individuals: USD 22.99/month, Teams: USD 37.99/month per license


Supported Platforms: Windows 10 (64-bit) V22H2 or later and macOS Monterey (version 12) or later


How to Unblur a Video Using Premiere Pro


Step 1: Open Adobe Premiere Pro on your computer. 

Step 2: Add the blurry video(s) to your timeline and create a sequence. 

Step 3: Tap the Effects panel to open it. 

Step 4: Utilize the search box to get the Unsharp Mask Effect.

Utilize the search box to get the Unsharp Mask Effect.

Step 5: Drag your blurry video and drop the effect over the videos to apply it. 

Step 6: Once the Unsharp Mask effect applies to your video, click the Effects Controls tab in the top menu bar. This will enable you to access the panel to adjust the values of the sharpening effect. 

Note: Instead of applying the effects to your original video, you can create and use an adjustment layer to apply the necessary effects. 

create and use an adjustment layer

Step 7: Explore the Amount, Radius, and Threshold features. Then, preview the videos and find out how to apply the effects depending on the nature and type of project you are working on. 


Note: Avoid bumping your videos to the maximum amount, as it may make them look artificial. Always try to make a balance.  




  • Allows for layout of still and video elements
  • Edit videos, create animated titles, add effects
  • Mix sound by reducing noise and enhancing dialogue, and more
  • It helps to balance color and set the video's tone 
  • Incorporating sounds and narrations is pretty easy 
  • It uses GPU acceleration technology and supports many file formats 




  • Complex for new users with a high learning curve 
  • The layout is dependent on the users 
  • Drains system resources, so ensure you have sufficient RAM and disk space 


C. On iPhone: iMovie


iMovie is Apple's native app that handles all your video concerns on Mac and iOS devices. It can fix blurs in a video and turn them into movie magic. In addition, you can create memorable and cinema-quality videos with seamless editing features on the go. It can identify and automatically eliminate grains, noise, and blur from videos to make styles in just a few taps. 


Price: Free to use and download 


Supported Platforms: Mac computers and iOS devices 


Step By Step Guide on How to Unblur a Video Using iMovie


Step 1: To begin with, connect your iPhone and Mac together.

Step 2: Import the blurry video to iMovie. 

Step 3: Tap your video footage. 

Step 4: Next, tap on the Shaky Video. 

tap on the Shaky Video

Step 5: Click on Stabilization. 

Step 6: Tap Fix Rolling Shutter. iMovie will automatically fix your blurry video. Next, you will see a checkmark on the Fix Rolling Shutter. 

Tap Fix Rolling Shutter.

Step 7: Check the video to save it and import it to your device. 




  • Built-in on iPhone and does not consume additional storage space 
  • Free, low-friction, and easy-to-use app for novices and beginners 
  • Allows editing audio tracks and adding music tracks 
  • Improve the quality of videos recorded with mobile phones using a video stabilization feature
  • Cut and compile as many videos as you want to add transitions, texts, animations, images, etc. 
  • Offers various effects and templates to make more attractive videos 




  • It can not edit a 360-degree video 
  • The processing speed gets slow when you work on high-resolution videos or larger projects 
  • The exported videos edited in iMovie have a large file size, making the system run slow 
  • The user interface does not display advanced features, and users may need to do extra research to find them


D. On Android: Wondershare Repairit Online Video Repair


Wondershare Repairit Online Video Repair is also a reliable unblur video AI tool that can fix your videos online without the hassle of installing the software and compromising your storage space. You can upload the blurry video to unblur and fix it without damaging the original quality or integrity. As the tool is capable of repairing your video's defects in minutes, it saves you time and, in turn, boosts productivity. 


Price: Monthly Plan: USD 9.99/month and Yearly Plan: USD 48.99 (or 4.08/month)


Supported Platforms: Web-based software. Supports all OS and platforms. 


Step By Step Guide on How to Unblur a Video Using Wondershare Repairit Online Video Repair 


Step 1: Open Wondershare Repairit Online Video  Repair from the official site on your Android. 

Step 2: Upload your corrupt or damaged video files by tapping the Add button on the main interface. 

apping the Add button on the main interface

Step 3: Select the Video Repair feature from the left panel of the Repair Feature list. 

Step 4: Click the Add Video button or directly drag your blurry video to the interface to unblur. 

Step 5: Tap the Repair button to start the unblur process. 

Note: each video will feature a repair progress bar. You must wait for some time and let the process complete. 

Step 6: Tap the Play icon to preview your repaired video.  

Step 7: Once satisfied with the results, you can hit the Download icon next to the Play icon. Alternatively, you can select the Download All button at the bottom-right corner to save your videos. 




  • Supports majority popular file formats like M4V, M2TS, MKV, FLV, MP4, and AVI
  • It supports all storage devices like memory cards, cameras, computers, etc. 
  • It saves time and boosts productivity by repairing the uploaded or damaged video in minutes 
  • Fix videos online without damaging the original video quality or integrity 
  • Efficiently revives precious memories from all devices like professional cameras, surveillance cameras, GoPros, DJI, mobile phones, iPads, etc.
  • Repairs corrupt videos regardless of the reason 




  • The free trial repairs a photo or file size of only 5 MB
  • The free trial allows to repair only 1 video not more than 50 MB
  • Requires downloading the desktop version of the program if the video length exceeds 3 GB
  • Uses active internet connection for the online program to function properly 
  • The free version of the program does not offer an exhaustive repair function 


Final Wrap Up


Now you have reliable solutions on how to unblur a video for all devices. We always suggest following preventive measures to record high-quality videos to avoid blurry, grainy, or noisy effects. However, if you have a blurry video, you can use any unblur video AI tool, depending on your device. Try UniFab All-In-One to manage your overall video, as it offers an extensive software suite to meet all your video requirements and deliver professional-quality results. 




Q1. How can I avoid my videos from getting blurred? 


You can always follow preventive measures to keep your videos safe from getting blurred. For example, you can follow these bits of advice and strategies to produce visually appealing, unblurred, and less grainy/noisy videos.


a. Record your videos in high quality (HD)

b. Set .MP4 or (H.264) as your default format 

c. Adjust your camera's focus and exposure 

d. Keep your file size small for a smooth upload 

e. Enable auto low light FPS to lower the frame rate in low-light conditions 

f. Use Vector Art instead of Raster Art, as it eliminates the need for pixels 

g. Use a tripod or stabilizer to avoid shaky and blurry footage  

h. Use cloud-based sharing services such as OneDRive, Google DRuve, or Dropbox to share or exchange videos for original or high-video-quality output 


Q2. Can I clear a blurry video to increase the quality? 


Yes. Once you understand the reasons for the blur, it gets easier to clear them and improve the overall video quality. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can easily follow. 


a. Upscale the video resolution to increase the pixel count and make it match a higher-resolution TV. 

b. Re-encode the video to change the format and make it compatible with your device's media player.

c. Use reliable software like UniFab Toolkit to deshake your videos and stabilize them to reduce the blurry effect 

d. Adjust color using UniFab All-In-One and add different video effects like contrast, sharpness, and brightness to improve your video quality.


Q3. How do you unblur video on an iPhone with the Photos app?


If you have recorded a blurry video from your iPhone, you can unblur it using the native Photos app. Here's how:


Step 1: Launch the Photos app and choose the video to unblur. 

Step 2: Click Edit > Adjustment > Noise Reduction. 

Step 3: Raise the level to 100 depending on the amount to unblur. 

Step 4: Choose Sharpness and raise the level between 20-30.

Step 5: Click Done to process and store your video on the phone's gallery. 

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