[2024] Top 10 Video Sharpeners with AI for Multiple O.S.

Stop compromising on the video quality of your favorite DVDs, homemade videos, old camera videos, etc., with poor quality, low resolutions, low lighting, etc. Use the high-end video sharpener to upscale any video quality to 4K resolution.



No matter how old, damaged, or poorly shot your video is, it will always stay close to your heart. However, to make it appealing to your eyes and compatible with the advanced high-quality of the latest devices, you need the most trending AI technology of the best AI video sharpener.


Using advanced video sharpeners, you can completely transform any video while adjusting brightness, lighting, and contrast, removing blurring or digital noise, and stabilizing motion shakiness. So, before starting with the list of the top 10 Video Sharpeners with their best uses and limitations, let's look at some facts to see why you even need an AI video sharpener.


What is AI Video Sharpening Software & Why do you need it?


Video Sharpening is a process that gives clarity and details to any video by sharpening its edges, texture, lines, color, tones, etc. However, balancing the proper adjustment in brightness, lighting, contrast, etc factors needs professional video editing skills and experience. 


Otherwise, with excessive sharpening, you will end up with a grainy, unnatural-looking video, and less sharpness will make the video blurry and hazy. Here, the AI automation of the AI video sharpener has come into play to save your manual editing time and energy and offers the best video sharpening effects to any video without needing any technical skill or requirement.


According to statistics, the global video editing market is expected to reach $1330.88 million by 2026 at a CAGR of 6.44%. Therefore, it would be difficult to find a suitable video sharpener from the many options. So, here you go with the most sorted, tried, and tested top 10 AI Video Sharpeners for Windows, Mac, & Online.


Snapshot of Our Top 3 Video Sharpeners 


Before going through the in and out of the top 10 video sharpeners, you can have a look at the most attractions and highlights of our selective top 3 AI Video Sharpeners.

Video SharpenerBest For Tool's Attractions Advanced Features 
UniFab Toolkit Windows & Mac users, professional, personal, 
  • 20+ multimedia toolkits
  • Dedicated video sharpening functions with multiple settings adjustment 
  • Batch processing to save time 
  • High-end video editing with cropping, merging, flipping etc
  • Watermark adding an option with text, image, time, etc
  • Audio extraction with subtitle-adding function
Media.IOAll device & O.S. compatibility, no installation or account creation is required, beginners, video creators, anime fans, film lovers, etc
  • 4K upscaling without losing original quality 
  • Multiple video formats 
  • Professional output without professional skill
  • Denoise to remove blur, shaking, grains, etc
  • Try 2X or 4X options 
  • Handle personal DVDs, homemade, portrait, cartoon videos etc
VideoShopAndroid users, avid social media users, instant video sharpening on a portable device
  • multiple ready-to-use filters & effects 
  • Various video editing features 
  • Sound effects adding option
  • Music & Voiceover adding option
  • Feature-packed video editing tool
  • Quick sharing to any social media platform 
Sharpen Video: Enhance QualityiOS users, s
  • Various video enhancing parameters adjustment function
  • Two video sharpening filters 
  • Maintain the original aspect ratio of any video
  • View the previous history of the earlier converted video
  • Fast tool with zooming functions 
  • Explore video rotation with 90°, 180° & 270°



Best 10 AI-based Video Sharpener Software for Windows, Mac & Online


To make your video sharpener selection process easy and requirement-specific, you will get software for different O.S. here. You just need to pick the right one, depending on your device and O.S. priority.


Top Video Sharpeners for Windows & Mac 


UniFab Toolkit



Toolkit is one of the smartest  Video Sharpeners for Windows. It has 20+ advanced multimedia editing tools and a dedicated module. Using this program, you can customize your audio-video enhancing experience with sharpening, converting, trimming, cropping, video speed or volume adjustment, rotation, etc. However, you must try the dedicated video sharpening tool with multiple modes and functions to sharpen any blurry, grainy, hazy, or shaky video. To boost video clarity and detail with advanced AI technology, use the UniFab All-in-One, which is the most comprehensive video enhancement solution.


Price: Starts at USD 59.99/year and USD 79.99 for a Lifetime. 




  • Dedicated modes such as “Sharp”, “Unsharp,” & “Customize” mode
  • It supports widest range of formats MP4, MP3, MOV, FLV, 3GP etc
  • Sharpen video with several settings adjustments such as Luma, Chroma, Speed, etc
  • Use the preview option before confirming your output settings
  • You can also try the Deshake, Deinterlace, or Denoise options for video enhancement




  • The mobile version of the app is not launched yet
  • Explore all functions in the paid version 


Step 1: Once you run the UniFab program on your system, go to the “Video Tools” option to select the “Sharpen/Unsharpen” option.


Step 2: Select the “Add” option to import the video source to the tool. Alternatively, you can use the drag-and-drop option for video uploading.




Step 3: For auto-sharpening, you can select the “Sharp” option as the default setting. However, to customize existing parameters, you can select “Customize” mode and set parameters such as Luma, Speed, Chroma, etc., depending on your requirements.


Step 4: At the end, you should select the “Start” option to complete the video sharpening process. The sharpened video will be saved on your local drive.


2 TopazLabs




In the list of best AI Video Sharpeners, TopazLabs is one of the most expected tools to try for its time-ahead features and easy-to-use interface. Using this video sharpener, you can take any poor-quality, blurry, or dull video to another level of visual satisfaction. With shake stabilization and ultra-sharpening, this tool has focused on the modules for video A.I. 5.


Price: A free trial of TopazLabs is available. The price plan starts at USD 199/year for Photo AI 2, USD 99/year for Gigapixel 7, and USD 299/year for Video AI 5. 




  • Upscale video up to 16K
  • Make your video ultra-sharp cinematic detailing & denoising
  • Remove compression artifacts with a dedicated NYX AI Model
  • Explore auto-face recognition & correction function
  • Get smooth video images while adjusting various frame rates with Apollo & Chronos models and up to 16X FPS support 




  • In free trials, you can't explore your sharpened or other edited files
  • Some features documentation & explanations are not given


3 AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI




With AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI., you can upscale video up to 8K resolution with multi-frame enhancement support. This video enhancer will let you adjust the contest, brightness, lighting, etc., to ensure the proper balance of natural effects in any video. It uses an advanced super-resolution algorithm to upscale video quality to its best resolution.


Price: The price plan of AVCLabs Video Enhancer A.I. starts at USD 39.95/month




  • All-in-one A.I. video editing tool with video upscaler, enhancer, colorizer, & frame interpolation 
  • You can add crisp & natural details to your video while sharpening 
  • Upscale any S.D. video to H.D., UHD to 8K while removing digital noise, blurring compressed artifacts, etc
  • You can also add color to any black & white old videos




  • Users face slow processing speed with compromised quality output
  • Comparatively dissatisfying interface & features as compared to other tools


4 TuneKit AceMovi Video Converter


TuneKit AceMovi Video Converter


TuneKit AceMovi Video Converter is a very powerful and advanced video sharpener with versatile editing and format support. You can customize and sharpen your video to fit various devices. With advanced and automatic color correction and AI algorithms, you can add professional appeal to any average-quality video without needing professional skills.


Price: A free plan is available. The premium price of TuneKit AceMovi Video Converter starts at USD 14.95/month, USD 49.95/year, and USD 79.95/for a lifetime. 




  • To sharpen videos, it can handle various file formats such as Mp4, WMV, AVI & DivX
  • It supports expensive editing like cropping, splitting, zooming, adding audio, speed control, etc
  • It offers multiple filters like keyframing, transitions, split-screen, green screen, etc
  • Try the unlimited collection of ready-to-use templates such as video intro, stickers, subtitles, etc




  • You cannot enjoy video sharpening in batches
  • It cannot export only audio content


5. VideoProc Converter A.I.


VideoProc Converter A.I.


VideoProc Converter A.I. is a multifunctional tool for sharpening and enhancing audio-video content, including DVDs and homemade videos. With level-3 hardware acceleration, this A.I. video sharpener can handle any file format or size. While sharpening video, you can preserve the original video quality for the best output.


Price: A free trial version is available. The price plan starts at USD 25.95/year, USD 45.95 for a lifetime, and USD 57.95 for a Family license. 




  • Multi-function tool with conversion, compression, editing, fixing, etc function 
  • It supports 370 input & 420 output formats with 29 quick toolkits for smart & automatic post-production video editing
  • You can sharpen videos in batches to save time
  • You can sharpen video Deshake, Deinterlace, De-noise, Color correction, etc.




  • Users have faced minor lag & drop rates in their system
  • Sometimes, video download speed drops down & fluctuates


Best Video Sharpeners for Online 






To explore video sharpener online, you can try the Media.IO online tool, which automatically restores and sharpens video quality. It offers a video upscaling option with 2X and 4X to select according to your priority. This all-device and O.S. compatible tool gives jaw-dropping results to any portrait or cartoon video. 


Price: A free trial version of Media.IO is available. The price plan starts at USD 19.99/month and USD 95.99/year.




  • Upscale any video to 4K without compromising original video quality 
  • Remove unwanted digital noise from any blurry or hazy video
  • Fully automatic tool for personal or professional video sharpening purposes 
  • Major video format support with MP4, AVI & MOV




  • You can't edit video with flipping, merging, cropping, etc
  • It has very limited format support without any audio format support


2. Neural.Love




Neural.Love is another video sharpener online tool to sharpen any video while maintaining its clarity and details. This online video sharpener doesn't require any installation or registration, and it stores your used file privately with encryption so that no one can access it later. Using denoise, colorization, deflickering etc ai-technique you can retrieve the years old video with advanced video streaming quality.


Price: Free starter plan of Neural.Love is available with five credits. The price plan starts at USD 30 for 300 credits per month and USD 57 for 300 credits once, 




  • Enjoy video upscaling to 4K with 60 Fps
  • It supports batch sharpening of hundreds of videos in one go
  • It supports multiple A.I. filters such as colorization, facial restoration, 4K, 120 fps, etc
  • Explore the “Render Preview” option to verify your output result before confirmation 




  • There is no video format selection option
  • Video customization such as editing, conversion, compression, etc functions are not supported


3. CutOut.Pro




CutOut Pro is an all-in-one video sharpener online tool with an easy-to-use interface and compatibility with all devices. In addition to video sharpening, you can add colors to any black-and-white video. Enjoy cartoonized selfie effects with 2D and 3D support. You can also blur the background of any video if you want.


Price: A free version is available. The Pay-as-you-go price plan is available at USD 0.143/second. Starting from USD 19 for 1 minute to USD 1299 for 330 minutes.




  • Remove any unwanted objects, backgrounds, or imperfections in the image 
  • It offers high video quality with stunning edge details
  • Automatic face & hair segmentation & perfection
  • Explore 4K quality enhancement while increasing resolution & unblurring video artifacts full 




  • You cannot edit, convert, or customize your video
  • There is no file format or audio-video quality selection option 


Perfect Video Sharpener apps for Android & iOS





VideoShop is a simple yet significant video sharpener with all the major video editing functions. After the instant sharpening of any video using the smart AI technology of this Android app, you can share the sharpened video to any social media platform. You can also add sound effects to any edited video.


Price: A free version is available. The pro plan starts at USD 3.99/month and USD 23.99/year. 




  • It has various video editing functions like filters, effects, etc
  • Music & voiceover adding options
  • Multiple video editing functions like trimming, cutting, cropping, flipping, etc
  • Brightness, saturation & contrast adjustment options for effortless sharpening




  • Sharpened video comes with a watermark 
  • It consumes your device’s excessive power while processing multiple videos 


2. Sharpen Video: Enhance Quality 


Sharpen Video: Enhance Quality


If you want to sharpen your mobile-captured videos on your iPhone or iPad with AI automation, Sharpen Video: Enhance Quality is a great option with versatile functions. It supports video rotation from 90° to 270°. This AI video sharpener supports all the major video formats, including MP4, FLV, MOV, etc. It also lets you enjoy a converted video history viewing option.


Price: A free version is available. The pro plan starts at USD 4.99/week, USD 9.99/month, and USD 29.99 for a lifetime. 




  • Multiple video quality enhancing parameters such as brightness, sharpness, gamma, saturation, exposure, etc
  • There are two dedicated sharpening functions to select from 
  • Sharpen videos without losing original video quality 
  • Zooming option for detail viewing




  • Batch sharpening of multiple videos is not supported 
  • There is no audio format available




If you cannot enjoy most of your loved old videos, DVDs, holiday, or birthday videos, then the best AI video Sharpeners will be your best help. However, selecting the most suitable tool for your requirements is a big deal in getting the best video sharpening output. In that case, the multifunctional DVDFab Toolkit offers multiple video editing and customization functions in one service. 




Can video sharpening affect video quality?


No, using a video sharpening process will enhance the video quality instead of decreasing it. However, if you select the wrong settings or adjust brightness, contrast, lighting, etc., your video can be too grainy or blurry. So, you have to select the most powerful AI video sharpener, DVDToolKit, to sharpen any video automatically without any skill or experience to its best output quality.


What are the main purposes of video sharpening?


The main purpose of video sharpening is to restore any old, damaged, poor-quality video, DVDs, homemade videos, black & white movies, etc, with a new look. Another purpose is to make old & outdated videos compatible with the high-end streaming quality of the latest devices.

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