4 Ways: How to record Gameplay on PC [2024]

While playing any video game on your PC, if you want to save your uniquely invented gameplay experience to improve your continuous gaming performance, here are the 4 best ways to record gameplay on your PC.

The gameplay screen recorders help you capture every move, moto, and motion of the gameplay with customizations, including adding a voiceover for live commentary, recording with a webcam for adding real-time expression, adding any real-time comment or suggestions, cutting out any unwanted part, etc. So, let’s get into the steps of how to capture gameplay on PC.

How to Record Gameplay on PC using Xbox Game Bar DVR

Microsoft has developed various advanced and useful functions for Windows 10 and 11. Xbox Game Bar DVR (Digital Video Recording) is one of the newest built-in functions in Windows PC. You can record your gameplay with or without a microphone with an automatic background recording option. Whether you are playing video games using a gaming console or a PC keyboard, you can record your PC screen in both cases. 

As this function is integrated with the Windows keyboard, you can access this tool by clicking the Windows icon+G on the keyboard. However, for Xbox 360/ Xbox One users, they should click on the “Xbox” icon> “Capture” icon to get the capture Widget. Now, let's see how to record using the Xbox Game Bar DVR while playing a game.

Step 1: Apart from the Windows icon + G pressing option to open the Game Bar on PC, you can also type Xbox in the search bar > double click in the search results.

open the Game Bar on PC

Step 2: A pop-up will appear to grant your permission. Therefore, select “ Yes, it's a game” > select the red “Start Record” option from the four available options.

Record Gameplay on PC using Xbox Game Bar DVR

Step 3: To stop recording again, press the Windows icon + G > select the red button. Then, to locate your recording, head to “Start” > “Game DVR” > “On This PC” > Here, you can navigate, view, and open the recording.

How to Record Gameplay with OBS 

Despite being open-source, cross-platform, and free screencasting and live-streaming software, OBS Studio also lets you record your gameplay with standard customizations. Using this tool, you can mix audio and video while combining a webcam with a microphone. You can also directly record gameplay while playing any gaming video from YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, or other platforms. 

It lets you mix audio with multiple filters, such as noise gate, gain, noise suppression, etc., with complete control of the VST plugin. Along with various settings options, such as audio bitrate, encoder per set, studio mode, transitions, etc., you can transform your gameplay recording experience from average to advanced. So, it's time to see how to record gameplay with OBS.

Step 1: After downloading & launching the OBS Studio tool on your PC, select the source you want to capture.

 OBS Studio tool on your PC

Step 2: Select Mode to decide on a specific part or full screen to record. You can also select a webcam or microphone option to record your gameplay.

Step 3: After all these custom selections, you should select the “Start Recording” option at the lower right corner to initiate the gameplay recording process. You can also stop the process whenever you want.

How to Record While Playing a Game Using FlexClip Online Screen Recorder 

If you want maximum flexibility while recording your favorite gameplay without any restrictions or limitations, FlixClip is a very useful online screen recorder. This online tool doesn't require separate downloading, installation, launch, or registration.

Along with gameplay screen recording, this tool also lets you explore its extensive video editing functions, such as adding audio, merging multiple gaming clips, splitting any part of the video, trimming, cropping, and many other options. So, let's see how to record gameplay on PC using this free and multi-language supported online tool.

Step 1: Visit the  OBS Studio tool on your PC > Start Recording Option.

 OBS Studio tool on your PC

Step 2: Select system audio from the three available options for the audio recording option > select the “Red” recording option to initiate the recording process.

select the “Red” recording option

Step 3: Go to the application window, select the game interface you want to record, and select “Share and Record.” Stop the recording process whenever necessary. 

select “Share and Record.

How to Capture Gameplay on PC Using Movavi Screen Recorder 

To capture gameplay according to your customization, the Movavi Screen recorder is the best way to record gameplay on PC. While recording full screen or any particular area, this tool lets you explore various customizations to transform your gameplay recording experience from standard to stunning. 

Along with a webcam and microphone selecting option, it also lets you draw any attractive shape, emoji, or other element to highlight a specific area or element of your gameplay. You can also schedule recordings one after another for automatic recording to save you time. You can also remove any background noise while recording gameplay.

Step 1: You must download and launch Gecata by Movavi > click the Toggle option > select “Desktop” from the two options.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Step 2: To open program settings, click anywhere on your selected area. On the device tab, select “System Audio” > use a slider to adjust the required volume settings.

Step 3: To record with a microphone, the microphone must be connected to your PC > select the Microphone option to record sound from an external device > select the “Down arrow” sign > select the “Device” that you like to use for recording > select the slider for the necessary volume settings.

Step 4: Select “Rec” to start recording. Use keyboard shortcuts like F9 for pausing and F10 for capturing and saving recordings. After finishing recording, select “Stop” / F10. The gameplay recording will be automatically saved to the output folder in MP4 format.

How to Record Video Games for YouTube or Other Social Media Platform: Tips&Tricks

Gamers record self-invented gameplay to showcase their gaming talent, provide gaming guidance, earn from their YouTube gaming channels, or increase media followers. Sometimes, they record others' gameplay to improve their own game, for later use, or to refer to it in their own gameplay recording. 

No matter what your purpose in recording gameplay for YouTube or other social media platforms, you need to follow some strategy and tricks to make the best impact of your gameplay recordings.

  • Select the game genre you are good at from the various options and create a Walkthrough gaming tutorial video to showcase your gaming talent in a demo with unique tips, tricks, and techniques.
  • Select games that are not oversaturated on YouTube or other platforms yet attractive and would draw audience attention and then create a “Breaking Record” video on the same game  
  • Select the most adequate video recording software from the above-mentioned list depending on your specifications, and give honest and personal reviews on different games or gameplay by showing different recordings of other players.
  • You can record your and others' funny fails or silly mistakes videos and share them to your vlog, YouTube channel, and social handle while adding your inputs and guidance to avoid these mistakes.
  • Record your video in HD with high audio quality and a microphone recording option to provide live commentary while adding humor to make the recording more interesting, funny, and engaging.
  • It is advisable to record your voiceover separately by avoiding any background or external annoying noise during your recording and then add the audio to the video later.
  • You must use high-quality video editing and enhancing tools, such as UniFab All-in-One, to transform any poor-quality gameplay recording into its best output quality.
  • Explore creativity by adding animated text from your social media handle, soft music, stickers, sound effects, etc., to make your gameplay recording more appealing and catchy.
  • Select a video gaming format carefully from the three major options: long-form for monetization and growth in the gaming community, Short-form to achieve viral impact with YouTube shots, reels, TikTok videos, etc., and Livestream for a real-time game-watching experience like on YouTube or Twitch.
  • You can also cut out exciting parts of any long video recording and post them on your social media handle as reels or shorts. You can also combine different gaming shorts to make an attractive gaming mash-up on your channel with an exciting voiceover.

How to Transform Gameplay Recording with UniFab All-In-One 

Whether you are recording gameplay for your personal use, YouTube channel, social media post, or gaming vlogs, you can never compromise on the audio-video quality of your gaming videos. Any gameplay recording should be visually vibrant and audibly appealing. For this, the AI-powered tool UniFab All-in-one is a multi-purpose tool with video editing, upscaling, enhancing, audio mixing, denoising, and other video-transforming functions. 

Transform Gameplay Recording with UniFab All-In-One

This 8-in-one tool can give any average gameplay recording a completely new and professional look. With AI automation, you don't need any skill, experience, or knowledge to provide a stunning touch to your recording. From beginners to Professional gamers, anyone can use this tool to transform their gameplay recordings in every aspect. So, let's see the most advanced features of the UniFab tool.

Fascinating Features 

  • Upscale video up to 4K
  • Transform SDR video into HDR10/Dolby Vision
  • Remove digital noise caused by low lighting, wrong camera settings, etc, with AI-auto detection and analysis.
  • Enjoy frame rate boosting to 120 Fps
  • Explore stereo sound satisfaction with EAC3 5.1 or DTS 7.1 surround sound
  • It supports lossless compression with 1000 + audio-video format support
  • It supports lossless conversion and compression of any video in reduced file size to make them fit into limited device storage.
  • Advanced video editor with 20+ toolkits such as trimming, cropping, sharpening, deblurring, etc



If you are looking for versatile options for how to record Gameplay on PC, you must select any of the above mentioned options depending on your requirements and specifications. While selecting the best gameplay recording tool, you must follow the tips and tricks to meet your gameplay recording purposes with the utmost benefits. So, to make your gameplay recording a visual treat for your audience, you must stay connected with the AI-driven UniFab All-in-one tool.


What are the essential equipment you need to record gameplay on PC?

  • High-quality screen recorder
  • Camera
  • Webcams
  • Video Capture Card ( if you are recording using a gaming console)
  • Headphones
  • Microphone
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