10 Best CapCut Alternatives to Try in 2024

Here, we will guide you with the proper factors to choose the best CapCut alternative for Android and PC.  This article will feature a comprehensive selection of the top 10 CapCut alternatives for PC, catering to diverse editing styles and skill levels.

Snapshot for 3 Best CapCut Alternatives 


Before you familiarize yourself with the best CapCut alternatives for PCs, here's a snapshot of our three top-rated recommendations. Have a look at the exclusive highlights, purpose, price, and audience for which they are best suited. 


CapCut Alternatives HighlightExclusive Purpose Best Suited For
UniFab All-In-OneComprehensive integration of multiple tools and features into a single platform, streamlining the creative workflowManaging overall video by using AI technology for precision Video editors, content creators, and multimedia professionals
PowerDirectorPowerful yet user-friendly interface for advanced video editing accessibilityExtensive video editing capabilities for all levels Casual, home-level, and professional video editors
Adobe Premiere ProRobust features for editing, color correction, audio processing, and post-production effectsProfessional-grade video editing and production Students, teachers, and small and medium businesses

Key Factors in Choosing the Best CapCut Alternative


When searching for a CapCut alternative, it is crucial to evaluate various factors tailored to your video editing requirements. We have researched and tested several popular tools to collect and present the best CapCut alternatives for you to use. By thoroughly assessing these aspects, you can identify the best alternative that aligns with your editing style, workflow, and overall creative needs.


1. Identify Your Needs and Purpose


Before choosing a CapCut alternative, assess whether you need basic simplicity or advanced features for specific video content like vlogs, films, or promotions. Align tools with your editing proficiency and project requirements.


2. Support High-end Features


Choose a CapCut alternative based on features that match your editing needs, whether it's advanced color grading, special effects, sound editing, or support for specific video formats like 360-degree or 4K videos.


3. Ease of Use


Opt for a CapCut alternative with a user-friendly and intuitive interface to enhance editing efficiency and minimize frustration, regardless of your skill level as a beginner or expert editor.


4. Smooth Compatibility With Your Device


When selecting a CapCut alternative, verify compatibility with your device (Windows PC, Mac, mobile) and review hardware specifications to ensure smooth performance without encountering technical limitations or slowdowns.


5. Fair Pricing


When choosing a CapCut alternative, assess your budget relative to the software's pricing model—whether it's a one-time purchase or subscription. Free options are available, but paid software typically provides additional features and customer support benefits.


6. Community and User Reviews


Before selecting a CapCut alternative, review user feedback and community reviews to understand its strengths, weaknesses, and suitability for various project types based on real user experiences and insights.


These factors can help you settle for a robust CapCut alternative best suited to your needs and requirements. 

Best CapCut Alternatives


Explore the top 10 CapCut alternatives based on compatibility, key features, advantages, disadvantages, and their ideal user profiles to find the best fit for your video editing needs. If you are also searching for why Capcut is not working, head to this post.


1. UniFab All-In-One 


UniFabVideo Enhancer is by far the best CapCut alternative for PC and Mac users. It integrates AI-powered tools for comprehensive video processing to enhance video quality, upscaling resolution to 4K, reducing noise, and increasing frame rates up to 120 FPS. Ideal for various video types like low-resolution TV shows, black-and-white films, homemade videos, and animations, it employs cutting-edge technology to elevate video clarity and transform grainy footage into high-definition, immersive viewing experiences.



Best For video editors, content creators, and multimedia professionals who want to enhance any type of video resolution using AI, upgrade video content to Dolby Vision and HDR, upmix audio tracks, and remove unwelcomed noise for clear frames. 


Supported Platforms: macOS 10.10 - 14 and Windows PC 11/10/8.1/8/7 


Step By Step Guide to Using UniFab All-In-One


Step 1: Access UniFab and choose the required Module for operations


Double-click on UniFab and choose the preferred module that suits your needs.


unifab enlarger 1


Step 2: Load your source video or audio into the platform and customize it


Click the Add Video button to import the audio track or video content onto which you intend to apply specific actions or modifications within the platform.


unifab enlarger 2

Tips: If you’re unsure how to configure the best parameters for your video, we recommend you make them as default.

unifab enlarger 3


Step 3: Customize your content and initiate the process or playback


unifab enlarger 5


Customize the imported file as required, then press start. UniFab efficiently processes the task and delivers the desired result promptly, ensuring seamless execution of your customization preferences.




  • Convert SDR to HDR10/Dolby Vision, elevating video to cinema-like level
  • Remove video noise while restoring details
  • Isolate vocals from song
  • Deinterlace video with AI 
  • Upmix the audio to surround sound of DTS 7.1
  • Provide ultra-fast results with 50x GPU acceleration speed
  • Increase video resolution capability to up to 4K quality enhancement
  • Improve video quality across all genres with advanced enhancement tools
  • Increase video smoothness and boost video frame rate to 120 FPS using AI-powered technology
  • Compatible with diverse, high-quality audio and video file formats
  • Perfect for effectively eliminating noise from various sources




  • No monthly subscription is available; only a one-time lifetime plan  


2. PowerDirector




PowerDirector serves as a standout CapCut alternative for Android, iOS, PC, and Mac users. It offers a blend of user-friendly accessibility and advanced editing features. With AI-powered tools, 4K support, and an intuitive interface, it caters to beginners and seasoned editors alike. It enhances productivity with fast rendering speeds and a rich stock library.


Best For casual, home-level, and professional video editors to enhance their video with intuitive AI tools in one click alongside robust manual adjustments. 


Price: Free app. Premium features starting at US$4.58/month


Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS




  • Intuitive interface with ease of use 
  • Offers extensive special effects, transitions, and AI-powered editing capabilities
  • Fast rendering speeds and supports editing videos in up to 4K resolution
  • Provides dedicated action camera tools 




  • Requires a paid subscription to access the stock library 
  • The blurring feature is challenging to master and inconsistent in its implementation
  • The app needs to update more transition effects and animated text features


3. Adobe Premiere Pro


Adobe Premiere Pro


Adobe Premiere Pro is a premier CapCut PC alternative renowned for its robust feature set tailored for professional video editing. It excels in multicam editing, advanced color grading, and seamless integration with Adobe's ecosystem. It supports high-resolution formats like 8K and virtual reality, ideal for complex, collaborative projects in professional video production.


Best For professional-level video editing and enhance them with transitions, effects, precise color grading, audio mixing, animated titles, and comprehensive storytelling tools for seamless narrative creation.


Price: Free trial available. Premium plans start at US$34.49/month, US$275.88/year (billed monthly at US$22.99)


Supported Platforms: Windows PC and macOS




  • Offers extensive tools suitable for complex and professional-level editing tasks
  • Capable of handling high-resolution and immersive VR content editing seamlessly
  • Efficiently works alongside Adobe's suite for enhanced workflow and compatibility
  • Strong integration allows seamless workflow with Adobe's After Effects and Audition.




  • Complex features may require time and effort to master for new users
  • Requires upgrade to pro plan to access the software features and updates


4. Veed.IO




VEED.IO is an online platform that simplifies video editing by automating transcription generation and offering tools for adding captions, subtitles, and text overlays. It supports basic editing functions like cropping, resizing, trimming, and animations, making it easy for content creators and businesses to enhance videos with textual elements and ensure accessibility for viewers. 


Best For freelancers and small businesses who prioritize ease of use and cloud-based convenience for versatile video editing capabilities to manage multiple tasks.


Price: Free version. The premium plan starts at US$24/month.


Supported Platforms: Web-based (online) software




  • It offers a user-friendly interface, numerous templates, and a vast library of stock media
  • Automatically generated transcripts enhance SEO by providing searchable text content for videos
  • Allows convenient video access and editing across various devices and locations
  • Intuitive design facilitates quick learning and usability for users new to the platform




  • Automated captions may require manual adjustments due to potential accuracy issues
  • Advanced editing tools available in local applications may not be fully replicated
  • Subscription costs may be prohibitive for users seeking more budget-friendly options


5. VivaCut




VivaCut is a robust mobile video-editing app for iOS and Android with multi-layer video, text, and audio support. This powerful CapCut alternative for Android stands out with advanced tools such as keyframe animations, chroma key, and masking, making it easy for users of all levels to create professional-quality videos directly on their smartphones or tablets.


Best For Android and iOS users who create and edit content on their mobile devices. Casual editors, hobbyists, and social media influencers can also opt for VivaCut for user-friendly, quick, and stylish edit platforms like Instagram, TikTok, etc.


Price: Free with in-app purchases starting from US$9.99/month


Supported Platforms: Android and iOS devices 




  • Easy to use, even for beginners without prior experience in video editing
  • Edit efficiently on your device with streamlined tools and processes for optimized workflow
  • Includes keyframe animation and green screen for stylish and top-notch video production
  • Replace backgrounds or create advanced visual effects seamlessly using the Chroma key and masking




  • Mobile devices may restrict complex edits due to their processing power compared to PC-based alternatives like CapCut
  • VivaCut's high-end and advanced features often require additional purchases (in-app), potentially leading to accumulated costs


6. Final Cut Pro


Final Cut Pro


Final Cut Pro is the best CapCut alternative renowned among Mac users for its professional-grade features, intuitive interface, and optimized performance. It supports diverse editing needs with tools like the magnetic timeline, advanced color grading, and 360-degree video capabilities, ensuring efficient and creative video production within the Apple ecosystem.


Best For Mac enthusiasts, advanced hobbyists, professional editors, and creative agencies looking for professional-grade tools for robust editing capabilities of their projects.


Price: Free trial available and paid version at US$299.99


Supported Platforms: macOS 13.5 or later 




  • Final Cut Pro runs smoothly and efficiently on Mac computers
  • User-friendly design tailored for seamless integration with Apple devices and software
  • Flexible, non-linear editing with a magnetic timeline for precise control and 360-degree video
  • Direct integration for editing uncompressed, high-fidelity ProRes RAW video footage




  • Final Cut Pro is only available for Apple's macOS, excluding users of other operating systems
  • Higher costs compared to some alternatives might discourage occasional or budget-constrained editors


7. HitFilm Express


HitFilm Express


HitFilm Express excels as a CapCut alternative with robust visual effects capabilities appealing to beginners and intermediate users interested in VFX. It includes advanced compositing, over 410 effects, and a supportive community. Available on Windows computers and macOS, it supports creative exploration with free tutorials and projects for skill development.


Best For advanced video creators to create content with robust visual effect capabilities. 


Price: Free version available. Creator plan: US$7.99/month and Pro plan: US$12.99/month


Supported Platforms: Windows PC and macOS




  • Full suite of editing tools accessible without cost for learning and skill improvement 
  • Advanced tools for visual effects and intricate compositing techniques
  • An engaged community offering assistance and resources for users
  • A diverse selection of 410+ effects and presets to enhance and customize video projects creatively




  • Advanced tools and capabilities in HitFilm Express require additional paid upgrades
  • Features an initial learning curve due to complex features and options can be complex for beginners 
  • The free version exports videos with visible watermarks unless upgraded to HitFilm Pro
  • It demands decent hardware to operate smoothly without slowdowns or issues


8. DaVinci Resolve 


DaVinci Resolve


DaVinci Resolve stands out as a top CapCut alternative with unparalleled color correction and grading capabilities favored by professionals and enthusiasts. It offers an extensive suite of editing tools, visual effects, and audio post-production features across Windows, macOS, and Linux. It has a free version for exploration and options to upgrade for advanced functionality.


Best For professional video editors who require advanced multi-user editing capabilities and powerful tools for creative projects beyond basic editing software and sophisticated post-production features.


Price: Free version available. Pro plan starts at US$295


Supported Platforms: macOS 14.3 Sonoma or later, Windows 10, 64-bit, and Linux




  • DaVinci Resolve offers comprehensive tools beyond basic editing apps like CapCut
  • Known for high-quality color grading, DaVinci Resolve enhances the visual appeal of videos with its superior color correction 
  • Facilitates collaborative workflows, improving efficiency and productivity for teams
  • Offers a free version (with limitations) for all users 




  • Due to its advanced features and interface complexity, DaVinci Resolve can be challenging for beginners
  • Optimal performance demands powerful computer specifications to handle intensive video processing tasks.
  • Designed primarily for professional video production, requiring more learning and mastery.
  • Only basic features are available in the free version; advanced tools like audio editing and collaboration require paid upgrades


9. OpenShot Video Editor


OpenShot Video Editor


OpenShot Video Editor is among the best CapCut alternatives available online. It offers robust features akin to CapCut and professional editing applications. It enables multi-layer video and audio editing, keyframe animations, color correction, chroma key, transitions, and audio adjustments, catering to both basic and advanced video editing requirements across various platforms. 


Best For beginners, educators, and video editors who prioritize flexibility in video editing and cost-effectiveness over advanced features. 


Price: Free software


Supported Platforms: Web-based (online) software; macOS, Windows, and Linux




  • Available at no cost with regular updates, ensuring improved performance and new functionalities
  • Engaged users and developers contribute to support and development efforts via its forum and documentation 
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems for broader accessibility
  • Offers extensive resources available for learning and troubleshooting
  • Supports a community-driven platform for assistance and collaboration




  • OpenShot can be sluggish on big projects when working on less powerful computers 
  • Some users may find its user interface confusing and overly complex
  • Lacks 3D effects, motion tracking found in competitors' tools


10. Lumen5




Lumen5 innovates with AI-driven video creation from text input, supporting image, video, and animation customization. This CapCut alternative integrates smoothly with social media, enabling easy sharing. This makes it ideal for quickly creating dynamic, engaging content, leveraging AI to streamline video production for social media and online audiences.


Best For marketers  looking for advanced tools to quickly and efficiently create engaging video content.


Price: Free version available. Basic plan: US$19/month, Starter plan: US$59/month, and Professional plan: US$149/month


Supported Platforms: Web-based (online) software




  • Lumen5 swiftly transforms text into quality videos for rapid publishing
  • Craft videos that narrate stories or promote your brand effectively
  • Allows users to publish directly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms
  • Automated video creation with versatile options for media integration and customization




  • Lumen5 lacks detailed control for precise video customization needs
  • It only works as a subscription-based model, not available for one-time purchase
  • Relies solely on text input for creating videos, limiting visual options


Final Wrap


Choosing the best video editing tool is crucial for achieving a polished video. While CapCut has its advantages, it may not fulfill everyone's requirements. Explore the array of the best CapCut alternatives available, especially those tailored for PCs. Try any of these apps that align with your video goals to find the most suitable one. Starting with any CapCut alternative for PC or mobile devices can lead to surprising professional-quality results, enhancing creativity and efficiency in video production.




Q. Why are users looking for CapCut alternatives? 


Many users seek alternatives to CapCut due to its limited features, such as the lack of green screen, keyframe animation, and multi-layer editing capabilities. Additionally, its mobile-centric design may not cater to those needing desktop editing solutions. While CapCut is free with ads, some opt for subscriptions to unlock full features and remove ads. This search reflects a desire for more robust editing tools and flexibility across different platforms.


Q. Are CapCut alternatives available for free? 


There are numerous free alternatives to CapCut, though many offer enhanced features or ad-free options via paid versions. Whether payment is necessary depends on your editing needs and desired features. Paid versions often unlock advanced tools like special effects, higher export resolutions, or removal of watermarks. Assessing your editing goals—whether professional or hobbyist—helps determine if investing in these upgrades enhances your overall editing experience and project outcomes.


Q. Can I edit my 4K videos in CapCut alternatives? 


Yes. Several CapCut alternatives, like UniFab All-In-One, PowerDirector, and Adobe Premiere Pro, support 4K video editing. Editing in 4K resolution allows for higher video clarity and detail but requires a robust device due to larger file sizes and increased processing demands. It's essential to ensure your computer or mobile device has sufficient power and memory to handle the intensive tasks of editing high-resolution videos smoothly and efficiently.

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