Top 6 AVI to MKV Converters: Windows, Mac, & Online

To transform your digital media streaming experience into the highest audio-video quality with subtitle synchronization on any of the latest devices, you must try the multiple options of AVI to MKV conversion.


To evolve your digital media streaming experience from HD to 8K with multiple audio tracks, subtitles, metadata, etc, integration, the media technology constantly comes up with various versatile new audio-video formats. AVI & MKV are the most common container video formats that contain various digital data, including audio, video, text, etc. 


Despite being a container of different digital data, the format also involves a codec that is meant to compress or decompress data in the format. Now, depending on these two factors, such as codec and versatility of contained data, the most popular video formats, AVI and MKV, differ from one another. So, it's time to see what makes the MKV format one step ahead of AVI with the insights and step-by-step guide of the top 6 AVI to MKV converters.

AVI to MKV converters.


What is AVI & MKV all about?


AVI (Audio Video Interleave) & MKV (Matroska Video File) are the multimedia container video formats. Microsoft-developed AVI is one of the oldest and simplest video formats that offers standard video quality with compression using DivX, XviD, and MJPEG codecs. 


AVI is mostly used to create and store multimedia content for physical discs, DVDs, etc. This format is best for short films, promotional videos, advertisements, etc. It is compatible with most common media players and devices. 


Despite being the most contemporary video container format, Matroska Multimedia Container, aka MKV, is an open-source and free video format. It contains unlimited multimedia data, including audio, video, metadata, subtitles, etc.


Because of its open-source nature, MKV is widely adopted and the center of continuous development. It is supported by the most advanced codecs, such as H.264, H.265, AAC, VP9, DTS, etc., to offer maximum compression in high quality.


Why convert AVI to MKV?


After learning the basic concepts and purposes of AVI and MKV video formats, you must know why you even need to convert AVI to MKV when both are video container formats and help in video creation, distribution, and streaming.


Well, certain factors elevate the video streaming experience to another level of satisfaction, and in that case, MKV overpowers AVI. So, let's see the reasons for AVI to MKV conversion. 


  • MKV contains more multimedia data than AVI, such as multiple audio tracks, metadata, subtitles, menu navigation, chapter points, etc.


  • With advanced codec support, MKV offers high file compression while maintaining high audio-video quality. 


  • MKV reduced the file size more than AVI, making it suitable for short storage devices and easily streamable on the Internet.


  • MKV supports higher video quality with 4K & 3D Video to match up the advanced video streaming experience of modern high-resolution devices


  • MKV is more potent than AVI to handle complex video projects with modern & advanced codec compatibility 


Snapshot of Our Top 3 Softwares: Windows/ Mac / Online


Before diving into the detailed descriptions and step-by-step guide of multiple AVI to MKV converts, here you get to see the top 3 most powerful and effective softwares' highlights to convert AVI to MKV.



AVI to MKV ConverterUser-Friendly Best Suited ForSoftware's Attractions Advanced Functions 
UniFab Video Converter ProYesFor wide range of Windows users as Microsoft developed AVI is easily accessible in all built-in windows Media Player

Get enhanced video quality with sharpening, deblurring, shake stabilization, denoising etc

Lossless conversion with 1000+ format support 

3-in-1 tool with video editing, creating & converting


Batch conversion with 50X GPU acceleration 

Dedicated video trimming function

Flexible customization with resolution, frame rate, sample rate, channels etc 

HandBrakeYesFor free conversion of copy-protection-free content of DVDs, BluRays, Multi-Media file

Extensive audio-video format & encoder support

Free & Open-source program

Hardware accelerated video encoding support 

Various built-in device preset

Chapter marker with range selection

Batch conversion with video filters & video preview 

VEED.IOYesFor online conversion on all devices with any web browser & os support anytime 

File adding option from Dropbox or YouTube URL

Output profile editing with auto-subtitles, progress-bar etc

Simple three steps conversion 


Software installation & account registration is not required 

Convert file anytime on any device 

Suitable for beginners & professionals



Best 6 AVI to MKV Converters for Windows/Mac/Online


Among several AVI to MKV converters, you will get the tested and most sorted top six software for any AVI to MKV conversion with the best functions and conversion steps.


Convert AVI to MKV on Windows


1. UniFab Video Converter Pro



Using the 3-in-1 program, UniFab Video Converter Pro allows to convert multiple AVI files to MKV in batches with 1000+ format support. While converting, you can edit and create videos by exploring ultimate customizations such as adding effects, watermarks, cropping, trimming, subtitles, etc. It can also stabilize shaky videos while sharpening them by removing blur or digital noise. If yo also want to bring new life to your old or blurry video by using AI technology, just go for the UniFab All-in-One, including both video converter and video enhancer module.


Price: The premium plan of UniFab Video Converter Pro is available at USD 59.99/year and USD 79.99 for a lifetime. 




  • Enjoy lossless compression during file conversion to reduce file size
  • Explore high audio-video quality with TrueHD, DTS-HD, & DTS-X in small file size
  • Customize with various audio-video setting adjustments like codec, resolution, frame rate, sample rate, etc
  • Unparalleled content editing option with trimming, flipping, merging, cropping, etc
  • Enjoy 50x conversion speed with 20+ multimedia editing toolkits


Step 1: Once you launch the UniFab tool on your PC, head to the “Converter” module and add your desired AVI file to the UniFab tool.


avi to mkv1.jpg


Step 2: Go for MKV format as the output profile, and you can also make further customizations such as codec, resolution, video ratio, sample rate, etc. Finally, select the “Start” option to initiate the conversion process.


avi to mkv4.jpg


2. AVS Video Converter 


AVS Video Converter


With extensive file format support and a file conversion function, AVS Video Converter is a very prominent option for Windows. While exploring seamless AVI to MKV conversion, you can switch the aspect ratio of any video according to your specifications. This AVI to MKV converter lets you make your video compatible with all devices and social media platforms. It offers various audio-video presets, such as puzzle, mirror, snow, reverb, vibrato, etc.


Price: AVS Video Converter’s prices start from USD 49.00/year and USD 79.00 for an unlimited plan.




  • 150+ format support with HD camera recording conversion option
  • It supports up to 4K Ultra HD video quality with ultra-new preset support.
  • Enjoy batch conversion of multiple AVI videos using ready conversion template
  • Audio & image extraction from video 
  • Explore video conversion with subtitles
  • It supports all basic video editing functions, such as splitting, cropping, merging, etc. 


Step 1: After opening this program on your Windows, head to the top to select the “To MKV” option > select “Browse” > add your preferred AVI video to the tool.


Step 2: Once you see the “Profile” drop-down menu, open it and select your appropriate preset. Then, select the “Convert Now” option to start the AVI to MKV conversion process.


Convert AVI to MKV on Mac


1. HandBrake




HandBrake is a very common and authentic program to convert AVI to MKV on Mac. Using this free and open-source AVI to MKV converter you can do lots of customization with your converted video. It supports conversion between files without copy protection. It lets you explore video filters such as denoise, deblock, cropping, scaling, etc.


Price: Free software




  • It supports almost all common audio-video formats & encoder
  • Built-in device preset option to ensure profile optimization depending on your device specification
  • You can enjoy hardware accelerated video encoding 
  • Explore batch conversion with the chapter marker option
  • It provides VFR & CFR support


Step 1: Once you open this free tool on your Mac, select the “Source” in the upper left side of the screen > Open File.


Step 2: Select your required AVI file for conversion > head to the “Destination” > select “Browse” to decide the location to save the converted MKV file.


Step 3: Next, select the “Start” option in the main window for completing the conversion process. 


2. VLC Media Player 



VLC Media Player is a trustworthy, free, open-source, and cross-platform program for AVI to MKV conversion on your Mac. It allows you to experience 120X faster file conversion speed. You can explore ready-to-use DVD menu templates for DVD customizations. You can download videos from 10,000 websites with versatile toolbox support.


Price: Free software 




  • It can handle almost all multimedia files, discs, devices, etc
  • If it supports a wide range of audio, video & text formats with 1000+formats option 
  • There are no annoying ads, user tracking, or spyware
  • Enjoy audio-video filters with subtitle synchronization 
  • It lets you edit, enhance & customize your video depending on your choice.


Step 1: Open the VLC program on your Mac. Then, go to the “Media” menu at the upper left side of the program and select “Convert/ Save.”


Step 2: Go for the “Add” option in the menu > add your wanted AVI file for conversion.


Step 3: Under the “Output” section, select MKV > select “Convert” to start the AVI to MKV conversion process.


Convert AVI to MKV for Online






If you don't want any device restriction in your AVI to MKV conversion process, the online tool offers the most user-friendly interface to convert AVI to MKV with a few clicks. Using this AVI to MKV converter, you can enjoy conversion on any device using any web browser.


Price: A free version is available. Veed.IO's premium plan starts at USD 18.00/month for Basic, USD 30/month for Pro, and USD 59 for Business.




  • No account creation compulsion & software installation is not required 
  • Various format support with seamless file conversion option 
  • Explore the “Edit” option for text addition, subtitle automation, progress bar, etc
  • It supports the saving option of your converted file
  • It supports multiple languages


Step 1: You can open this program using any web browser. Upload your required AVI file to the tool using drag & drop option. 


Step 2: Otherwise, on your device, select the Blue button to select the AVI file from the folder. You can also add the file from the Dropbox, YouTube URL, etc.


Step 3: Once you see the list of file types in the drop-down menu, select MKV as the output format. Then, select the “Convert File” option to begin the conversion process.


2. Converter App


Converter App


For AVI to MKV online conversion, Converter App is a very simple tool with a three-step conversion option. This is a completely free online tool that converts all device-compatible files within a few seconds. With support for all devices, browsers, and OSs, you can use it anytime, anywhere.


Price: Free software 




  • Enjoy hassle-free device, independent file conversion 
  • It can convert audio, video, PDFs, images, etc for free 
  • You don't have to create an account
  • Separate software installation is not required 


Step 1: After opening this tool on your device using any browser, upload the AVI you want to convert to MKV format in the left-side upload box.


Step 2: The uploaded AVI file will be automatically converted to your selected MKV format within a few seconds.


Step 3: After finishing the auto-conversion, you will see a “Download” option, which you need to select for your desired results.




If you want to excel in your video streaming experience on various latest devices with multiple audio tracks and subtitles, adding an HD video quality option would be best. Still, nothing would be better than the AVI to MKV converters. You can try and test any of the above-mentioned tools for conversion, but with UniFab Video Converter, you can explore the maximum flexibility and video quality-enhancing option in any AVI to MKV conversion process.




Can you get lossless AVI to MKV conversion?


Yes, the MKV format supports HD, 4K, and higher video quality with 3D support, so you will always get high-quality video after AVI to MKV conversion in a small File size. Along with this, using UniFab Video Converter, you can also enhance the video quality with shake stabilization, denoising, sharpening, etc.


What is the fastest AVI to MKV converter?


Usually, it takes almost 15 minutes to convert a 30-minute-long AVI file to MKV. However, with UniFab Video Converter Pro's 50X GPU acceleration, you can experience the fastest AVI to MKV conversion within a few minutes.

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